Bahrain Formula 1 Cancellation Does Not Mean All Local Racing Is Done

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It may not be 12k RPM.... but it's better than nothing.

Courtesy of BATRacer’s ‘Pieczar’.

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The red M60a3 has 759 bhp@2400 rpm,  top speed over 30mph

 Check out the pit crew at front inspecting tread wear.

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+1  .....inspired photo, you'd never see that in the NY Times!!

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+3 Very good one, Dapper Dan.  (especially the treadware comment!)

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Tanks unsupported by infantry?  Suicide.

johnQpublic's picture

blitzkrieg didnt use infantry support

and it was pretty effective

Attitude_Check's picture

Before the day of shoulder-mounted anti-tank weapons, with a range greater than 50m.

greyghost's picture

sorry to say, but yes german infantry rode on the german tanks and then dismounted when the enemy was sited. german tanks would roll over what ever was in their way, then the infantry would mop up isolated pockets of the enemy still remaining. that worked until everyone started doing the same tactics......than it became a numbers game and how fast the germans could shoot. history says they didn't shoot fast enough!

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What finally stopped the German tanks was the fact that the US could manufacture two Sherman tanks for every Panzer.  If we were in that situation today, we'd be fucked because we don't have the mfg facilities here any more.

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Maybe China will sell us some cheap tanks?  I wonder if they'd fit into those shipping containers?  It might even boost the BDI.  Woo... a win-win.

h3m1ngw4y's picture

i think you dont want to ride into battle on a chinese tank. they could come apart at first use. perhaps they wouldnt even survive the transport. but hey they are cheap

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We, and the Russians, and the British, were manufacturing a lot more than two tanks for every German tank, and a lot more than two antitank guns or antitank bazookas or antitank attack aircraft rockets, etc.

"Brute Force", by Ellis will give you a sense of how badly the Germans were outbuilt and out fueled and outgunned and outmanned.

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You might want to double check your knowledge/sources

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Why rpgs?  Hezbollah blew the shit out of merkevas recently with some improved missiles... 


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And some well-placed mines.  And a baiting tactic.  And some stupid Israelies to fall for it.

I am Chumbawamba.

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"According to Merkava tank program administration figures, missiles penetrated 22 tanks, killing 23 crewmen. The missiles in these cases were heavy Russian-made RPG 29, Kornet E, Metis-M, and Concourse missiles, used by Hizbullah. These are tandem missiles, with a double warhead that can penetrate the Merkava’s reactive armor and steel plates 70-90 cm thick."

When are you invading Lebanon again, oh vaunted IDF?  Hizballah's missles and mines await ye anew.

I am Chumbwamba.

SilverRhino's picture

Why invade when one can nuke?  Dead civilizations fire no rockets.

Hizbullah is a military joke and PC ROE are the only thing that saved them.

FeralSerf's picture

If you're going to use that tactic, you'd better be 100% sure that your victim isn't able to nuke back.

SilverRhino's picture

Or you have a functioning ABM system in place.   (and plenty of shots)

chumbawamba's picture

You have that exactly backwards.

The IDF is a joke, and the only thing that saved them is the United Nations with US backing.

Next time, they won't be so lucky.

I am Chumbawamba.

SilverRhino's picture

>>The IDF is a joke

Underestimating your opponent again.  How like a typical Arab.  I never said they were the good guys.   The reason the IDF keeps kicking the assess of the unorganized militia units all over the place is that they are a professional, disciplined military unlike the shitbirds out of uniform screaming arabic and dying for their god.   

And just like the SS, they may be bad guys in your eyes but underestimate their ability to kill your ass at your peril. 

chumbawamba's picture

Oh, but isn't that what the IDF was guilty of in 2006: underestimating their opponent?  So sad.  So very sad.  Why don't you direct your counsel towards Ehud, since he's really the one who needs it?

As far as the IDF, I probably over-estimate them.  What can one really expect of a so-called "army" that's been beating up little kids and shooting unarmed protesters in the back for the past two decades? 

Hizballah displayed as much discipline and professionalism in that epic ass-kicking as the IDF has ever been able to muster.  Hizballah units held their ground; Israeli soldiers ran screaming like little girls back towards the border.

Also, Hizballah was considered a "non-state actor" by Israel and the US at the time.  121 IDF dead vs. 250 Hizballah (outnumbered more than 3-to-1) killed.  How is it that a "non-state actor" sent one of the world's supposedly most formidable armies running for their lives back across the border?  I'll tell you how: spending decades playing army against 13-year olds with slings.

You undermine your credibility by not knowing jack shit of what you speak.

I am Chumbawamba.

SilverRhino's picture

History of real wars with Israel. 

1948, 1956 ,1967, 1973 (all victories)  + 200 nukes. 

Hizbullah, Gaza, Hamas and the West Bank go away when the IDF and Israel decide to accept the political fallout / price of exterminating them like bugs.  

And there is nothing the non-state actors will be able to do about it.

Sorry your arab-sympathetic mind cant wrap itself around those facts.  

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You mean, if it comes to that you won't be standing in front of an Israeli tank to show your feelings?  Oh, the humanity.

Saxxon's picture

Agreed SWRichmond esp. in an urban setting.  Camels would be better; but you saw how the camels got dealt with - approach it from the sides.

Send enough of your army out in pressure-cookers with wheels, they see a few of their comrades roasted alive and they do a 180 and point their barrels back to the govt. buildings LOL.

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The Trojan sponsored tank (just out of view) is supporting the infantry.

truont's picture

Bahrainian protesters:

"We will expel American imperialists from our homeland!!!!!


oh, shit....

that tank is CHERRY RED!!!!!!



bania's picture

question is, can the iranian gov't secure Schumacher as a driver?

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I wonder if we could get jacques villeneuve in the other tank and the nazi could try and wreck him over and over to save the championship?  (to no avail).

MachoMan's picture

Whatever.  Eat my ass.  Here is a video for you junkers.

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I got $100 on the Red Ferrari. I assume we are measuring something other than top speed through the protesters.....right?

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Well there's style points, you've played armorgeddon right?

SilverRhino's picture

Because red makes it go FASTER!!

/orc mindset

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Is this a joke or is that for realz?

Mad Max's picture

I don't see an M1 Abrams there, but if they had one, their engines turn much more than 12,000 rpm...

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That is too funny! I like the sponsors.

(Silver hit over $34 already)

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I'm putting my money on Hamilton & Mercedes.


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Looks like Schumacher is slightly ahead with Hamilton closing. Ross Brawn did say he would come back this season with a winning vehicle for Mercedes GP. 

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Luckily Schuey did not get seriously hurt in that very dangerous wreck he had with Liuzzi the last time there was a Middle East F1 race (Abu Dhabi).

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Bahrain GP is normally a snooze fest.  Hopefully they'll allow the protesters in.

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Is BUD the sponsor....????

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That is really funny in a sad/funny way.

Brilliantly done though.