Arab World's Berlin Moment?

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yeah, except those poor uneducated people can be coopted easily, plus they have lots of oil, radicals that will seize power that hate the west, and oh yeah, they have nukes.

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Egypt does not have nukes.    If you think they do, and can demonstrate that, well then you have a scoop.    As to Egypt's or any arab country's armies, well, those are only dangerous to their own people and immediate neighbors.   Their airforce wouldn't last three hours in a conflict with the U.S.   Hell I think France could take them.

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Still sounds like the US. Belive it or not, people outside of western countries are capable of rational thought, and it doesnt take a first world education to know when youre being fucked over. If anythimg the us population is worse because they just salute whatever bulsshit yhe government runs up the flagpole.

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Well, we do have thousands of very accurate delivery systems with very reliable high yielding nukes on them, deployed and ready to vaporize any place on the planet inside of half an hour, so you are right about that.  And another check next to radicals taking power here, with the anti-american president we've elected.   God help us if the guy gets to replace any of the four reliably pro-american justices left on our Supreme Court.

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We're talking about badly educated poor people, albeit a hell of a lot of them, infected by ideologies that cause their permanent backwardation.


The same applies to the United States.

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Dr PC, after reading the comments below to your post, you may indeed have a point!!!

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Not even close dude................we're talking CroMagnon, v.s Neanderthal, as far as economics, and education.

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Correction, our "poor" people are rich by comparison with the rest of humanity, and at least as well off as Egypt's middle class.    

As to the quality of education, it is possible, to be great at math, science, logical reasoning, and engineering but simultaneously awful in judgement and values...let's keep in mind certain famous egyptian pilots, for example the engineering graduate from a well off family whose ideal was to fly a jet full of innocent passengers into a building full of even more innocent office workers, or the other egyptian pilot, surely well educated in mathematical and spatial reasoning as well as foreign languages, who flew his plane and passengers into the sea some few years ago.

Those are anecdotes of course, but lets look at the plague of excision in egypt, the treatement of half of humanity, the blood libel articles that pass for journalism in their medias, and oh, sharia compliant finance.    Yeah, our finance systems got out of hand, and need some serious fixing, but look at what they built!     The riches in islamic infected lands are the result of income from ressources used to good effect outside their countries.

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"There's something you don't know about me joe rogan."

-Tyrone Biggums

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what is the population of egypt, 90 million?  It doesn't matter what they do they are fucked eventually because of the huge population growth that is predicted.  Pakistan, Egypt, Bangledash, and a few other countries are pustular sores on the world's ass.  What is egypt and pakistan going to look like when their population doubles?  It will be a nightmare.  Malthus was just a couple of centuries too early.  We all know what happens to parabolic blow off tops, whether in stocks or animal populations.  Our descendants will be less sensitive in the future and will welcome the mass die offs in the third world as a good thing to protect what is left of the environment and world resources.  We cannot support another billion poor ignorant people in the third world no matter what we do.  What will we do when they start marching out due to starvation and population pressure?  "Here you go.  Go ahead and take europe.  We europeans really don't need it any more.  No...we insist...go ahead, take it."  The future conflict between third world buttfukistans who are poor as shit, ignorant, and radicalized, versus effete hand wringing first world nations will be interesting.  I suspect our descendants will be tougher than us and will not be so welcoming of being completely overrun.

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So TCT, have you considered that the "third world buttfukistans" have WMD's?

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POPULLUTION!! This world as configured is not sustainable now.    Milestones

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Uh, I think its already past midnight on that call.

Esp w/ the UK,and the Frogs.

They opened the door, and now the minority is running the place.

When more show, Alluh Akbar will be heard from Big Ben.

Your fooked.

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Dos, you talk shit a lot, some would say too much.

But you've hit the nail on the head in your europe assessment.

Guilt of empire and excess wealth leading to a human rights industry has truly fracked them.  Civil war beckons and they are too weak - when you are weak you are invaded - the way it has always been.

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Careful...the girls don't like that kind of man talk...too violent...too hurtful.


I however agree...fuck the weak...  Let's talk about REAL welfare reform here at home...  That's what I'm waiting for.  Our poor live like everyone else's fucking rich!  A dime better not be cut from SS or Medicare before ALL the fucking welfare disappears.  I'm so tired of losers getting paid to be losers.  Same with corporations...  Live by your own wits...or die so someone else doesn't have to support your ass.


Didn't we learn ANYTHING from the way we treated the Native Americans?  We infested this place...and now they're infesting us.

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Tired of paying losers to be losers?  LOL  You've never, ever had to deal with hungry people.  Social welfare programs are much cheaper than the alternative - being surrounded by desparate mobs of people with nothing to lose.  Look at Kuwait - every citizen will now get free food for 14 months and a $3500 raise in pay, whether they do anything or not.  THAT'S a rich country, or at least one home to some rich ruling class people, who have no problem paying for their homeland security.




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I guess it's as said...easier to fix it right from the welfare from the start.


How far do you think these "masses of hungry poor" are going to get in the good old USA?  A few will get past the bridges...but not many...they'll be driven back by a well armed "middle class".  Think "Escape from NY".  No way will several million inner city blacks/mexicans be allowed to roam freely on the hunt for food. 


We're a "just in time" economy.  There's a few weeks worth of food and that's IT for the city folks.  From there they WILL be forced to roam the countryside in search of a meal..."your" meal.  How free will you be with what is yours?


So what do you suggest?  Kuwait is a huge oil producer.  They have "free" money showered upon them.  What do we have?  An ever growing supply of lazy poor fucks?  Sure...I'm for selling them...but who would want them?


Actively encouraging our poor to multiply isn't the answer.  It was the "civil rights" movement of the 60s that destroyed this country...we've been in a death spiral ever since individual rights became more important than sanity.  Women got their rights...births plummeted, men lost jobs and got angry.  Blacks became "equal" if only in the eyes of the law...and quotas began to drive hiring and the detriment of both.


Look around...Asians made the east and whites the west.  Blacks are a failed species similar to the Neanderthals...destined to perish until we came along and "saved" them from their fate.  So now, here we are, stuck with them.  Raising them like cattle...getting nothing in return but grief and blame.


How about the Muslims...stuck in the 6th century.  My way or the highway.  They HATE our ways, don't you get it?  Religion IS their about you?  You a "believer"?  Do you believe the tales of the Bible?  Quran?  Buddah?  Mao?  Obama?


The west is a feminized shell of it's former glory.  It's almost like we "won the world" and then gave it back to the losers.  Like the prize isn't as good as the quest.  We had it all...and let it go. 


If it all comes crashing down...which I pray it doesn't...things will be a LOT different.  You're right...hunger makes people do some horrible things...genocide being one that occurs quite often.  I'm not too worried about the poor rising up here.  Not in the least.  Their guns suck.

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It would be interesting to know the level of your formal eduction.  I wonder how many other counties you have visited and the depth of your actual interactions with the people from other cultures.  

Have you ever associated, been friends with, people who are not within "your comfort zone", that is, your own kind (those who were raised and think just like you)?

Your comments are at best, extremely naive and ignorant, with more than "just a touch" of HUBRIS.

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Pound for pound I would take a poor (weak) man to

to whip a middle class ass any day of the week!