Are You Ready For 3rd World America?

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The US
economy is literally on the ledge of a cliff.


Today, the Federal
Government accounts for 35% of incomes and salaries in the US. That’s over one
third of all income in the US coming from the Government’s ability to dole out


supports this largesse?


printing and our ongoing debt-orgy. And today, these are one and the same. The
US Federal Reserve and Treasury have enacted policies so insane that the US
Federal Reserve is now the single largest holder of US Debt with a balance
sheet of  $2.8 trillion.


Let’s give that number some perspective. Germany,
the world’s FOURTH largest economy is only $3.3 trillion in size. At $2.8
trillion the Fed’s balance sheet is larger than the economies of France, the
UK, and Brazil.


Why is the
Fed’s balance sheet so huge? Because US Treasuries are so unattractive to
foreign Governments that the Fed has had to pick up the slack and buy our debt
(usually within a week or two of it being issued).


Let me
rephrase that: the US Fed is now printing money so it can buy US Debt because
other investors are no longer interested in buying it.


This is just
one of the various schemes Washington is employing to maintain its fiscal
insanity. Another is the active raiding of pension funds to buy new US Debt
(YES, the Treasury is doing this).


So… the US
Government is now paying over 1/3rd of US incomes… and it’s
financing this by having the Fed buy new debt from the Treasury.


Do you think
this entire system might end up collapsing in a horrific manner?


And this is
just ONE ASPECT of the nightmare that is the US Financial system. I’m not even
detailing the $600 TRILLION in derivatives, the clear insolvency of the big
banks (you know who I’m talking about), the FDIC running a deficit (are our
deposits REALLY insured?), erupting
inflation in food and energy prices, (Fed data CLAIMS prices FELL in the last
four months) and the hundred other issues all of which will end very, VERY


Regardless of
how we look at the US’s current situation, it is clear that 2008 will NOT go
down in history as THE Financial Crisis for the US. No, 2008 will be considered
the “warm-up.”


The reason
for this is simple. 2008 was primarily the collapse of the private banking
system in the US. The Fed’s response to this was to transfer the garbage debts
that nearly took down the banks ONTO the US’s balance sheet.


Put another
way, the Fed allowed the systemic risk to spread from private bank balance
sheets ONTO the US’s public balance sheet… which means the next Crisis will involve
not only Wall Street and the banks but the US as a whole.


I’m talking
about a sovereign debt Crisis. The kind of collapse we’re now seeing in Greece…
only for the single largest economy in the world as well as its reserve currency.


So what
happens when this Crisis hits and a partial if not complete Government shutdown
occurs? What happens when that 35% of incomes and salaries stops being paid?
What happens when prisons and other Government paid services run out of money?
What happens when the next major banking run reveals that there is no WAY on
earth the FDIC can truly insure all the deposits in the US (other than more
money printing from the Fed)? What happens when the US defaults on its debts?


THEN and
only then will we experience the REAL Crisis of the US Financial system. It is
coming. There is no doubt about it. And people are only just starting to wake up to it (nearly half of Americans now
believe we’re going to have a Great Depression).


investors and independent thinkers are already taking steps to get ready for
this. With just a few key moves and strategies it WILL be possible to not only
survive but thrive during the coming disaster.


On that
note, if you’ve not taken steps to prepare for the coming Crisis, you NEED To
download my FREE report devoted to showing in painstaking detail how to protect
yourself and your portfolio from the coming ROUND TWO of the Financial Crisis
(round one wiped out $11 TRILLION in wealth).


I call it The
Financial Crisis “Round Two” Survival Kit
And its 17 pages contain a
wealth of information about portfolio protection, which investments to own,
which to avoid, and how to take out Catastrophe Insurance on the stock market
(this “insurance” paid out triple digit gains in the Autumn of 2008).


Again, this
is all 100% FREE. To pick up your copy today, go to
and click on FREE REPORTS.






PS. We also
offer a FREE Special Report on the inflation situation in the US. This other
FREE Special Report, The Inflationary
explains not only why inflation is here now, why the Fed is
powerless to stop it, and three investments that absolutely EXPLODE as a result
of this.


All in all
its 14 pages contain a literal treasure trove of information on how to take
steps to prepare AND profit from what’s to come. And it’s all 100% FREE.


