Assessing The Fukushima Radiation Danger "Near And Far"

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The NYT has compiled a useful visual summary of the current assessment of the Fukushima radiation, distributed by either air, soil, water and food,  compiled through the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency and others. The observable trade off is that while the impact of inland radiation has so far been muted courtesy of favorable wind direction and modest rainfall, the actual concentration of radioactivity in the sea and groundwater is rising at an exponential pace. How long before conventional wisdom realizes that radiation tens of thousands of times above normal contaminating the sea is very bad, while one day of northeastern winds will set off every seismic counter in Tokyo?

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The Bernank sees no inflated danger.

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British Columbia and the northwest US should have been evacuated days ago.

It will only get worse. Expect millions of Joe Sixpacks to frantically make a run for the Mexican border as they realize their governments have deliberately marked them for extintion.


Real estate prices in Soweto are about to skyrocket any minute now.

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Canadians don't run from anything, they turn around and kick some ass.We;re kind of like the Spartans in "The 300", except we are the kindest people on the planet, Till you mess with our beer then we go Spartan and chuck you down a mineshaft.

That being said,

I notice that there is 1 millionth amount of radiation in BC rainwater required to cause cancer. Do the dopes around the world realize that we Canadians drink a million bottles of beer a month. That means the average BC'er  has a month to party.

Actually the best weed on the planet is grown in BC, Sheet!. Best order it while I can

G' Day eh




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Thats a big call buddy - you should visit down under....

speaking of that - my usual posts at the weekend are mashed and blithering but i'm working this one so am coherent.

here is a coherent contribution on 'to big to fail' TEPCO style.

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So you feel safe at the hands of nukular experts?

What would you do if you found out those multi Ph.D. bigshots are now trying to fix the damaged nuclear reactors with...DIAPERS, SAWDUST and NEWSPAPER???  When that fails too, will you feel safe when they next attempt to seal the cracked container with DUCT TAPE??


Engineers pinned their hopes on chemicals, sawdust and shredded newspaper to stop highly radioactive water pouring into the ocean from Japan's tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant Sunday as officials said it will take several months to bring the crisis under control, the first time they have provided a timetable.

Concrete already failed to stop the tainted water spewing from a crack in a maintenance pit, and the new mixture did not appear to be working either, but engineers said they were not abandoning it.




Engineers tried to seal the crack with concrete Saturday, but that effort failed.

So on Sunday they went farther up the system and injected sawdust, three garbage bags of shredded newspaper and a polymer — similar to one used to absorb liquid in diapers — that can expand to 50 times its normal size when combined with water.


What happens when you pour a substance that expands 50 times it's normal size into a tight crevice?  Well, the answer is...YOU BUST OPEN WIDE THE CRACK!


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The "pit" is basically a big maintenance manhole 6' x 6' x 12' with an access hatch above it. They could fill the damn thing to the brim with 15 yds of concrete, but nobody wanted to get anywhere near it (+1000mSv). So they've been shooting concrete slurry and junk down a pipe at it, from 60' away. 

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ok...article lacks a bit of accuracy....I-131 was found in the rain in Pa. to be 33 times safe levels, containing 40-100 picocuries per liter

therefore, its on the ground,the grass, and thats why milk in York Pa tested positive for I-131



both versions of 'on the beach' were on yesterday, and 'K-19 the widowmaker'

i think they are trying to tell us something

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The disaster of Chernobyl 28 years later. The effects of Iodine-131 and Caesium-137 on life.

Many people seem to believe that distance is a factor, and time is on their side. Be wary.

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That's a bit much.  Background radiation just from living in Colorado is worse than what BC and WA are getting.  Should we have never allowed anyone to ever move into Colorado?

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no I-131, C-137,Xenon-133 in background radiation


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And the TEPCO chief says he can head off nuclear problem in 15 minutes by having gov't raise the legal limits of radiation exposure.

Now *that* would be a classic bureaucratic solution.

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I think it's time we called Halburton.

Fuck, they likely have bought an atomic meltdown company named Rods & Tods a few months before the accident.

When the worlds on fire, who you gonna call? Hal Burton!


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If the radiation levels are really rising at "an exponential rate" then in 100 days or so the solar system becomes a binary star system right?  No more nighttime for Mercury and Venus.

