Apple Reports $6.40 EPS vs $5.36 Consensus, $24.67 Billion In Revenue, Outlook Weak

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Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:34 | 1189844 Fidel Sarcastro
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Gonna buy ANOTHER Android.  

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:54 | 1189915 mule65
mule65's picture

Why?  Is your Android unstable and unreliable too?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 19:40 | 1190433 Pegasus Muse
Pegasus Muse's picture

Just broke on MSM.  One bad AAPL spoils the bunch.


Apple iPhone tracks users' location in hidden file

Apple iPhone users’ movements are being tracked and stored without their knowledge in a file that could easily be accessed by a snooping employer or jealous spouse, security researchers have founnd.

By Christopher Williams, Technolgoy Correspondent 5:35PM BST 20 Apr 2011 14

The continually-updated log is held on both the iPhone and the computer it connects to and contains a list of coordinates, and associated timestamps. The records go back to the release of the fourth iteration of the iOS operating system in June last year.

The true contents of the enigmatically-named file “consolidated.db” were discovered by two British software developers who were working on ways of visualising location data for websites.

“At first we weren’t sure how much data was there, but after we dug further and visualised the extracted data, it became clear that there was a scary amount of detail on our movements,” said Alisdair Allan and Pete Warden. Mr Warden previously worked for Apple in an unrelated area.

Mobile network operators keep records of users’ movements based on which masts they are connected to, which police and intelligence agencies can access legally. The data stored by the iPhone could however be accessed by anyone with access to it or the computer it connects to, and is not protected by a password or encryption.

Mr Allan and Mr Warden have set up a website to publicise their findings and allow iPhone users to test whether their movements are being recorded. To further highlight the issue they have developed a simple application that plots the coordinates and timestamps on web-based mapping software.

Apple’s reason for recording the data is unclear and its spokesmen did not return calls requesting comment.

“One guess might be that they have new features in mind that require a history of your location, but that’s pure speculation,” said the researchers, adding that the way the data is copied between the iPhone and computer indicated it was not gathered accidentally.

 Other technology giants including Facebook and Google encourage users to hand over location data partly because it is potentially valuable to advertisers. Dr Ian Brown, a senior research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, said: “I certainly think it's something they should have brought much more to the attention of the user, and that it should only be switched on after an explicit user decision.”

Daniel Hamilton, director of the privacy lobby group Big Brother Watch said: “iPhone users will rightly be concerned that their movements are being covertly monitored in this way. “Apple has a duty to immediately provide their customers with details about how to disable this invasive software."

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 19:51 | 1190491 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I was just reading about that...more here;

Why is Apple collecting this information?

It’s unclear. One guess might be that they have new features in mind that require a history of your location, but that’s pure speculation. The fact that it's transferred across devices when you restore or migrate >>>is evidence the data-gathering isn't accidental.<<<

But they're such nice boys ;-)


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 21:02 | 1190673 Hephasteus
Wed, 04/20/2011 - 21:26 | 1190739 nmewn
nmewn's picture


Here's the signs up for a service, not to be tracked by Big Sis or profiled for future "sales" by corps.

Most knew way back in the day to drop the battery out to drop off the it's not much different to beat it...even with the little power chips...the whole exercise is useless for someone who really wants to be "unseen".

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 20:19 | 1190549 Widowmaker
Widowmaker's picture

Good Lord.  Apple is last to the tracking party.

Every cellular carrier in the US does this realtime on every phone and has been for almost a decade.

Like that Patriot Act do you (under the guise of E911).

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 20:42 | 1190621 herewego...
herewego...'s picture

More from:

What’s so bad about this?

The most immediate problem is that this data is stored in an easily-readable form on your machine. Any other program you run or user with access to your machine can look through it.

The more fundamental problem is that Apple are collecting this information at all. Cell-phone providers collect similar data almost inevitably as part of their operations, but it’s kept behind their firewall. It normally requires a court order to gain access to it, whereas this is available to anyone who can get their hands on your phone or computer.

