Bahrain Foreign Minister Seeks UN Help Against Iran "Encroachment"

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Due to a shortage of ammunition we are unable to comply with your request at this time...

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Meanwhile, China tests its stealth fighter...over San Francisco...undetected!

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Obama has cancelled the return of one combat brigade from Europe planned by George W. Bush, and two administration officials promise an even bigger military presence in Europe than in the past decade.


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It's okay with me. There are several US-bases here in my region of Germany and nobody is concerned about them - well, maybe some leftists group (Die Linke). To be honest, some of the cities in the south west depend on them - it's all about money. So, they get their military support and in return the cities get money. As long as they don't try to tax us (that would be a bad move - like the Romans tried...) I don't have any problem. In fact, it is quite amusing to see all these US-police vans patrolling the streets of some small villages. Never had any trouble, most people are very friendly. It's only disturbing when these fighter jets crash from time to time.

But if I would be an American citizen, I probably wouldn't like it.

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You are right, many of us Americans don't like it and see it as a HUGE waste of resources.. I've spent a lot of time in Germany and every time I've seen soldiers or bases I just shake my head at the wasted tax dollars..

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As long as they don't try to tax us

Gunther - believe me.  You are paying a tax for this.  It's subtle.  Like all that toxic financial gas the German banks wound up holding ... and Merkle covered.

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Gotta keep those American troops occupied overseas lest they come home and arrest lots of FedCorp traitors.

Ignore Obama and come home and git some!

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Better not give them any excuse to impose a no fly zone.

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Do you realize that it was reported in the French media that they're actually running low on ordinance?  Bombs.  Used 'em all up in Libya.  Already.

UN approval.  Fuck Yeah!
Kick ass (Persian) and take names, er, Oil.

Or sumpthin'

God, we are soooooooooo fucked.

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I was wondering how long it was going to be before they told us IRAN is a threat again.

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Iran is the whipping boy when Bahrain keeps murdering their own citizens and Bahrain's police are running amok destroying private property of their citizens. Check YouTube videos to see Bahrain's police vandalizing and destroying private property without any cause or restraint. Bahrain just wants to use a 'booga booga' scapegoat like Iran... only idiots would believe it. Bahrain is starting to do exactly what Egypt did at the beginning of their newfound revolution.

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British Citizen 'Beaten to Death' in a Dubai Police Cell after Being Arrested for Swearing

British Man Beaten to Death by Dubai Police after Arrested for Swearing Someone Should Destroy Those Rabid Police Animals!

Read more:

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Wow!  Awful.  But who in their right mind would holiday in Dubai??

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How many licks *does* it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop lollipop?

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Here's more on Bahrain, it would appear that Saudi Arabia is willing to stand up to Iran this time. Of course they are surely being forced by the US to do so.

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Who bowed to whom?  Who has his hand on the oil spigot?


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tyler, thanks for staying on top of middle east and northern africa news.

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Yep - its nice to have this haven on ZH for news that matters... ;-)  MSM is better than comedy central these days ;-)

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Due to an over abundance of sensibility we are unable to comply with your request at this time...

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OT-  looks like the youth are starting to get desperate....

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Isn't that technically illegal?

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I think so... maybe do a casino cruise type event where you can row out a mile off the coast to foriegn flagged boats where they cut your body parts out for you? not sure.

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Kind of like a small cadre of bankers cut the heart out of our once proud nation on a little island off the coast of Georgia?

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yea just like on Dr. Jeckle's  Island.. except on a boat. 


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Just back from Fuckushitinme and saw the news.
Can I sell my third teste?

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Let me know when he's ready to part with his liver.


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You can take mine, I'm not using it.
Oh, that was my advice, not my liver. 

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The UN doesn't have time for this.  They are too busy partnering with Charles Manson in the fight against global warming.

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Yes yes this is all preposterous. Iran is much too busy encroaching on the American and British lackeys stirring unrest is its tranquil theocracy to be encroaching on the affairs of its neighbours.

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Bahrain and Saudi Arabia should worry less about Iranian military "encroachment" and more about Iranian nuclear "encroachment" when their ass-backwards Bushehr reactor inevitably melts down and showers the entire peninsula in radiation.


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you can shoot an enemy dead in the streets, but take him captive and hook up battery cables to his nuts, and you become a war criminal? I want to be un-born!

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nobody has used more smart bombs and drone attacks than Obama - but when he captures them both he and that motherless fuck Holder want to grant them the rights of a kill with no trial or capture and have a trial? 

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yep, there's nothing like a fair fight is there...

and that's nothing like a fair fight is it...

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The only reason my wife and I drive little diesel Vdubs is so I give these inbred, fucktarded, middle eastern, "one trick ponies" as little as possible. 

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Lets let muslims deal with muslim problems for a change.

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Time for some some more air war

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I haven't seen the update on the American fleet movements recently. Are there two aircraft carriers parked over there still?

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Ok, raise the debt ceieling and we need to go to war. Lets go, what the F are we waiting for. More the merrier.Meanwhile China , India , Brazil are all laughing at the USA. Hope and Change

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Hope they don't find out we changed their atm pin numbers

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Stop every single war ... take the money we save and install solar panels on every single roof ... then smile as you flip your middle finger to all the haters!!