Arnie Gundersen Interview: The Dangers Of Fukushima Are Worse And Longer-lived Than We Think

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Damn...just damn.

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*pardon the intrusion*

How can I tell what exactly, has been 'updated' in an article? I read this story when it first was posted, then saw "New Updated" in red so I opened it again and can't tell what the new info is...

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thanks for pointing this out.
i have wondered many a time ....?
give us a clue like bold type?

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I was kinda hoping in some sort of crossing my fingers way, that maybe the update was that everyone was joking and Japan wasn't fucked.  No such luck.  Japan is such a mess, and it is not looking any better with typhoon season.

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We fixed the link to the original podcast.

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My link still didn't work. (BTW-I did a podcast with Chris and you didn't link it. I feel like chopped liver. I'm gonna need a shrink.)

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Totally bullish.  Unless I'm mistaken, this radiation will produce a giant lizard which will protect Japan from other giant creatures such as moths, apes, and megalons.

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Thats good for what, 500+ points for the DOW

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At least.  Here is a 1 minute video explaining everything.  Note the number of broken windows that will need repairing.

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Yep, this all spells "investment in infrastructure", better than QE!

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So, job creation in Japan yes?

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Not central bankers though?

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I don't know how Godzilla would do against a giant vampire squid.  Any answer I could give would merely be speculation on my part.

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There's a Weather Related App for that.

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Not Bankers and attorney's??      Milestones     

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Bullish for live tentacle porn

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"It kind of breathes, if you will."  I have found that generally speaking, nuke reactors that "breathe" will usually cause you to stop breathing.

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Very transitory.

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On a geological time frame, absolutely. Flash in the pan. Nothing to this at all. The islands that make up Japan will subduct under the Pacific plate and there goes your problem.

People like the excitement. But a few million years from now none of this will matter.

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Yeah, subduct you, Fuku! (that'll teach 'em)

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I heard the US Fed Reserve and the Bank of Japan will be offering a new Nuclear Reactor Bond which will be a really hot rate of return and guarantee of no default!! 

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Assholes at TEPCO shoulda gotten No Fault Insurance.

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I'm hearing this a lot more lately: The situation in Fukushima is stable, serious but stable". This is usually supported by: "The Japanese experts are working tirelessly to solve the problem." Lying out of both sides of their mouth. This bitch needs beheading, like yesterday. The world needs to solve this, not just Japan, and then the whole shebang needs mothballing, from mining to production. Ain't gonna be easy.

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Ah hah!  But now the plot thickens....
Gotta figure out which side of both mouths thay're lying out of now...

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Nothing like that appears possible in the current climate.  Everybody seems to be so distracted about money they can't spare the attention to be worried about a little thing like maybe radiation poisoning the entire northern hemisphere.  

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But a few million years from now none of this will matter.

It matters now only to the species that created this disaster; for all the others it has never mattered nor will it in the future. No further comment is necessary.

I'm curious to see how this ends.

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lol quite.   in fact , if you look at this in the time frame of our galaxy's existence , its very transitory , just like our species.

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I say bullshit on #3 ... if #1 & #2 are "core on the floor", then #3 damn sure is too ...

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Given the size of the explosion at Reactor 3, "core on the floor" is probably a best case scenario.  I wouldn't be surprised if it blew all over the place.

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The #3 explosion could very well have been the fuel pool going critical. Recall that with #3 there was a hydrogen explosion followed a millisecond or so later by what appears to have been a steam explosion. Later pictures have shown a completely devastated #3 fuel pool but have also shown that the top of the #3 containment vessel is still in place. My bet is that a prompt moderated criticality caused a flash steam explosion which was somewhat contained and directed by the walls of the #3 fuel pool straight up. It's quite possible that the initial hydrogen explosion caused a rearrangement of the spent fuel racks leading to the criticality.  Pieces of spent fuel from #3 have been found up to two  miles away from the building, so I'm tending to believe this scenario.

Thus, while it's highly likely that #3 reactor is in the same state as #'s 1 and 2, at this time I don't think it was a failure of the pressure vessel that occurred in the tremedous initial blast.


All in all, though, Japan is still royally screwed.

