Are You Prepared For Another 2008? Part 2

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Financial World has entered a period that is strikingly similar to that of
2008, at least regarding three key issues. They are:


1)   The
Oil/ USD correlation (as noted recently on ZeroHedge)

2)   Bearish
bets against the US Dollar

3)   “In
the Know” investors getting out of the market


We covered
#1 in Part 1 of this series of articles. This article is focused on #2: investor
bearishness regarding the US Dollar.


As you know,
I’m a huge Dollar bear. As noted in Monday’s Free Market Forecast last week on Gains Pains & Capital, not only has
the US Dollar broken down through multi-year support, but it has even taken out
its 2010 lows:


Long-term, I
fully believe we will be seeing an 50% devaluation in the US currency in the
coming years as predicted by the massive Head and Shoulders pattern in the


right now US Dollar bearishness has gotten to a point that we should at least
get some kind of short-covering bounce. Last week, the Commodity Futures
Trading Commission reported the largest net short dollar position in three
years last week. They are even more bearish than they were in 2010 or 2009.


Now, they
have a very good reason to do this. The US deficit in February was the LARGEST
in history. And with the US’s public debt at $14 trillion we’ve got a
debt-to-GDP ratio of 100%. Throw in unfunded liabilities like Social Security
and Medicare and the REAL debt-to-GDP ratio is north of 400%.


On top of
this, our entire debt issuance system has become a giant Ponzi scheme in which
the Treasury issues new debt to Wall Street banks, which then flip the debt
over to the US Federal Reserve a few weeks later. Indeed, yesterday’s Fed QE 2
action saw the Fed buying 53% of the new debt issued a mere 13 days ago.


Thus, to say
that the US Dollar and debt system are broken would be the understatement of
the century… However, the
US Dollar has become a massively lopsided trade with investors betting heavily
on its demise. When you consider its position relative to the Euro (another
doomed currency), it is clear that the US Dollar could bounce just based on the
lopsidedness of this situation.


In this
sense we are in a state of “do or die” for the Greenback. From a “do”
perspective we could see a small bounce, possibly to 77 or 78 just based on how
lopsided the US Dollar trade has become.



In contrast,
from a “die” perspective, the greenback has taken out its multi-year trendline:


If we don’t get a bounce in the Greenback
soon, we will be heading for something far worse than 2008: a CURRENCY crisis.
Sure seeing the stock market collapse was bad. But what about the US Dollar,
the world’s reserve currency collapsing?


On that
note, if you’re getting worried about the future of the stock market and have
yet to take steps to prepare for the Second Round of the Financial Crisis… I
highly suggest you download my FREE Special Report specifying exactly how to
prepare for what’s to come.


I call it The Financial Crisis “Round Two” Survival
. And its 17 pages contain a wealth of information about portfolio protection,
which investments to own and how to take out Catastrophe Insurance on the stock
market (this “insurance” paid out triple digit gains in the Autumn of 2008).


Again, this
is all 100% FREE. To pick up your copy today, got to
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More to




publish a FREE Special Report on Inflation detailing three investments that
have all already SOARED as a result of the Fed’s monetary policy.

You can
access this Report at the link above.








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Lmo Mutton's picture

Is it time to start popping the popcorn?

TIMMAYYY's picture

I guess its time...time to act, time to do something above and beyond the 'call of duty' (the zombie making game that is)

besides, im not looking forward to opening that first can of spam i have saved in my bunker...its lonely down there!! 

From what ive read on these threads is that most people here seem to know better (or claim to) than those running the show...isnt it time something is done to stop this coming chaos.....

PlanForTheWorstHopeForTheBest's picture

You can't stop it, just prepare for impact.  Something decades in the making can't be stopped overnight.  Just get out of the way and have a good seat for the fireworks.


John_Coltrane's picture

Nothing as insightful as drawing a tangent to a set of data at arbitrary points and calling it a "trendline"-as if that says anything about the future.  The only thing you know historically for sure is that a panic selling of equities or bonds priced in $ will be good for the $.  The author can't have it both ways.

dervish's picture

the dollar is the soul of the american empire. the day it demises, the american titan will fall. world war 3 bitchez

WhickWhack's picture

So how do you prepare for 2008? Oh I guess people have to pay for your subscription to get some kind of glimpse of your ideas on that. Your free 17 page report is targetting a inflation scenario, not a temporary deflation which is what this article is about. If you're gonna post your advertising articles here at least give us info that we can use, instead of stating the obvious and hoping people will sign up for your service to find out more.


drshock18's picture

The dollar index isn't weighted vs. gold & commodities. Betting against the dollar index is a bad idea.

Jack Sheet's picture

good analysis this time, thanks

steve from virginia's picture

Uh ... no!


You aren't going to get a bear dollar unless the US economy starts magically growing like all those Wall Street hustlers think it's going to do.

Why are F/X traders so bearish?

 - Bernanke tells them (literally) to be bearish.

 - The idiots think the recovery is real.

 - Since so many are dollar bears it is alright for all to be dollar bears.

 - Most finance types actually know nothing about finance or economics, having gotten finance jobs because they could not be hired as bricklayers.

Economically, a currency is strong only when output is weak. This inverse relationship is 'baked into the cake'. The dollar is pushed lower by Fed machinations and a massive publicity regime that soaks off dollars. Who is buying the cheap dollars?

The 2% who own everything. Doesn't this tell you something?


Well, doesn't it?



Spitzer's picture

the inflation deflation debate again

plata pura's picture

I hear'd you could replace holder within the next year. Couple chatty Katrina's from the cedar's Jesus+0 groupo are sayin it is on the table. If true there be a heap load of bankers gettin sum pay back and good. Perp walks will secure 2012.

Hacked Economy's picture

Here it comes...oh...I mean, there it goes...

The slippery slope.

Quinvarius's picture

It already bounced twice.  We printed trillions.  It is overdue for a leg down.

Nobody special's picture

Have to agree that the collapse of the USD seems to be priced in.  If the timing hasn't yet arrived, a dead cat bounce is indeed possible.