Are Asian Traders Preparing A Major Squeeze Of Silver Shorts?

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Some distributing news for the precious metal cartel, courtesy of King World News:

A King World News contact out of London has confirmed that, “Massive Asian buying is going to squeeze the shorts in the silver market.  Any reactions in the price of silver will be heavily purchased, and these buyers will take delivery of physical silver.”  The source who wishes to remain anonymous agreed with Eric Sprott that this squeeze could take the price of silver to $50 in a matter of months.

I have recently been discussing a coming commercial signal failure with John Embry, James Turk and Eric Sprott.  As previously mentioned, this is an extremely rare event but when it occurs it is a sight to behold.

Right now, sentiment levels are nowhere near what we see at a top.  Keep in mind that Rick Rule was recently discussing with KWN the possibility of future supply shortages in silver, and we are also not seeing the type of dealer activity that is suggestive of topping behavior.  These factors are all supportive of a significant move higher in the price of silver.

Read full report here.

With spot having been halted just south of $25 earlier today, courtesy of what was likely another major paper shorting assault on the metal, it will be interesting to see what the timing of this supposed retaliation, if the rumor is valid, by longs will be.

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CH1's picture

Sure hope it is true, but I've ceased pinning my hopes on someone riding in to save the day.

tmosley's picture

Less "saving the day", more "ruining my ability to stockpile more".  I, personally, would love to have another year to stockpile silver, but it looks like that time may be drawing to an end.  

Once we have a close above $25, I've got to take the family out to a swanky dinner.  Once we have a close above $50, I've got to buy a nice travel trailer so we can go on a big vacation together.  This is the deal I made so that I had free reign with the savings to buy what I wanted.  Now that we are bordering on $25 here, the family is getting pretty excited.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

You might be better off taking a page from the Swiss playbook and buying each of your family one of these:

To this day, every male, when he turns 20, is issued a full automatic military rifle and required to keep it at home. Universal service in the Militia Army is required. When a Swiss is no longer required to serve, he may keep his rifle (converted from automatic to semi-automatic) or his pistol (if he served as an officer).

tmosley's picture

That would be nice if we got FALs for just the cost of going through marksman training.  

But I've certainly got plenty of firepower.  More than we can use at once.  Was thinking about picking up a .50 caliber sniper rifle "just for fun".  Nice for picking off feral hogs from a half mile away.

Xedus129's picture

Shotguns > Rifles.  Though I do have a Chinese SKS stored away, and some .308's also..

dlmaniac's picture

Deer season everyone, huh?

I have just loaded some silver bullets into my rifle. Happy JPM/HSBC hunting time.

justbuygold's picture

Time to buy more of Central Fund's Silver Bullion Trust.  Best Silver play of them all IMHO.

MachoMan's picture

Just curious, can you really shoot melon sized objects with consistency from 1000 yards?  Kudos to you if you can...  but that is a pretty select group of people...  and training on that .50 is going to cost a fortune.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

"pretty swelect group of people" WHO? melon-heads? Shit, there's thousands of 'em.....just go to DC...or NYC...or......

Canucklehead's picture

I had to chuckle when I read your comment.  A .50 caliber sniper rifle is overkill for feral hogs at 900 yards.  Use a blackpowder 45-70 or a 30-30. 

You are so 1899....

hedgeless_horseman's picture

900 yards with a blackpowder 45-70 or a 30-30? Nice to know you can still dream in Canada.

Kill you hogs in the trap with a pistol.  Mrs. horseman made some excellent green chili with one last week as a matter of fact.

Canucklehead's picture

Sometimes when you are shooting across a valley, that is the only shot you have.  Therefore, you practise.

Since you mention traps, you know hogs aren't the easiest animal to sneak up on.

tmosley's picture

I know.  I just needed an excuse to get one.

If we had feral rhinos, I'd probably already have one.  Especially good against the heavily armored variety.

dlmaniac's picture

Every patriotic American should join the squeeze party.

DosZap's picture

Good advice, however I think the SWISS went PC and stopped this.

Last (rumor) I heard they were no longer allowed to keep these at home.

Antigunfags are breeding all over the world.Never thought I would see the Swiss lose their mind.

There are two kinds of people who want you disarmed, the IGNORANT, and the ones that want to CONTROL you.

Shameful's picture

I'm all for everyone being disarmed...I just want the cops and military to lead by example.  If they are will to go a year without weapons I think we all could :)

Strange how the controllers minions always get to be armed.  Either all of us should be armed or none of us should be.

DosZap's picture

LOL, also.

You think the Crips, n Bloods, and MS 13 would go along?.

Long live Che'!

hamurobby's picture

"If they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns"

That was a sign in my fathers gun shop 40 years ago.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Gun ownership is one statistic I am certain our government does pay attention to.  Don't think your vote tomorrow will be heard in DC?  Buy a gun, and unlike elections, you are free to cast your ballot more than once.

-Michelle-'s picture

All weapons?  It's going to suck trying to cut things with feathers and cook pancakes on cotton balls...

thesapein's picture

That means halting production of my doomsday device... darn.