To pick up
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anynonmous's picture

just found this in my googlevoice inbox - seems like there is still time if I act immediately notwithstanding the voice to text translation


Services with some good news This is your official notice that effective today. You are now eligible to lower your Credit Card Interest rates to as low as 1.9% The Federal Reserve is Jeff lower the interest rate to the stimulates to help the economy. In order to lower your credit card rates. You need to respond immediately before your eligibility expires. Please consider this your final notice. Press 1 now to speak with one of our customer service agents.

sbenard's picture

The only way to be truly "ready" is to be as self-reliant as possible, and to be free from any government dependency. That also means having abundant storage of food and other necessities available at home.

The day is quickly approaching when all entitlements will come to an abrupt end. It is taking almost all federal income tax receipts just to pay for Social Security and Medicare. The interest on the debt takes up all the rest, and we're still having to borrow money just to pay all the interest. That is the magnitude of the problem.

Calamity is therefore certainty. Plan and prepare accordingly!

Element's picture

The US economy is literally on the ledge of a cliff.


Look, if it were LITERALLY on the ledge of a cliff ... then you have photos of this ledge?

Why do people routinely use that word in a 100% non-literal sense?

JMT's picture

Third word America? You mean where everyone owns an Iphone (and the newest blackberry), owns closets full of designer clothing?? two newer late model cars per person?? tickets to this and that?? eating out every night??

Where exactly does the 'real' third world america exist now?? Seems to me that most places are in this state of hedonistic optimism since everyone under the age of 30 seems to own the things I talked about in 1st paragraph.

You know I must be considered poor. I live alone in a 2 bed/2bath condo apartment that I only pay $1950 a month rent for, drive a 2009 Honda Civic EX and buy most clothing from Macys. My extravagant purchase recently was this full price Blackberry Torch (unlocked from Amazon at $550)



Buck Johnson's picture

They aren't ready, because they have been drinking the same koolaid as the leaders.  Deny reality and make your own.

Eireann go Brach's picture

I agree, fuck those freeloaders living off the govt getting their handout every 2 weeks. If 90% of these folks were thrown out into the real world and told to fend for yourself and start a business and create jobs, they would fall on their face..and frankly its laughable to think about..picture the 400 pound pig at the DMV munching on her 3rd box of twinkies for the day miserable as hell with her own existence!..

Ponzi Unit's picture

Can anyone advise me, please, on buying silver coins/rounds?

Lowest buyback % under delivered price?

Lowest markup over spot?

BankRiot's picture

I like gainesville coins and bullion direct.  Gainesville is best with a $2,000 order via wire.  Bullion direct is best with a $1,500 order via check.  You can order less, but then have to pay addl fees.  If you are just getting started, then buy 90% US Silver coins.  These have the lowest premium and are very easily traded.  Then buy some generic rounds and also the favorites too like Eagles, Maples & Philharmonics.  Right not the premium is pretty low on Maples over at Gainesville coins.



honestann's picture


That's right.  Whatever the consequences, it is infinitely past time to find something to WAKE UP THE SHEEPLE.  If total economic collapse is what it takes, then bring it on.

Just make sure everyone remembers, when the pruning starts, it starts at the top and works down.  It starts with the predators responsible for getting the world into this mess... the entire fiat, fake, fraud, fiction, fantasy, fractional-reserve debt toilet-paper crowd, and the entire political establishment of every country on earth.  I'm quite sure there are fewer than a dozen people like RonPaul in government who deserve a free pass.

rsnoble's picture

I don't have a problem to listening to what Phoenix has to say on this, I have a feeling my mostly paid off debt and gun collection isn't gona be enough.  I had planned on also having more cash on hand by now, now it's too fucking late.  And really, if we really do go down in flames and everyone loses they fucking mind I don't think a couple guns are really gona make a dif anyhow.

PulauHantu29's picture

I agree with an author who recently wrote that even though living standards will be lower in America, the Sheeples would still be fat and go to malls like trained mice.....

Ted K's picture

I love all these cute headlines "Are You Ready For 3rd World America??"  You Republicans had wasted billions on 2 unfunded wars, wasted billions on a prescription drug benefit plan, lost billions in tax cuts for the rich, and Republican appointed Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on his knees asking Nancy Pelosi for Billions to pull "W" Bush's stinky ass out of the deep-fryer.................Now a black man is President and you Republicans are pissing down your leg in panic about where the money is supposed to come from.  I could find a limp-wristed faggot from a Canadian commune with more testicles than your average Republican has who could come up with a better 2012 political platform for Republicans than "Oh no!!! Darky is carrying us to the abyss!!!!"

Fucking Republican Pussies!!!!!!!!!

jomama's picture

you mean to tell me you've been reading ZH presumably for 1 year 19 weeks and are still falling for that left corporate puppet versus the right kleptocratic representative bullshit? 

tell us you're kidding.

