Apple Halted Ahead Of Earnings, Company Beats Both Revenue and EPS Estimates; International Accounts For 58% Of Revenue

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how many iphones disconnected?

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Not a very positive reaction by the Qs.  Not sure what the spin is but their revenue is up in a down economy and their margin is up.  Wish I lived in that neighborhood.

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trading just opened...selling off hard at first.

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I'm choking on all the smoke and mirrors in this report. GAAP = ?? I expected more from this company.

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Efficient markets? No, just casino junkies. RED! BLACK! Damn, I'm bust....

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The economy is completed f**cked, run for your life!

As I've always said, there are always companies that do well regardles which market/economy condition we're in.

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Apple is killing it. iPods be Depression proof y'all.

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"Blowout quarter"

Is that you, Jim Goldman?

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Company said "we have $40B in cash".

Just saying...