Asia’s Digital Dragon: $80 Billion and 1.1 Billion Users by 2015

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Having a factual error in the first sentence of an article does not inspire confidence in the opinions that follow. China is not the largest country.

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I believe this number will be dwarfed by the number of mobile phone users. Lots of upside in connected Asia.

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I believe this number will be dwarfed by the number of mobile phone users. Lots of upside here in connected Asia.

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I always imagine Dian L. Chu to talk like the character Ms. Swan, an Asian manicurist, on a comedy sketch show--"He looka like a man."  "How so?"  "Yeah, y'know, ev'ry'ting--he looka like a man." Discussion switches from China to Asia (via McKinsey) abruptly back to China (perhaps a strain in the McKinsey report) and then back to Asia.  The upshot is, "China company looka like a buy."  "Which one?" "You know...the China company...and ev'ryt' looka like a buy."  

Valuation of Baidu? Currency risk? Local economy risk? Political risk? "It looka like a China company, and ev'ry'ting, y' looka like a company.  Yeah, you buy company, y'know..." 

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Ebay is a company that went over the hill a long time ago. Now they only sell fake and crappy stuff and the site is filled with scam artists.

Google on the othe hand is a international medium. The fact they don't use it that much shows that the international communication lines are going down and might even signal a slowing in international trade.

And even so, also google will one day go up into thin air as they are not able to replicate their succes.

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Hey take a little more time and take a stand on a security rather than a long list of stuff.  FXI wont do much good to play this trend.  I bet if you did more homework you could come up with less of a data dump and something more compelling.  What about tower companies over there.  That is a cash flow biz that has tons of growth left in the soon to be 2nd and 1st world countries.  Companies like American Tower, crown castle are interesting.

Next G (currently held by Priv Equity) will be an interesting play if/when it goes public.  They make fill in nodes for densely populated areas and reduce the burden and cost of putting up more and more big towers.

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yeah right! the fact is these chiney people dont buy anything from the internet. People that buy internet traffic for their ebusiness buy traffic from countries like the US, UK and others in western europe while traffic from China and Russia is considered money down the toilet. I know what i am talking about since i have such a business.

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But what you're talking about is the value of Russian/Chinese traffic to your American company. It's zero because Russians/Chinese buy very little over the internet from the US.

Russia and China are relatively closed markets. Generally only well-off people seeking luxury items not available in their local markets would pay the cost or have the clout to get an international package through customs.

That doesn't stop Russians and Chinese from selling online to local customers. They're all over that.

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It's also zero because extremely few US companies ship overseas...

Even Google sunk Nexus One by refusing to ship intl.


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youre thinking about items which require physical delivery in which case I would agree with you that i cant make any conclusions. But what I am talking about are goods that are sent over the internet which are mostly not produced in those countries.

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Sounds like this may have to do with 99% intellectual property piracy rates.

Also, fewer people have cards, they're more cautious to use them, and banks are more restrictive (usually you have to prior call the bank each time you use the card over the internet). A lot of people who buy physical goods online pay COD to the shipping company. That's true even in some EU countries.

And of course, average incomes are just lower, especially in China.