Ask a Stupid Question...

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"The question isn't who is going to let me, it is who is going to stop me?"--Ayn Rand

With the swirling fraudclosure crisis heating up literally by the trading hour, I thought I would take a look at Dr B's speech this morning to see if I could glean how His Helicoptership sees the "big fraudclosure picture."

I am not a PhD in the art of Fed speak, so the first thing I did was run the speech through a visual word cloud generator.

Here is the result:


 Hmmm...the words mortgage and foreclosure figure prominently. Not surprising since the conference is titled: "Conference on Mortgage Foreclosures and the Future of Housing." I see the word crisis, at least he will ackowledge that much. However, I don't see the words "possible systemic fraud" anywhere, do you?  I don't see the words "accountability," "purge" or "confidence" either.

I then read the speech iself, which talks a lot about a FED program called "MORE" and a Treasury/Dept of Labor unemployment task force called "HOPE NOW."

MORE...HOPE NOW, feel better?

Here is what Dr B says about the fraudclosure crisis:

"I would like to note that we have been concerned about reported irregularities in foreclosure practices at a number of large financial institutions."

WB7: You must be, your Maiden Lane Branch sent a "notice to cure" letter to Bank of America just last week.

"The federal banking agencies are working together to complete an in-depth review of practices at the largest mortgage servicing operations. We are looking intensively at the firms' policies, procedures, and internal controls related to foreclosures and seeking to determine whether systematic weaknesses are leading to improper foreclosures."

WB7: That is very very very reassuring, "systemic weaknesses leading to improper foreclosures." Now here is the sentence I find very very interesting:

"We take violations of proper procedures seriously." 

Really? "Proper procedures"? I don't know much about PhD mumbo jumbo. But I know what a leading question is when I see one. They spend plenty of time drilling this skill into you in Law School, a question framed in a manner intended to suggest the answer.

If all you are searching for are violations of "proper procedures," all you are going to find is unfortunate "mistakes, errors and faulty processes." You are certainly not going to find a pattern of criminal racketeering activity as contemplated by the RICO statute.

Dr B choses his verbiage very carefully. I find this sentence to be very telling if you are wondering which direction the primary institution in charge of overseeing the banking system would like to see the fraudclosure/mortgage servicing crisis proceed.

He and Timmy are going to have to pull all the stops to make their wish come true.









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Bitterness... The Lost Skeleton Returns Again


Introduction to The End -- The Lost Skeleton Returns Again


5000 Years Later -- The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra


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When are people across this country going to learn to stop paying!!!!  Period!  Set the date, get the word out nationally, and everyone all together at once stop paying these idiots one more red cent.  This is the absolute only way to stop this scam being run of us. 

williambanzai7's picture

I think you may be right jk. Maybe after football season ;-)

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WB7 thanks for your absolutely wonderful work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed today's posts.  We need humor, it's about all that's left.  As someone else mentioned on a different post today ... you should consider a book ... I'd pay to have a color collection of your work. 

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx Whitenoise, I am seriously thinking about the book idea. Chuckles the Clown

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Bill, I am learning from you. This is my best complement, I have none better to give.  ZH made a good decision trusting you with this posting status. Those of us inclined this way have an outlet here. Thanks.

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx MsCreant. I recognize the the privilege to be able to post my work here. The best moment for any artist is the feeling of connecting with an audience!

I have been generating this stuff for two years and feel that I have only scratched the surface, I call it CMSM: Counter Main Stream Media

MsCreant's picture

I started college as an art major at 16. Had funding. In high school I was a star. In college, I was one of MANY who were wonderful. My ego could not handle that at the time. I was too immature. I did not major in art but continue to love it. I can be in an art supply store in the paint section for hours looking at the colors, dreaming of what I would like to do. Colors actually make me groan at times. Seriously. Not a sex thing so much as just feeling moved by the experience. I have cried before because I have fucked this one up a bit.

Because of these things, I watch your evolution with a different kind of "interest" than is normally discussed on this site.

"Love is the plan, the plan is death." James Tiptree Jr. (a pseudonym for a woman who published as a man to be taken seriously as a writer). Live it to the fullest and with integrity. It doesn't matter at all, and it has dire consequences.