By passively logging your location without your permission, Apple have made it possible for anyone from a jealous spouse to a private investigator to get a detailed picture of your movements.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 21:13 | 1190699 nmewn
nmewn's picture

We do know it...I think the issue here is, the American Idol, BBC Braindead, Obamaphile etc. crowd doesn't know it.

Just sayin.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:55 | 1189919 D.M.
D.M.'s picture


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:00 | 1189933 d00daa
d00daa's picture

AAPL fanbois unite!

I have never seen so many otherwise rational people overtly tie their self-worth to a company and it's products before in my life.


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:01 | 1189955 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

You mad bro?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:07 | 1189970 d00daa
d00daa's picture

Why would I be mad?  I'm not short AAPL.  Just pointing out what should be obvious.

Why did you junk me?  You mad, bro?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:11 | 1189987 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

I don't own stock. PM's FTW! And I junked you cuz you take me liking Apple gadgets way too serious, i didn't join the cult, they just happen to make the BEST mobile devices atm.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:32 | 1190067 d00daa
d00daa's picture

Interesting.  My reply wasn't directed at you at all, in fact you had not posted before I started to compose my post.

Odd that you would think I was referring to you specifically.

I like AAPL products in a lot of respects, I work with them every day.

A number of the people that use them, different story.

Take yourself as an example.  Trolling this thread, first post blasting the whole of ZH as unable to "understand" the greatness that is AAPL.

And you don't even own the stock.


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:57 | 1190149 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

Sounds like you mad to me, bro, and you can't fucking read! Go look at my comments again you clown and tell me how many times I mention " the greatness that is AAPL".

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 18:07 | 1190189 d00daa
d00daa's picture

I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "mad."


The ZH crowd is blinded with Apple hate so they can't see (much less understand) the obvious.


I'm not sure what kind of response you expected.

RobotTroll would be proud.


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 18:53 | 1190348 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

Fail. I was referring to the fact that most people on ZH blast Apple products as "overpriced junk" when in reality they can't make products like the iPad 2 fast enough. It should be OBVIOUS that people love these products, and Apple increasing revenue by 83% year/year is a pretty clear indicator. But whatever I guess. Haters gonna hate.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 19:01 | 1190362 aphlaque_duck
aphlaque_duck's picture

Why does ZH have to look for the fecal lining on everything? Seriously this was a blowout quarter, and Apple *always* sandbags their guidance so why even point that out? 

In my mind this kind of story really discredits this site, and ZH should stick to reporting commodities and things where there is a more insightful contrarian angle than just booing stocks.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 19:06 | 1190373 d00daa
d00daa's picture


You were trolling a thread where one person used the term "overpriced junk" and then immediately go on to apply that attitude to the whole of ZH.

But you weren't trolling, right?


The results speak for themselves.

AAPL products are not overpriced junk.

You are not your iPhone.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:03 | 1189957 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

Fuck ZH has the WORST comment system ever!

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 20:23 | 1190557 Widowmaker
Widowmaker's picture

Not a fanboy, but have an Apple TV and ipod.   

People are gaga for the integration (not calculus) and AAPL has this nailed.  

Thinking it's just Apple-cult is an amateur mistake.  Ask Middleton, I've been taking his money for months.


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:32 | 1189845 centerline
centerline's picture

apple about to slip on a banana?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:37 | 1189849 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

So buy with 1 hand and sell with the other? Probably all made up numbers except for the Q3.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:42 | 1189866 hungrydweller
hungrydweller's picture

AAPL always underpromises and usually overshoots.  That said, I'm still not gonna drink its koolaid.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:04 | 1189956 andybev01
andybev01's picture


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:35 | 1189851 Bam_Man
Bam_Man's picture

They low-ball the guidance every quarter on the conference call to set up another "easy beat" for next quarter.

Pavlov's dogs have now been conditioned to ignore lowered guidance. The fact that the stock is going ballistic right now is clear evidence of this.

