Are Asian Traders Preparing A Major Squeeze Of Silver Shorts?

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Some distributing news for the precious metal cartel, courtesy of King World News:

A King World News contact out of London has confirmed that, “Massive Asian buying is going to squeeze the shorts in the silver market.  Any reactions in the price of silver will be heavily purchased, and these buyers will take delivery of physical silver.”  The source who wishes to remain anonymous agreed with Eric Sprott that this squeeze could take the price of silver to $50 in a matter of months.

I have recently been discussing a coming commercial signal failure with John Embry, James Turk and Eric Sprott.  As previously mentioned, this is an extremely rare event but when it occurs it is a sight to behold.

Right now, sentiment levels are nowhere near what we see at a top.  Keep in mind that Rick Rule was recently discussing with KWN the possibility of future supply shortages in silver, and we are also not seeing the type of dealer activity that is suggestive of topping behavior.  These factors are all supportive of a significant move higher in the price of silver.

Read full report here.

With spot having been halted just south of $25 earlier today, courtesy of what was likely another major paper shorting assault on the metal, it will be interesting to see what the timing of this supposed retaliation, if the rumor is valid, by longs will be.