RichardP's picture

I think his point was those who fear darkies vs. those who don't.

2bigtoofail's picture

Nobody thinks the sky will fall except chicken little. So you tell people that the US is insolvent and tell them that their 3.2 million in savings might get a bit devalued and boom you are instantly chicken little. Regardless of the fact you have a great track record in these things. If just sucks to see people who bought into the system and created value for these monkies to siphon get taken for a ride by the very system they helped prop up through lack of education or an overabunbance of lazyness.

jesse livermoore's picture

government employees dont fix roads.  they over pay union contractors...............

John_Coltrane's picture

I detect a certain degree of, shall we say, negativity in this posts and others by this author.

My suggestion to the author, quit shilling for subscribers, take a walk, do a little gardening and relax.  If what you suggests comes true your newsletter is unlikely to ameliore the situation for anyone.  With a fractional reserve system if more than ~5-10% of the depositors want all their deposits at the same time (and what would be do with them, pray tell, buy treasuries or gold?) the system must shut down.  This isn't news and has been true for the last 100 years.   Only trust and optimism keeps any financial or political system (including bartering) alive.  


Elmer Fudd's picture

"The system does not collapse but evaporate"

-Trace Mayer, JD

Jack Sheet's picture

Rename this column as "Graham's Daily Dispatch"

jacksmedullaoblongata's picture

I hate when writers use the word "literally" when they are not being literal.

eureka's picture

Spot On, Graham Summers.

RE: "ROUND TWO of the Financial Crisis (round one wiped out $11 TRILLION in wealth)."

Round one actually wiped out $15 Trillion of "US Household-Wealth" (from 64 to 48 $TR) - the pumped/fake equity/cyclical bull(-shit) rally back up to $53 HomeLand FAKE WEALTH is precisely courtecy the US FED PUMP Graham Summers describes.

I.E. there has been no REAL (sustainable & fundamentals based) equity grwth in the US since 2007. Rather on the contrary, BOTH equities and real assets are still priced at twice their value related to real productivity and real incomes.

YES - The US crash/default IS coming. I say TWELVE MONTHS TO US ARMAGEDDON.

YHC-FTSE's picture


We think so much alike, it's scary! Even though I have a tendency to take contrarian views when there is a consensus mostly to avoid the pitfalls of groupthink, (and the ZH consensus these days is catastrophic fall of the US economy/dollar), I haven't been able to offer any alternative scenarios to armageddon. We both know investment strategies depend on predicting the future, and one of the best ways to hedge risks is to have as many scenarios available based on past events to base decisions.


It could be sooner. It could very well be 12 months, but then again the pain could be longer with false starts and fake recoveries marking the way, especially in an election year. The so-called $600T derivatives trades are off-book, so there is absolutely no reliable data on how big or how small it is, where and when it might surface and who currently holds the most. We'll need a whistleblower or two in the biggest 20 financial institutions as well as the Fed to figure it all out. But I'd say the "guesstimates" are close to reality. Reality, now that's a word that has been divorced from the financial markets for a long time, and precisely why the economic news from the msm show no signs of reflecting what is actually happening all around us. When confronted with a reality that is lies upon untenable lies, or facing up to the biggest financial tsunami in the history of the world, most people are not like us. Most people prefer the lies, and will happily swallow every piece of excrement fed to them than believe that their leaders and bosses are as corrupt, stupid, and criminal as your average mafia goon. 

plocequ1's picture

I have my case of Jack Daniels and Willy Loman rubber pipe all ready.

falak pema's picture

This title must hurt the eyes of those who think that the sun will never set on the land of the green back. Debating the undebatable is a moral and emotional paradox. It just ain't us ... Period. Debate over.

7.62X39SteelCore's picture

The end is not near.  This is not a simple linear system.  And I'm greatful for that. 

That being said, things are changing profoundly.  Look around, watch and listen. 

I will not go quietly into the night (er, unless I'm hunting).  Yes things are getting fucked up but let's pledge as fathers, brothers and fight clubbers to hold the line.  Fear is just a negative outcome projected.  It's not real unless you make it so. 

RichardP's picture

.. but let's pledge ... to hold the line.

What if the real need is to be flexible and learned enough to change with the times?  By learned, I mean knowing what you need to know to land on your feet, no matter what.

What was ain't ever comin' back.  All we have is what is coming.  That is all anybody has ever had, throughout history.  No matter how many folks you have in your group, no one has ever been able to hold the line in history.  But many of them were flexible enough and learned enough to go with the flow.

Morph, not start over.

