Art Cashin's Take On Europe's Fiasco

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First it's euro bashing time

Then It's US bashing time

Now it's euro bashing time again

All in 1 trading session. It's been fun today :)


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Race to the bottom BITCHEZ!

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Well, now meet me in the bottom,

Bring me my runnin shoes.

Well, now meet me in the bottom,

Bring me my runnin shoes.

When I jump out the window,

I won't have time to loose.

When you see me streakin by,

Please, don't be late.

When you see me streakin by,

Please, don't be late.

Well, when you see me movin,

You know my life is at stake.

Well, I hope you see me,

I come streakin by.

Well, I hope you'll see me when,

I come streakin by.

She got a bad old man,

You know, I'm too young to die.

Boy, I got to leave here.

Fore I get caught in there.


Howlin' Wolf - Meet Me In The Bottom

That tune is one of my all time favorite rifs.

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Nope.....Their trying to get PIIGS to fly  ;>)

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Dude, it's bad enough I got to take a math test to post. Now I have to watch my spelling and grammar?

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Pigs will fly before the banksters are done sucking the life from the working class dogs.

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Brilliant! back to the bottle Art.

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Sounds like a riff on the "running away from a bear" idea.

You don't have to be faster than the bear to get away from  a bear, you only have to be faster than one other person who is also running from the bear.

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Well that solves the question...

Art Cashin... Alive or dead?... Answer: still alive...

Now... about Bin laden




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In Europe horses do fly all the time, to Finance Minister meetings.

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A unicorn isn't just a horse.

so you know...

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...and unicorns don't have wings.


so you know...


[You were aiming for Pegasos, but got way-laid by a gay underground scene meme; better due diligence!]


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A lifetime is a child playing, playing checkers; the kingdom belongs to a child.



Night Dad!

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Nice to see there's another Iian Banks fan on ZH.

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Actually, it's just the Horses Asses that fly to the meetings.

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There's a long tradition of Horse discourse in European poltical circles.


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Art's a genius. One of the few who ever makes any sense.

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Teach Horses to fly, and we have a fun story.  Teach Sheep to fly, and we'll have a revolution.

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The only real solution is stock the wine cellar, add a couple cases of Bambay gin, and tell the wife "honey, the trip to Italy is cancelled due to cross spectrum non-functionality and utter raving lunacy". Glad I didn't buy that little Tuscan villa in Pieve Santo a few years back.

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You'll be able to pick it up for a few pieces of gold in a few years time.

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I haven't seen this guy, or Alan Valdez, on CNBC in months.  I guess they weren't day-trader, cowboysish enough.

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Zero sez "no soc sec chex unless I get another 2.5 trillion in credit". Getting better by the minute.

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as a young broker in the 80s i admired elder statesmen of the brokerage industry at the local level in Detroit.  i salute Mr Cashin as one of their kind,an anachronistic delight, the "customer's man," the wise guide.  Mr Cashin, if you go away tomorrow, know that i have appreciated you for years!

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Yes, he was the Paine Webber man-on-the-floor when there were still men on the floor, floor brokers and the like. How things have changed.

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Funny how everyone loves moaning about Europe these days. So let´s look at figures. Eurozone aggregate budget deficit(projection for this year): below 5%. UK/US/Japan all have projections for budget deficit(for this year) around 10%, twice as much as eurozone. Now, tell me someting about hypocrisy. 

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Hypocrisy is not limited to any country, nationality, race, or creed. It's a deeply-ingrained human trait.

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Well, thanks for your information. I´ll remmeber that! :)

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There is no Eurozone. That "zone" is an artificial patchwork.


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So the UK/US is so scared of an artificial patchwork? Even better.

Black Forest's picture

So the UK/US is so scared of an artificial patchwork?

That's the funny thing about it.

kaiten's picture

It´s more revealing than funny, actually. Revealing of UK/US "strength" and self-confidence.

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i think that the ability to create your own currency trumps debt-to-GDP.  the other countries you mentioned have that distinction from the Eurozone.

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There was a time when the US was able to force the world at gunpoint to swallow that USD reserve currency medicine or else.

That time has passed.

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nevertheless, Japan, UK and US can print (for now), unlike Greece, Italy, etc.

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The ability to create own currency, aka debasing the currency(let´s call it the real name), is an advantage? Funny you say this. I dont know about any country devalue-ing itself into richness. Sure enough african and latin american countries tried many times, but so far failed. Perhaps US/UK will be more lucky in this regard. We´ll see ....

Oquities's picture

didn't say it was an advantage.  it is, however, a reality.

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Another open secret is that Europeans aren't leveraged 1000x and one step away from filing bankruptcy like so many Americans still are.

25% of home "owners" are upside down on their mortgage?

Almost 15% of the population on food stamps to survive?

Debt ceiling breached again and again?

Unaffordable military experiments and other useless expenditures spanning the globe?


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Surely a signal to expand my small business ...

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Nice pea under the shell attempt.

How's their inflation?

And their GDP?

Alright then.

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FTSE about to do a 50DMA and 200DMA death cross for the first time in a year.... ooooh, permission to soil ones self sir.

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Unfortunately or fortunately there is only one outcome. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for any system is zero.

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We need more Art Cashin's...