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Pieces of spent fuel from #3 have been found up to two  miles away from the building, so I'm tending to believe this scenario.

If this is true (very likely), then the site is too hot to do any significant cleanup and north central Japan is fucked ...for a few thousand years anyway.

Keeping decades of spent fuel, hundreds of tons, right next to those reactors in elevated pools made of nothing more than concrete, right on top of a major tectonic plate subduction zone, will prove to be one of the most catastrophic blunders in human history.

Yes, the entire northern hemisphere might be contaminated by it.

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#1 radiation bouncing up and down every few days in big swings,


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The recovery pumpers need to be re-indocrinated as to how to spin the fact that it is almost all over for the world's 3rd largest economy.  DOW to 600 by Chistmas as the truth comes out about the radiation fallout over the US.

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I sure hope you're wrong... 

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Did Katie Couric or Brian Williams or Dianne Sawyer talk about these?


April 22 OH Radiation Release, Plant Evacuation Admitted By NRC


Tuesday, May 10, 2011 SunHerald Biloxi-Gulfport
April tritium release from nuclear reactor still not measured
Tritium released by Grand Gulf still not measured

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Posting this short video again. For some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks. Includes a post made on ZH.


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That video hits home. I can be at work, or out at a bar, and no one is aware of what is going on. If you ask them about the earthquake, they may have heard about one. Most aren't aware at all of what is going on in the MENA area and that we are involved in a war with Libya. If they are employed, they don't have a clue about the economy. I asked one person last week, an intelligent young person, if he was aware that most products were manfactured in China. He was completely unaware. But they all know the winner of Dancing With The Stars.

What happened to this country?

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                                                  "It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

                                                                           "all these are the beginning of sorrows."

                                                                                            matthew 24: 8

My attendance at Places of Worship are normally restricted to funerals. I'm starting to re-think that. Yes, there is something special about that video.

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thanks for the link. that 4 minutes might even jolt my wife into realizing life wont "just keep going on like it has"


sometimes i wish i was just "free and clear" and i dont mean on my house.

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did the leg work and the payback everkthing was a go to put a 10kw photovoltaic system on my roof and be payed $0.82 per kw. Government insentive with a binding contract for 20 years. Finanace, pay interest still make money. Win Win.

Needed wifes signiture. NFW!

American Idot zombie. These grapes come from Chile.

36 years and still keeping the harmony.

But when the shit hits the fan the first person to blame for her new missery will be yours truly

Yes she does need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.


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These ETEs (end-time events) are happening with greater frequency now, just as scripture and other ancient sources predict.

America doesn't figure prominently in end-time prophecies.  One can read out of that anything they wish.  I read out of it that America wont be a significant player on the world scene at that time. 

I believe as things get worse in America (leading to America's downfall), we'll see wives blaming husbands for their collapsing living standard, when those wives stubbornly ignored what's happening around them, choosing to believe things will go on like normal, untill reality rips those rose-colored glasses from their eyes and they panic, blaming the closest person to them, dear ole hubby.

No, there's no way I would be married these days.  As things get worse a head-in-the-sand wife would become a liability, maybe even an enemy.

And no I'm not saying all wives. I said head-in-the-sand wives.

And yes I'm sure there's some head-in-the-sand husbands out there too.

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Thank you for that link. Just underscores what I've been thinking already.

Today I read that The Bad Girls Club gets about 1.7M viewers per episode.

The consequences are going to be a lot worse than anyone has imagined....


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You're welcome. Believe it or not I stumbled on it on a site from Taiwan while searching for something else. We all have to fight back in our own way.

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Very good. Thanks for that.

Twelve tries at the sign-in captcha. I am fucking stupider than some people already here. (edit for spelling)

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i felt stupid after 3 fails. You kept on, and there is the measure of your success. my hat is off to you for your stubbornness.

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I never log out (deliberately). Even with a calculator it's sometimes a fuss to get back in. Forgetting for a moment that I joined a whole nine weeks ago, I think it works. At times the correct solution to captcha exceeds the bucket maximum limit.

(The correct answer will absolutely not fit within the alloted space declared by an equation engineered to result in just that.)

It doesn't matter.