Assessing The Fukushima Radiation Danger "Near And Far"

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The NYT has compiled a useful visual summary of the current assessment of the Fukushima radiation, distributed by either air, soil, water and food,  compiled through the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency and others. The observable trade off is that while the impact of inland radiation has so far been muted courtesy of favorable wind direction and modest rainfall, the actual concentration of radioactivity in the sea and groundwater is rising at an exponential pace. How long before conventional wisdom realizes that radiation tens of thousands of times above normal contaminating the sea is very bad, while one day of northeastern winds will set off every seismic counter in Tokyo?

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Is there really any question as to what they will do/are doing with the waste water on those barges?  /rhetorical

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REALITY BITCHEZ... We got 3 reactors in meltdown, People advised to take " VOLUNTARY Evacuation measures ", the ocean is radioactive up to a 40 kilo radius from Fukushima, radioactive rain in California and Massachusetts and everything is just fine and dandy?I don't fuckin think so!!! They haven't even come up with a solution and the threat that was lingering some 5000 miles away is already in our backyard. What will we be looking at in another 3 months when top kill, static kill, and junk shot don't work again? They kept the sheeple quiet last time because the ramifications ended up buried 1000's of feet deep in the ocean by their toxic corexit answer however this time it is different. Everyday those breached plants leak their toxic air it will add more from the day before. One day turns into the next and then the next until the total amounts become alarming. I use to worry about the 14 million people in Tokyo, but now I'm realizing that my spectrum was too nieve and the broader implications are becoming more realistic. I'm starting to have a whole new perspective on that TEPCO CEO that broke down and cried, obviously he knew more then you or I could ever imagine...

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4 and we can play liars poker.

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You don't need Fukushima nuke plant to get freaked out. Here comes "It", a new life form damaging the Monsanto's GM soybeans.

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Monsanto is just another toxic creation from Wall ST. Pressure to beat the Casino will only kill us all in the end...You can't eat derivitives, cdos,mbs or cds and soon you wont be able to eat corn either...MOTHER FUCKERS

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Well, might I suggest Monsanto executives on the grill? after of course, a suitable brining to minimize the wild taste. I would also recommend basting the meat with carbon tetrachloride and genetically modified beet sugar to enhance the taste. Sauteed onions and a side of mashed potatoes and pan-cooked vertical-chicken raised DNA moded gravy is a wonderment with this dish. Wine is of your own choice, but I would highly recommend a hydroponically grown grape species that has been enhanced to mature without that bothersome skin and all those fiddly vines. Monte santo du Nulceuc comes to mind as a portion that is full flavored, but not astringent to overpower the taste of pencil-neck executive, nor too flowery to compete with the DNA whacked beet sugar. Bon Appetite!

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Serious highly educated friends of mine are suggesting that these times are just this.

I dunno. I just can't disregard the barrage of emails I am getting from people. Think earthquakes and disasters and genetic modification. These people are highly intelligent and sending me these emails. Like the above link.

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Standing on a book to reach their Weed on the top shelf.

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Thanks for the post.  Purdue is a first rate Ag School.   This bears watching.

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The >1Sv/hour leak into the ocean, real photo. A real gusher, helps to remove contaminated water from reactor 2 buildings 10 times faster than any mechanical pumping operation. May be not a bad idea?

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The second attempt to stop the water gushing from that pit failed, for now at least.

Just watched the TEPCO presser until Adobe Flash crashed. (POS..)

Polymer, newspaper and sawdust failed to stop the water.

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This 'feel good' illustration published by the NYT, aimed squarely at the northern hemisphere, is insidious and downright ludicrous.

As an example, the article calmly and explicitly states : (Air / around the world) "But natural background radiation is more than 100,000 times the highest levels detected"

This statement is so ridiculous, I laughed out loud when I read it. People actually swallow this shit? ANY detection of any radiation above background is BAD news. It can only be a matter of time until the currently acceptable levels of background radiation are amended upwards by the vested-interest  IAEA and our frightened, captured governments.

Another example : (soil / at the plant) "Traces of Plutonium were detected in samples taken in March. The levels were not unsafe"

This is simply lies. Absolute in-your-fucking-face bullshit. There are no safe levels of plutonium. 1 millionth of a gram, just a few atoms of this stuff lumped together entering your body will kill you. These particles stay poisonous for 250,000 yrs.

Trust your intuition in these times.

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Good point. Am not a guru but, how does one measure radiation that is below background levels?

Seems that an overall increase in measureable radiation is not good.

We've gotten some I-131 verification, so where is the Caesium-137?

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radiation leaking into the Pacific and, now, BP will resume deep-water drilling in the Gulf.

The oil slick produced by the spill, estimated to be more than 130 miles long and 70 miles wide, wreaked havoc along the coastlines of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

"wreaked"?  shouldn't this be "still wreaking"?

