April ISM Falls, Prices Paid At Highest Since July 2008, "No Commodities Down In Price"

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No worries - it's all transitory.

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OT but I thought it was interesting how gold jump out of the gate up 15 dollar on heavy volume at what is normally a thin low volume hour on globex last night. I suspect someone with deep pockets is getting tips on when oblamo's press crew is gearing up for some announcement, which normally would not be such a big deal, unless someone knows of a major policy shift that's being cooked up that will be extremely bullish for gold coming soon. Once the leak hit that a major announcement was coming, somebody front ran the news only to find out a few minutes later that it was just Osama being killed Gold promptly dumped hard. How else do you explain the huge move higher then the sharp dump ? Why would someone buy gold on news of Osama's death ? Maybe there is another announcement coming and somebody got faked out thinking this was it?

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gold and silver are the shock troops in the currency war.

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if dats the case march em higher.

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Oh look, the Fed printed another $7B+ this morning, wonder what will happen to commoditiy prices?

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"All of these metrics will drop far more once the Japanese contraction is truly appreciated. On the other hand, inventory restocking is still working its artificial growth miracles, rising by 6.2 to 53.6." 

well, at lease we have excess capacity!  and let's get somebody right on financing those backorders!  c'mon, people, focus!

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But Spalding said everything was ok now that silver is $42.

Oh wait...

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The only thing transitory in the impact of rising input costs is how "transitory" will be this recovery. Crude oil hit $114.82 this morning so far, gold has already hit another all-time record, and the Dollar is hitting new lows every day.

So much for the Osama bin Laden windfall. Stocks are nearly back to flat again. That benefit also transitory!

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sorry, we are blowing the inflation issue out of proportion. RJA and RJI have both been trending lower the past month. not saying it couldnt reverse, but its hardly blazing a path towards hyperinflationary at this time.