Big Corked Boots's picture

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

(Frank Herbert)

RichardP's picture

Or, shorter:  Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

texpat's picture

Bernanke: "The US treasuries market is the most deepest, most liquid, and most important market in the world."

Treasuries: "BURRRRPPPP!!!"

Bernanke: "Fetch my brown pants!"

Andy Lewis's picture

Why, that sounds downright Manchurian.

Gully Foyle's picture AMERICA

Puerto Rico,
You lovely island . . .
Island of tropical breezes.
Always the pineapples growing,
Always the coffee blossoms blowing . . .

Puerto Rico . . .
You ugly island . . .
Island of tropic diseases.
Always the hurricanes blowing,
Always the population growing . . .
And the money owing,
And the babies crying,
And the bullets flying.
I like the island Manhattan.
Smoke on your pipe and put that in!

I like to be in America!
O.K. by me in America!
Ev'rything free in America
For a small fee in America!

I like the city of San Juan.

I know a boat you can get on.

Hundreds of flowers in full bloom.

Hundreds of people in each room!

Automobile in America,
Chromium steel in America,
Wire-spoke wheel in America,
Very big deal in America!

I'll drive a Buick through San Juan.

If there's a road you can drive on.

I'll give my cousins a free ride.

How you get all of them inside?

Immigrant goes to America,
Many hellos in America;
Nobody knows in America
Puerto Rico's in America!

I'll bring a T.V. to San Juan.

If there a current to turn on!

I'll give them new washing machine.

What have they got there to keep clean?

I like the shores of America!
Comfort is yours in America!
Knobs on the doors in America,
Wall-to-wall floors in America!

When I will go back to San Juan.

When you will shut up and get gone?

Everyone there will give big cheer!

Everyone there will have moved here!


eureka's picture

WSS - definitely an all time top ten US musical...

That was then - this is now.

Platinum_Investor's picture

Everything this article says is facts.  You can look it up.  The way he phrases

it is a bit harsh, but it's definatly all factual.

Alcoholic Native American's picture

There won't be systematic collapse you dummy.

spartan117's picture

You're right.  It won't be "systematic".  It will be chaotic.

risk-reward's picture

Puleeeeez buy my newsletter and you and your family will be saved...

Watauga's picture

I happen to live in Northern Virginia, where, it seems, about 90 out of 100 adults is a government employee--usually federal government.  I will tell you that I know many, have had meals with many, coached ball with many, and go to Church with many.  99% are really good people who have studied, worked hard, and done right by their families, communities, and nation.  Sure, I happen to live among government employees who are more like than not professionals (attorneys, accountants, managers), but nothing that I observe would indicate one of them is a lazy "paper shuffling parasite."  Yes, they are paid by the taxpayer.  But don't forget, we elected the people who created the positions that these workers fill.  It is not like there is any sort of scam being run.  The officials that WE elect decide what jobs to create, how much to pay, what qualification are required and so forth.

In short, I will tell you that 99% of these folks--the ones I know, including a brother in the military and a cousin in the National Science Foundation--are good people who work harder for their pay than you like to think.  If you don't like the numbers, that is fine.  Work to change them through your vote.  But don't blame people for working FOR YOU when you elect the people who hire them. 

Now, what is that you are saying, apberusdisvet, about some underground complex for the wealthy somewhere near Denver?  Seriously?  What mountain command center?  Do you mean to speak of Colorado Springs?  Who among the wealthy are members of the club?  Would it not be smarter to jet off to Rio, or Singapore, or Sydney, or Santiago, or Berne. . .?

SilverDosed's picture

govt attorneys: Parasitic paper pushers trying to make ways to fuck me out of my money

govt accountants: see above

govt managers? You think these people really work hard?

I didnt elect shit and I didnt agree to pay for shit. You think we have a choice? Lulz

Self perpetuating beauracracy exists to support itself. They can all die of Aids for all I care, along with whoever you know that signed up to go kill perfect strangers in foreign lands.

Watauga's picture

Silverdosed: You'll give Angry White Men everywhere a bad name with that attitude.

Okay, so I may not go to work with them everyday and see exactly what they do.  But I know when my neighbors (DOD, DHS, DOJ) go to work (0500) and when they come home, suits still on (1900).  I know when one doesn't show up for a little league game because he his traveling to Iraq to sort out some private contractor mess (DOD guy).  And I know what I learn from them, listening at the end-of-year soccer party, which is that they believe in what they are doing as something positive for our country.