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"Reeks" works even better IMHO.

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Wonder if Brandon Carter's prediction of Doomsday in 1983 at the Royal Society of London has anything to do with Fukishima? Prediction based on Bayesian probabilties =.995

I agree with Trav7777 on isotope breakdown analysis.

I think a titration analysis is the only way to identify element cheaply. Also, what is the I-131/Cesium-137 ratio? MSM is reporting decay of 8 days for I-131 but blank on Cesium-137 content. To lazy to check Google or old text books.

Current reading at 1000 hours, 30 miles north of DTW, 5-15 CPM. No breakdown on elements.

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Link to the Carter/RSL info, please...

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A few items likely to become rather scarce in the coming months if the release of increasingly radioactive water into the sea continues, plus precipitation of same from the air into the sea, all swept along by the Japan current. Japanese pearls (better buy your sweetie those Mikimotos now). Japanese sea vegetables ( so much for kelp). Alaska King Crab. Alaska wild salmon and BC farmed salmon. Pacific NW oysters & clams (sigh). Sea birds (weakened egg shells, don't cha know). Orca pods. Abalone. Surfer dudes. Walks on Pacific beaches. Small boat sailing anywhere on the West Coast. Humboldt weed (double sigh). Liveable Pacific seafront property. Alaska cruises. Tillamook cheese.

A few items likely to become very desirable (and expensive). New England lobster. Atlantic/Norweigian Salmon. Chesapeak Bay blue crabs. All Atlantic seafood. Atlantic seafront property (until the Canary Islands let go).

Innovations will be inspired like lead-lined wet suits (Rad look!) and a new model by Honda - the Nuke, followed quickly by a Toyota Tsunami SUV.

Isn't change fun and exciting? So much to look forward to. What will our political leaders and titans of business bring us next? I for one am staying tuned.

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Two bodies found at plant; US barges may be filled with radioactive water; government confirms months of radiation contamination expected

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Gov't aware of possibility of reactor core's meltdown before quake

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Beware anything where Oil Biz and Coal Biz money has a route to the editors.

SPEEDI radiation monitors show declining rad levels all over Japan outside the plant area. Tokyo is running maybe 1/3d above the usual next-to-nothing rad levels.

5,700 nanoGrays/hour is the warning limit for lab workers. If exposed 24/7/365. The Tokyo readings max at 107 nanoGrays/hour on the highest monitor. BFD.

2-fracking-% of the 5 REM radiation safety limit. I can't imagine going chicken shit about that.

The REAL THREAT here is the combination of electric cars and nuclear power plants.

A threat to oil and gas and coal companies.

Oil and natural gas and coal are vastly more expensive and more polluting. There's crazy talk out of Greenpeace, but we do have engineering facts on the energy sources.

Here's the Sovacool Chart for electricity production:

Technology - Description - GramsCO2 per KiloWattHour

- -

    Wind - 2.5 MW offshore - 9

    Hydroelectric - 3.1 MW reservoir - 10

    Wind - 1.5 MW onshore - 10

    Biogas - Anaerobic digestion - 11

    Hydroelectric - 300 kW run-of-river - 13

    Solar thermal - 80 MW parabolic trough - 13

    Biomass - various - 14-35

    Solar PV - Polycrystaline silicon - 32

    Geothermal - 80 MW hot dry rock - 38

    Nuclear - various reactor types - 66   

    Natural gas - various combined cycle turbines - 443

    Diesel - various generator and turbine types - 778

    Heavy oil - various generator and turbine types - 778

    Coal - various generator types with scrubbing - 960

    Coal - various generator types without scrubbing - 1050

Them's the numbers.

Coal mining kills thousands of people a year. Oil Wars are worse if you count the civilian deaths.

Nuclear power using modern plants ??? Leaving out the uniquely stupid, no-containment idiocy of Chernobyl, most deaths related to nuclear plants are taken building them. Heavy construction is hazardous.

Yeah, I'm hunting an electric car. Not sure what to buy. Expect to get gruntled for it by 2014.

Hope it's powered with electricity from Indian Point NPP.

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On March 21, Stanford University presented an invitation-only panel discussion on the Japanese crisis that featured Alan Hansen, an executive vice president of Areva NC, a unit of the company focused on the nuclear fuel cycle.

“Clearly,” he told the audience, “we’re witnessing one of the greatest disasters in modern time.”

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the article mentions that Hansen posted his slides on the net.

Anybody have an idea where?

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" Utsonomya it was 4000 times lower than..."


Let's see, if it was 1 times lower it would be zero, so what they are saying is that there is a black hole that sucks up radiation at 3,999 times background levels.


A pox on those that didn't learn their rithmatic!!