Can I keep just one warhead?

swissinv's picture

already got one of these, not by choice though;)

teaddy bearish's picture

yep absolutly but we are given sig 550 not fnfal 

unum mountaineer's picture

end of year here. very aggressive

ATG's picture

Beware rumours of end times, famines and short running

unum mountaineer's picture

hhmmm??...clearly you didn't understand what i was referring to or saying. if you did, then, clearly you misunderstood me.

ATG's picture

Crossed signals?

Wall Street professionals know acting on ‘inside tips’ will break a man more quickly than famine, pestilence, crop failure, political readjustments or what may be called normal accidents.

There is something about inside information which seems to paralyse a man’s reasoning powers.

With enough inside information and a million dollars you can go broke
in a year.

With enough hot tips I could bankrupt the Bank of England

Enron: Strong buy

DosZap's picture

Yes, a tad early, just make sure you have your SPAM, and Vienna sausages............2012 is the BITCH.

States for sale to the Fed?...wonder how that will fly./

tmosley's picture

I've been picking up a tin of ham every time I go to the grocery store.  They are actually pretty good, and not too terribly bad for you, when eaten in moderation.

DosZap's picture

well, it went above $25.00 yesterday several times...........LOL

It appears we will not be able to retake the Senate.But, Reid is GONE, and so will be Pelosi.

That is bad for the country, good for the metals.

Enus's picture

With all due respect, could you explain how having Reid and Pelosi out of office is "Bad for the Country"?

DosZap's picture

Sorry, I should have elaborated, we appear to not have the horsepower to Retake the Senate, (the House is a lock),that is Bad for the country.

Pelosi,will still be there, just not the LEADER.

The good for PM's is the Dems keeping the Senate, if the GOP, etc, took BOTH, it would slam the metals.( at least for a while).

Hope that explains my post better.

dkny's picture

Define "we".

Also, if there is a deadlock in congress, perhaps that will be good as they won't be able to pass any dumbass legislation for a couple of years.

Xedus129's picture

The legislature is obsolete.  Executive branch is too powerful and will get past any legislative road blocks anyways, look at what Bush pulled off.  What people need to do is get good people in local and state governments.

MachoMan's picture

who have been captured through uncontrolled spending of their own and are completely dependent upon the federal government...

at this point, we need the worst of the worst in local government to ensure no meaningful changes are actually made, budgets balanced, debts reworked, etc.  We need people who are too fucking dumb to stop spending and have little care for the consequence except they know they can't go to their local constituents for the difference...  that would be ideal. 

Enus's picture

Roger that! thank you

ATG's picture

well, it went above $25.00 yesterday several times...........LOL


Depending on the quote service, may have been bad trades to run stops

CNBC shows 52 week high 24.75 on 14 October 2010

quasimodo's picture

I will certainly take mine out for a swanky dinner as well.

However if it hits $50 all the other half is going to see is $$$ signs, yes, FRN's that we can spend on other shit. Thankfully she does not even know what the price of metals does from year to year, I just throw some figures at her and she shuts up. The hell with holding onto it in her book.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yes but unfortunately it will take $50 to buy 1 gallon of gas too. 

Xedus129's picture

When gas is 50$ Silver "should" be much much higher, around 140$ using current metrics.

HitTheFan's picture

You can build your stockpile over the next year, around $8 to $10 an ounze.

Just watch the dollar soar, stocks and commodities will plummet, except maybe Gold.

You've fallen for the Fed's feint, hook line & sinker.

DosZap's picture

We have a PARADIGMN shift happening here......The Fed, nor JPM, can stop the price rises.

The supply is far to miniscule compared to the NEW World market.

It's hard to visualize the dollar soaring, worthless POS.

Makes me sick, every day, we wake up with less savings.

SheepDog-One's picture

They have a problem, no printer designed can print silver coins.

thesapein's picture

Yeah, it's hard to believe in Santa Oz after seeing behind the curtain.

tmosley's picture

If it does, I will gladly buy more at that price, as I have a nice, steady, high paying job (a rarity in this economy, but I have a unique and powerful skill set).

And anyways, how is changing to a different currency "falling for it"?  I don't really care if the Titanic goes under once, comes back up, and then goes under again.  I just want off.  If I can make money pulling people out of the water, then I will happily do that as well.

Abiggs's picture


...I feel for your family

tmosley's picture

Travel trailer.  For vacationing.  And bugging out.

Edit:  I should note that this was the price I had to pay for canceling the family vacation this year.  We were going to go on a cruise, but I just couldn't shell out $3000+ bucks for that when silver was so, so low.  So I put it into silver, and I will be able to use the same amount of money to get a very nice travel trailer with slides.  The prices for such things in dollar terms are declining, and they are outright plummeting in terms of silver.

SPONGE's picture

We think alike. I have so many projects and dreams (which require big sums of fiat currency) on hold because I'd rather buy Ag and finance all my projects and dreams in the near future for a fraction of what it would cost today (converting my Ag to dollars or whatever works at the time).

I'm happily in debt up to my eyeballs, cause, why not? Making way more money buying Au and Ag than the interest is costing.

Happy when Ag goes up, but happier when it goes down, cause I know what the future holds.  Ag... the first vital extinct element.