When we chose to enter the private sector, we did so KNOWING that we did not want to be a government employee.  We did not want those restrictions, those financial limitations, the lack of potentially huge payoffs.  Our federally employed friends were stuck to their GS-14, assembly line lives of $95K per year.  We entered the private sector to make it big--to make our millions--and to have the "freedom" to work as we pleased.  What we learned was that the risk, in many cases, grossly outweighed the rewards.  In some cases, this was the result of personal/professional shortcomings--we failed.  In other cases, it was a failure of the market.  In others, we trusted the wrong partners.  Whatever, for many of us, the end result of LESS than what we expected, going in.  Meanwhile, Tom, the DOJ guy next door, made his steady $100K (he got his annual pay raises) doing OUR business, putting criminals in prison for, say, selling cocaine in our communities.  The fact that Tom still has his job, and his benefits, is not HIS fault.  He has done what he set out to do.  The fact that WE failed does not mean we should crap all over him.

The way I see it, we are all in the same boat here.  We are all middle-class working stiffs, whether in government or the private sector.  We are all trying to make our way, feed our kids, send them to college or whatever.  None of us is evil.  None of us is doing evil work.  None of us wants to hurt anyone else.  So, just because we are in a bad spot, there is no reason to take it out on Tom, who is just doing his thing.  Remember, WE chose to opt into the risk/reward world of private enterprise.  WE thought we'd hit it big.  Not Tom's fault if we didn't.

Never forget--FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY--too many people want just the first part, without the second.  They go hand in hand. 


rbjmartin's picture

$95K per year...poor things.

I used to work as a contractor for Dell in the DC area, doing onsite repairs on warranty-covered computers. Almost all of my service calls were to Federal agencies or Federal contractors. I can tell you right now, just from my short time in and out of these offices, that there was very little work being done. Lots of internet surfing, very little productivity.

Federal employees are making a ridiculous amount of money compared to their private sector counterparts, plus they have more job security. These artificial salary levels, which are subsidized by taxpayers, create unfair competition with the private sector, further robbing the economy of REAL productivity.

Montgomery Burns's picture

Federal employees are making a ridiculous amount of money compared to their private sector counterparts, plus they have more job security. These artificial salary levels, which are subsidized by taxpayers, create unfair competition with the private sector, further robbing the economy of REAL productivity.

Thats a broad brush you paint with my friend. I happen to know that VA nurses (federal employees) make less than their civilian counterparts. I happen to know that VA doctors make less than their private practice counterparts.

You repaired some federal computers once so you know all about how much work all federal employees do and how much money they make. You're an idiot. No wonder your job has been outsourced to India. 

Misstrial's picture


How about pirvate property owners lowering their rents 50 percent and home sellers lowering their asking price 50 percent and then we can lower government workers pay 50 percent too.


LasVegasDave's picture


They primary problem is these jobs cant be put out for bid.

How many of the 25 million unemployed are qualified and would work for 1/4 of what is presently being paid to these cornholes?  You could slash the federal payroll by 75% if "we the people"  were able to put those jobs out for bid.

Unions are evil.

rbjmartin's picture

That's actually a great idea. Make people pay for the privilege of living off of taxpayer money.

bigdawg's picture

I hear you about the underground complex at Denver Airport.  LOL.  I worked there during a summer internship and, although I do admit that I didn't see every square inch of the place while there, worked in most areas...who thinks this?  They had hundreds of people working out there...have any of them corraborated this story?

As far as the govt. employees though, I agree that some are hardworking, but having worked in govt. in the past, I just can't do it myself...made the decision not to work for any government when I was 23 (long time ago)...haven't looked back since.  Back then, it wasn't that I was even thinking about the taxpayer funding was about the lack of initiative and general inefficiency I saw in most areas...their attitudes breed laziness and entitlement...and I just didn't want to end up like them.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

The underground bunker at Denver Airport is controversial and difficult to prove. However it is known that an entire level of the airport was constructed and then found to be insufficient regarding structural codes, this level was buried and the airport was built over top of it. Normal building protocol would call for destroying the faulty work and removing it before building the airport, the fact that they buried this "unusable level' is worrisome.

It was built on way  more land than an airport could ever use, it has an awful lot of fuel storage and some pretty bizzare art work including a plaque with masonic inscriptions. The queen of England among others owns raw land nearby, many other wealthy and nefarious people are said to own parcels nearby.

It is one of the highest in elevation above sea level airports in the world. great place to ride out a tsunami or other flooding.

It is a weird airport for a lot of reasons.

Fukushima Sam's picture

Here's an interview with the artist of the "bizarre mural".  He seems like an innocent enough guy who just likes to envision a world where people take care of the environment and each other.

I'm not saying that is a realistic vision, but I don't know if it is the stuff of Masonic conspiracies.