Arrest Warrant for "Sex Crimes" Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is Only for "Sex Without a Condom"

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Seems that a bunch of people now are experts on Swedish penal law. There is no such thing as a law against not using condoms. That precaution would only apply if you have are aware of having an STD (dolus) or if your partner consent to sex _on_the_ condition_ that you wear a condom.

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yawn, more secrets of an infiltrated govt filtered through the lens of its israheli mossad captors and printed up on all the jewmedia front pages. you gotta love rat faced jewlian's talmudic hairdo. rapist! he's a bad man! booga booga! i think he bayonetted some incubator babies too. posterboy for the end of net freedumbs.

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the "jews" can only fanatasize about the fictional global power-networks you credit them with. Blaming all of this on the "jews" (race/faith/geography)is almost as naive as blaming the gulf wars on the "terrorists." Cause only the jews have selfish, criminal tendencies and connections right? Grow up. 

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Is this going to show up on SNL?

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We should have had this law in America when George and Barbara Bush had sex without a condom. 

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His defense will be:

Your honor, my salami was too big to squeeze into the jacket!

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The MSM should eat only crow and used condoms until they can distinguish between rape and a lovers' quarrel. 

Those who have never had sex with a woman are invited to sit down and shut up.

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C'mon George, you know as well as I do that rational decisions are never made based on fear.

The truth will set you free, the rest is Nazi propaganda, ironically this time sponsored by a Zionist Senator from the state of CT that is a dual citizen and a shameful conflict of domestic-interest.

I said it in a prior post, this incident will illuminate the gross incompetence and fear exhibited by governments, and the lack of restraint in pursuit of non-criminals, treating them like criminals, just like the TSA, and homeland insecurity.  Making non-criminals the victims for criminals never works and usually leads to violence and conflict. 

The death of the Internet as we (in the US) know it is next.  It would already be unplugged if it weren't the only market floating the holiday economy. 

"Courage is contagious," and the Internet is the medium for truth, thus the largest threat to power there is.

This guy is already a martyr for truth, which one would be hard pressed to find coming from American soil, which is sad sad sad.  It used to be US citizens that stood up for truth, instead the US elects the liars, jewish Nazi-fascists, and thieves serving interests of other countries. 

The US can't even fake leadership in any capacity without oppressing it's own public.  What a disgrace.

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Interpol is now going to have to go after every guy who did not use a condom when asked to. ALL of them.

Just like we go after and prosecute all of the fraud in the bad banks. ALL of it.

"Psy-oops" (deliberate extra o) or not, there is no consistency in the enforcement of the laws. This is the travesty laid bare for all to see.

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I generally don't like to subscribe to conspiracy theories , but given the fact that British , American and Australian ( and probably many many more ) authorities have openly declared that they wish to question Mr.Assange about , and possibly prosecute him for , his Wikileaks activities , I would imagine that even the smallest/most trivial oppurtunity to arrest him was seized upon  . The case against him seems pretty stilted and convoluted to me . Of course if he is genuinely guilty then he should recieve some sort of punishment , but I do get the feeling that this case of " sexual misconduct " will merely serve as a launching pad for inquiries into his hacking activities .


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Can we see a re-enactment on youporn?

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Then we can get Will Ferrell to show up in the ending and say: "Those swedes sure know how to make a good fuck flick"...

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+1... Fucking sickening

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How pathetic does this make Sweden, Interpol and the UK look?

How embarassing for them, to be outed as pure US sock-puppets. Chasing international condomless sex stud.


And how pathetic does this make the US look? Not only losing total economic credibility but showing themsleves to be petty to the nth degree.


Empire in decline for sure.



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Both are also members of  Broderskapsrorelsen. Some "Christian" movement..

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Bodstrom is a socialist pig, one of those politicians that doesn't attend his job at the Riksdag while getting paid by the taxpayers. They just took the case to get into the spotlight, and clearly Ny has come under the control of the US. This whole thing is utter rubbish.

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So the woman who invites Assange to Sweden accuse him of not using a condom...?

And when was he supposed to do the tests!?!?

Funny that Bodstrom the lawyer was minister of justice department before and in the same party as the woman.

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Counter claim....did he buy the condom in Sweden or was it manufacured there...did all partys present read and understand the instructions contained  with in said product...were the instructions legable...cough designed to be legable to horny bastrards pre act etc. with it!