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William Banzai 7 is his stage name. Bill for short.

His real name is Chuckles the Clown and I didn't even need to offer him naked pictures of myself in order to get him to spill the beans. In fact, my offer of naked pictures immediately elicited cries of terror, followed quickly by his real name and a copy of his birth certificate as proof.

WB7 aka Bill aka Chuckles the Clown is a push over. And an excellent artist to boot. :>)

williambanzai7's picture

I'm a Nut

"Is it shorter to NY than it is by plane?"

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It is only when it's Tuesday blue in Chicago.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Something always seems to trigger you Jake. Must be all the brain trauma you suffered. Do you recognize humor when you puke on it or are you so far gone that you just hate?

My money's on "just hate".  

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I still maintain my position, "you are a fucking loser". 

williambanzai7's picture

Jake, your mouth piece fell out again...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

That's OK, I didn't expect you to change your position. A moron usually maintains any and all positions they take because it's better to remain a moron than to admit they're one and then change.

I was just trying to understand what it is that makes you so angry. It appears that anyone you don't like, for whatever reason, you label a fucking loser. Because I'm not the first, nor most likely the last, that you've called a loser here on ZH.

Good luck with the anger management issues.

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Ignore a law long enough, and it loses it's value.  Dang, if I can remember the case.  Spitting on sidewalks?

Anyway, 'cloud computing' is the last refuge of hack programmers that can't get the code right the first time.  (MSFT)


williambanzai7's picture

Laws that do not seem to apply to all

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Don't know about that, but I STILL do NOT tie my giraffe to a lamp post in Indiana!

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WB-I notice that your word-cloud generator also elicited a macro smile.  Like they know that you are on to them and, well, couldn't wink, but had a smile as a knowing tell.

'preciate your work.

- Ned

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx Ned...I was amazed how the computer kicked out the word foreclosure. Kind of scary, no?

BTW, I did that on the Many Eyes site run by IBM's picture

william thanks for covering this mess of a country we live in. i came out of the closet recently on ZH with some of my horror stories. i guess it is good to realize it really was a scam of magnitude 10 earthquake scale of fraud. all i can say it did a number on my head and just sucked it up and wrote complaints to every agency i thought would care.


stupid question #1 but i get as many as i want, right?

billy how come no one likes me any more on ZH? nobody but you will interact with me any more. i thought we were family? how come nobody answers or interacts with my posts? things have changed and i haven't been told anything lately. now if you  don't answer i know something has dramatically changed and maybe i am not wanted here with my stupid comments. truth hurts but i need to know what the truth is here on ZH to go forward with my legal issues fighting the fraud. thanks, kath.

williambanzai7's picture

So far, no one has offered me any naked pictures and I am fine since I have these. ;-)

There are obvious lines that should not be crossed and no one here has crossed mine. Not even Jake ;=)


MsCreant's picture

I heard you were offering people naked pictures of yourself at your email address and then outing these folks identities when they contacted you. Steak said this is what you were doing. I don't know why Steak would lie. I find those kinds of head games unacceptable.

There are times when you try to be mean to people that have done nothing to you. I don't think you have actually been mean because people understand you are at a vulnerable point in your life and don't take it seriously. What I don't like is the head tripping and the effort to hurt folks in order to empower your ego. I can't trust someone who head trips and hurts at random. It's like a snake, it may be pretty, exotic, and interesting but you don't know when it will strike. Best to leave it alone. 

That is different though than saying I don't want you around. I kind of like you. So I decided to leave you alone and watch and see what happens next. My 2 cents.'s picture

i don't know what the fuck your talking about. i am an adult and get to do whatever i fucking want with any fucking naked pictures of myself that i take myself even if i am fucking someone. what does outing out identities mean. who. fuck all of you getting into my own personal business and what i do with it. what the fuck is head tripping and me hurting people. jesus you got the wrong person accusing me of this shit. hurts at random. you don't even know hurt missy. i beg your pardon comparing me to a snake. you obviously have had a pretty innocuous life. i tell you about snakes and i sure as shit am no snake. christ i read this blog daily and all the comments, you people just go off on other people for speaking their mind on a issue. i think it is really mean. i really don't think i need to defend myself to anyone. i get set up here and you know damn well. i was set up and i have no idea what is happening in my life in regards to this whole stupid naked picture thing. plus it didn't involve you nor steak. this is just fucked and i am pissed you seem to judge me on a personal matter. ya your lurking me. you always show up like with heph and that wacko vampire dialogue. i thought fight club was between two people. but when it comes to me i guess it is just another gang fight. i don't really care anymore about any of this. so be it. i have greatly diminished any comments any more here on ZH. i guess being a real person and using my own name and picture of me is for shit.