Buy on lowered guidance, buy with both fists on higher guidance. It will continue to work until it doesn't.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:41 | 1189864 d00daa
d00daa's picture

Up 2.5% AH is not "going ballistic," especially by the lofty standards AAPL sets for itself.

Flat to down by tomorrow morning.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:39 | 1189852 Bam_Man
Bam_Man's picture


Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:37 | 1189853 plocequ1
plocequ1's picture

Picky Picky. Apple is the undisputed fucking king. 

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:45 | 1189882 dogismyth
dogismyth's picture

King of your world maybe.  I'm sure their catalog is masturbation fodder for you.  Live long and prosper

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:46 | 1189890 hungrydweller
hungrydweller's picture

Indeed - and I don't even own any AAPL products.  Even with their conservative guidance and present earning trends, the stock is still only selling for around 15x EPS.  Damned good for that kind of large cap growth.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:58 | 1189935 plocequ1
plocequ1's picture

I say this not to push the stock. I say this because they are good products. They work. Pure and simple.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:12 | 1190001 3.7.77
3.7.77's picture

Pretty impressive quarter over quarter.

As far as them undershooting their outlook, gosh I thought everyone did.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:37 | 1189856 Dolemite
Dolemite's picture


sweet sweet edible iPads

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:49 | 1189897 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

I love the taste of aluminium and glass in the morning.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:55 | 1189920 magpie
magpie's picture

Beware of the "glow in the dark" models delivered soon.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:39 | 1189862 DrFever
DrFever's picture

Don't they always give conservatively low guidance ... that way when they beat, they look like a hero and the manipulation is allowed to continue.  Apple to $1,000 a share!!!  Goes to show just how overpriced their junk really is though doesn't it?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:41 | 1189869 Dolemite
Dolemite's picture

As they say... not overpriced if people are buying it...

As long as their is an ass for every seat, the cult will thrive

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:45 | 1189884 DrFever
DrFever's picture

Well said Dolemite.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:44 | 1189878 hungrydweller
hungrydweller's picture

It can't be overpriced if folks are still buy their products with both fists.  I would argue that the masses think the products are fairly priced.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:51 | 1189903 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

Amen! The ZH crowd is blinded with Apple hate so they can't see (much less understand) the obvious.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:55 | 1189916 d00daa
d00daa's picture

Let me guess:

Long AAPL and proud owner of iPhone and iPad, right?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:59 | 1189928 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

I am a proud iPhone owner but no iPad. I don't need one, at this point its more of entertainment device IMO.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:59 | 1189941 d00daa
d00daa's picture

And you are really, really proud of that iPhone, right?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:07 | 1189973 D.M.
D.M.'s picture

Well I like it, but if a better device comes along, from ANY company, bye bye iPhone 4.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:58 | 1189936 hungrydweller
hungrydweller's picture

AAPL will be a SELL when one of these other lame technobabble companies can come to market first with a new gadget that is reliable and desirable so that AAPL has to play copycat for once.  Until that happens, it is safe to hold AAPL until the the cracks in GDP start getting larger.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 17:43 | 1190102 alien-IQ
alien-IQ's picture

AAPL has room to grow. They still only have a small percentage of the home computing market. And I agree they make a very very good product. I have no i-anything...just a MAC Pro. Bought it more than 5 years ago and it has been an absolute monster. Never a single problem...and I run it like hell. Trading 12 hours a day and Film/Video editing. It's a great machine.

As far as the stock goes...perhaps I should have held it longer. I sold it all at $250...but then again...that was the target price I set for myself when I bought 1997. Do the math. No regrets.

Compare AAPL with BIDU and it's triple digit PE and AAPL looks cheap by comparison.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:43 | 1189868 Global Hunter
Global Hunter's picture

E*Trade just reported and blew estimates away for revenue, either the only people buying besides the algos is retail people or somebody is telling porkies.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 16:49 | 1189894 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Must have been that baby.

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