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Well I guess that would be the best way to descredit him, say he is one of them.

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Listen how Webster Tarpley sees it. Different story than the controlled mass media.

Wikileaks as a CIA Decoy? open questions about a strange story:

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Holy crap, he is jet-setting around the world banging call girls with no rubber like little Frankie Abagnale! That's hot! Catch him if you can! I just wiki-leaked all over my keyboard! Now what will I use to buy stocks?!?!!one

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Arrest Warrant for "Sex Crimes" Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is Only for "Sex Without a Condom"


I think tomorrow you will find that the charge will be changed to.... and Interpol will upgrade its altert to defcon 5

Arrest Warrant for "Sex Crimes" Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is Only for "Sex Without a SWEDISH brand Condom"
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Geez people just coz Wiki man is a an idiot doesnt make him a criminal.

Lets have transparancy in govt, is this not what we would like from the Ben ber nak and the big banks.

Hey if the truth hurts suck it up.

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Cadillac of luv 

for Jules,  You send your soldiers to certain slaughter

in the wasteland of sum wickyd Swedish daughter

she rolls over, now all you've got

is what you're layin on, a damp spot.


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No use of condoms?? QUICK! Someone alert the Vatican! The Pope will save Julian Assange! Or is that Julian AssAngel?

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wiki is state sponsored psyops. TPTB's pucker factor is high enough that they are willing to suffer acute diplomatic embarrassment to keep our eyes off what the other Hand is doing. That other (banking cartel / government, at the expense of the masses, symbiosis: The Fed) Hand would be much easier to lose sight of if it weren't flailing about quite so wildly.

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They call that "The Shakes"

I'm not shaking.

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I keep reading  on ZH that "you can't make this shit up".  You truly can't. This has more twists and turns than a detective novel, and I am not referring only to Assange's case. The world's current status is at times hilarious, dramatic, depressing and truly tragic. The worst part of it is that I cannot put this Sophoclean play down and live my life. Here at ZH, we are the Greek chorus and the world is the tragic protagonist.

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Letting your Wiki leak is an international crime?

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GW:  Thanks for continuing to get important info out for consumption.

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I think the Swedes should just incorporate a law that obligates every male of 18+ years wear a condom at all times. 'Cause you just don't know when it will come in handy (pun nintendoed). That way those prosecution-lusting chicks won't have a thing on you.

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yea bring out the rancid crap about prophylaxis as a protection against hiv. hiv is a meaningless bogeyman and has absolutely nothing to do with aids....yet the goon squads of the government have made a lie the order to enslave the people just as they have done with the wtc to create a brown shirted society....

fuck those goddamned bitches and the fucking governments who are so zealous to crucify the truth....god bless julian!!

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Good to see Interpol being used as a political toy of a few US bankers who are worried about bad PR.

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Your comment reminded me that one of the first things Obama did after being given the keys to the kingdom, was give Interpol more authority in the US.  I wondered why he would do that.  Could this be a part of that?  Just thinking out loud.....

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  Isn't it wondeful. Una bola de ladrones; quienes son buen catolicas, cada uno.

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  Isn't it wondeful. Una bola de ladrones; quienes son buen catolicas, cada uno.

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[But it turns out it was for violating an obscure Swedish law against having sex without a condom.]


This is of course only an allegation.

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As a criminal law attorney of twenty years, this is insane. An Interpol warrant? Insane. This is definitely a diversion from the fed data. The biggest rape in history

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I had sex with Robo's icon without a condom.

What's the big deal?

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Uhhh, you do know that Robo is actually a...

Oh never mind, I'll just assume from your screen-name that you swallowed.  ;)

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The never-ending story of governments-gone-wild.

What we need is protection against governments.

I guess the population of Sweeden will drop to zero.

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 Couldn't happen too soon. No more Nobel prizes for lunatics and losers.

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don't forget that the Norwegians bestow the peace prize!

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If the condom split, he should` acquit.

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But if the Condom Don't Fit, you must acquit.

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Well, if the absence of a condom is an international crime, where does oral sex come in?

Bill Clinton clearly did not have a condom on when he ruined Monica Lewinsky's blue dress.

So, is Bill Clinton an international criminal by not using a condom?

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Let's put ALL the facts out on the table now...shall we?


After all, Bill Clinton is THE original "wiki" "leak".