go to fucking hell everyone of you. i suppose william7

is in on this, an just setting me up for pain.  listen you people, i can do without you too. i get kicked off it seems for my own personal decisions to do what i fucking want with my naked pictures. it is the only art i can make, just FUCK OFF.  you to tyler, i am not afraid of you in the slightest.

MsCreant's picture

I tried to talk, as you requested. I am one person, I cannot speak for why anyone else here may or may not talk to you. Those were my reasons. I don't have any reason to hurt you, I don't know you. I told you my truth. Half the time I wonder if you are drawing us in with an incredible performance. In case you are for real, I responded to your request to know why someone (one, me) may not be talking to you.

I'll still wait and see what happens next.

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Cyberspace jello wrestling match!!

hugolp's picture

Hahaha, I am stealing the Bernanke picture.

williambanzai7's picture

Help yourself, I hope you can sell it the WSJ to put on page one ;-)

Steal This Book

Abbey Hoffman

covert's picture

very astute observation, the rico act does apply well, "in theroy" but with corruption so rampant, it might not in reality.


williambanzai7's picture

Well it is going to be very interesting because civil (i.e., private RICO actions) are already being filed. I have been saying for months that this is the big stick to hit them with!

OutLookingIn's picture


 Bernanke Lectured to by Zhou!


During Bernanke's public presentation to a group of four heads of banking, in preparation for the coming APEC in November, he was interrupted by PBOC Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan saying "why should we listen to the worlds most indebted nation?" He then went on to rip Bernanke a 'new one' saying that he is "a failure, with a record of nothing but failure."

China has just about had enough. As a nation and as a people they are renowned for their patience. But I think putting up with not only Timmie's but Bennie's BS also, has pushed them a little too far!

williambanzai7's picture

I have a very funny picture of Timmy getting rear ended in China. 

mister_x's picture

Good stuff. Your graphics skills are awesome, WB7.

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx Mr X. Are you the Man from Planet X? ;-)

Buttcathead's picture

I aint buy'n nuttin.  I'm bankrupt and aints got no stocks to sell to the Fed.

williambanzai7's picture

I think you have the makings of a News Letter. I'd read it ;-)

anonnn's picture

Did Tim G. trademark that smile?...or did Austan Goolsbee? or is it a Harvard-Yale almightyness thing?

williambanzai7's picture

I think that is the hemoroid (sp) smile. ;-)

gimli's picture

Hey William ...... how bout getting an F-Troop theme going.

Capt. Parmenter .......... Ben

Sargt. O'Rourke .......... Hank Paulson

Corp. Agarn ........ Timmy

Chief Wild Eagle ...... Obama

...... I'll leave it up to your twisted visionary wit



williambanzai7's picture

I have something, give me a bit to go digging.

Ancona's picture


Nice graphics man!

The evil Dr. Berspanky and his minion Timmy the Toe Cutter, are well on the way to making history as the two most incompetent idiots ever to steal oxygen in the history of planet Earth.

It absolutely pixilates me when I listen to Dr. Berspanky obfuscate and twist subjects in a very clear effort to hide the truth of it all. The Fed is evil; pure and simple.

These douchebags need to go.


By the way.....has anyone seen my pitchfork?

williambanzai7's picture

He learned his craft from the master of hyper-econo-babble, Maestro Greenspan.

MsCreant's picture

I have a spare, friend. Torches too. Got fire?

williambanzai7's picture

They really have no clue.

Duuude's picture





Please consider a piece on ...


                                      EMPEROR BERNANKE




Island_Dweller's picture

Ben, the Merciless!

williambanzai7's picture

Ok this is a good idea too!