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No, Godzilla will soon beat the crap out of those bad Fukushima plants.

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Godzilla and Mothra will come to feed...

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Mmmmm...Godzilla's favorite...roasted long pig.

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That was funny. And I didn't pop you. And the person that did is on my DOO Doo list! I like MS Creant!~

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the world shuts its eye

mankind's bissful ignorance

too cheap to meter


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Thank you!

It's my second attempt at haiku "in real time". It's hard to reply to a ZH post and come up with an on-topic haiku in just a few minutes! I posted one over on WB7's that wasn't quite as good, but I'll add this since someone likes it.


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from the mouth of babes

a child's pink chewing gums

now devoid of teeth

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We need to have isotope analysis...CPM won't tell us jack; have to know the energy of the particles or gammas

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Just the normal shit...plutonium, strontium, caesium. They're safe though, any day now Obama's going to Fukushima to demonstrate how safe their shrimp is.

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So is everything OK until we get an isotope analysis Trav?  If I'm standing in a 10,000 CPM zone, should I wait for the isotope analysis before I leave?

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Your right. But so far its all we got. If you could ask NASA to turn a sat or 2 twards Japan that would be swell. :)

Your a fluffy little hedgehog as long as you dont bite.

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reading comments from someone who can't spell 'you're' burns my eyeballs.

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You spin me well. Keep the termoil up. (sp) intended.

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Trav: So besides being the teleprompter in chief's caddyboy, you are now also his nukular expert spokesperson?  Do us all a favour and just stick to carrying around his golfclubs, holding his cigar, and fetching his stray golfballs while keeping your stinking piehole shut.

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I know in some weird way you care. Short wave Lenghts are the most damaging.

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And the data for their beautiful visual report comes from what source? .gov you say?

The Jew York Times makes me feels so safe.

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Judge Mental,

Biting the race bait is for suckers, keeps us all at each other's throats. Divide and conk-her.

Fun act ya got there though, gotta give you that. You stay in character pretty well.

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by MsCreant
on Sat, 04/02/2011 - 21:33


Judge Mental,

Biting the race bait is for suckers, keeps us all at each other's throats. Divide and conk-her.

Fun act ya got there though, gotta give you that. You stay in character pretty well.

props the point and well stated................

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You test my Where with all. I will never, nor have I ever given you a negative remark. I respect your input.

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"...will set off every seismic counter in Tokyo"


ZH means geiger counter.


Feel free to delete this whenever, TD.

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Seismic counter.

Measures the seismic vibrations of the stampeding feet of those attempting to leave.

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If folk all started stamping their feet and bashing their desks it could be seismic and incidentally, the earthquakes are migrating south and inland according to USGS worldwide earthquake notices;

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And we're in another EQ window (around tomorrow's new moon) until next Friday or so; when you become aware of the 1-2 monthly windows around new/full moons, perigees, 6' plus west coast tides and solar CMEs, the Tepco temporizing looks even worse.


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ZH just ruined a good story by telling the truth. Why did you do that?! Headless "we are all gonna die!" chickens here are not going to like this!

Well, there is always the next "we are all gonna die!"-accident.

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Who are all these chickens you speak of?   I haven't seen many around these parts who claim that the world is ending as a result of Fukushima.

  And since you are the expert over here and TOD, are you clearly stating that this situation is entirely under control?  Are you employed in any way by nuclear energy interests?

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Even googling few pages about radiation and radioactivity would tell you most of the stuff written here and in many other blogs are just overhyped scaremongering. People today just seem to be here so frigging lazy despite all that information being available. 

I wonder what they would do in real emergency near home. Probably go under the bed with their "precious" iPad and starting sucking their thumbs.  

Monetative Easing's picture

What you say is true.  However, if I understand you correctly based on posts both here and TOD, you feel as if TEPCO et al have this situation under control, correct?  Your view is that beyond Fukushima, there is nothing to worry about, right?  People in Tokyo should just go about their business.  Is that your view?

 And again, are you employed or do you derive pay from the nuclear energy industry? 

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All that information available...

What, exactly, "information"

Bureaucratic bullshit and ass covering?


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Cancer in mice.

Well it seems that i-131 can cause cancer. Imagine that.

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Bet the fish and other marine life that inhabit the ocean near Fuk-shima are not feeling quite so smug as thee.

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I was hoping the post was April 1st.