Bahrain Opposition Groups Says Saudi Occupation Is Declaration Of War

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Just headlines for now that war may just have broken out in the Persian Gulf. Look for America to have an official statement on this supposed act of war if for no other reason than to indicate on whose side the massive Fifth Fleet is on (for the time being).

And yes, in a day when a perfect clusterflock of black swans hits, news will be just a little faster than usual.

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Does opposition have any weapon?

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America!  America!   "Desert Sky!  Dream to me a desert sky!  The river runs but soon runs dry/ We need new dreams tonight!"

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America... land of endless money printing, banksters run free on the streets with hundreds of billions in bonus... and the World Police


America, F--- YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother f---ing day yeah,
America, F--- YEAH!
Freedom is the only way yeah,

Terrorist your game is through
Cause now you have to answer too,

America, F--- YEAH!
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,
America, F-- YEAH!
What you going to do when we come for you now,
It's the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow


Maybe they have those, what are they called, oh yeah, WMD?

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Can't find updates on Saudi tanks that crossed the causeway to Bahrain.

Perhaps the news will come out later-on.

Perhaps they're already in Bahrain.

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I'm not so sure, that Iran would dare going to fight against Saudis and US. They are smart enough to know that the only winners are gonna be traders will call options on oil. And the biggest looser would be Ahmadinejad - he just doesnt like Sadam's destiny.

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Iran doesn't have to declare an open war; just finance and supply weapons.

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Wow, just like the USA has been doing with the Saudis, Israel and others. The world's largest weapons supplier (USA) must love these wars, it helps the USA economy/exports.

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Is a "looser" one who, (for example) lets loose WMDs?

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The Persian Gulf is called the Persian Gulf for good reasons.

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The monarchy in KSA is not very bright, and this article proves it.

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If he's not so smart then why he is rich?

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He was born into wealth... Just as the 600 other SA Princes were born into their wealth.

Silver spoon in mouth, iows.

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 Sunni army into Shia majority country , thats a good idea ......

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Does this mean the Gaddafi's victories over al Qaeda in the Libyan desert are now to be celebrated.

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Thanks for the laugh. But things are going to look a lot weirder. It's only Monday - I am already totally maxed out on black swans

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black swans are having a good month

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Anyone trading black swan volatility calls today?

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There is no water remaining in the cooling system of a second reactor at the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant in quake-hit northeastern Japan, which means the nuclear rods in the reactor are now bare, the Kyodo news agency said on Monday.

The situation raises fears of a new possible blast, after explosions occurred in the first and third units of the nuclear plant.

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Your use of the word "EXPLOSION" is incorrect in this context.

The polite, face-saving terminology is Isotopic Dematerialization.

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I am afraid the image of that cop shooting the protester in the face is not going to go down very well.

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Uranus in Aries till 2018...last time this was in 1927-35

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If you need WWIII, you must build news stories like this..managed news.

volcanoes - earth quakes  were omens often used by older human cultures as warnings of the general state of the society was not in balance..leaders were removed from power.

today we know better and use black swans.

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I'm already starting to yearn for the days of white swans.

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True. Most people think WW1 was set off by the Archduke Ferdinand incident, but in reality, it was a continuously escalating situation (originating in 1905, if memory serves me right), with the assassination in Sarajevo acting as the trigger.

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The Fourth Turning...

"A butterfly flapped its wings in Tunisia creating a hurricane that is swirling across the globe, wreaking havoc with the existing social order and sweeping away old crumbling institutions and dictatorships. The linear thinking politicians, pundits and thought leaders have been knocked for a loop. They didn’t see it coming and they don’t know where it’s leading. An examination and understanding of history would have revealed that we have been here before. We were here in 1773. We were here in 1860. We were here in 1929. We are here again. The Fourth Turning has returned in its predictable cycle, just as Winter always follows Fall..."

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I find this idea of the so-called "butterfly effect" ludricous as it is commonly applied.  It comes from sensitivity to initial conditions in dynamical systems theory. Some popularizer knew that the Lorenz equations, which model the weather, or more precisely, convection currents, have this property.  However, air is an absorbing medium with the result that any movement of air from a butterfly flapping its wings is quickly damped. The Lorenz equations do not have a parameter for this and do have the property of sensitivity to initial conditions, which means that a tiny perturbation of a given initial condition may give rise to a completely different solution. Strogatz in his book on differential equations has some nice color pictures of this happening on the famous Lorenz owl mask strange attractor. The Lorenz equations are strictly deterministic and do not allow for absorption, damping, or random movement of air molecules in Brownian motion. The logical fallacy of the butterfly effect is to assume that the model is the phenomenon--ie, putting Descartes before the horse.

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Does this mean you don't believe in Cause and Effect?

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Even if you say so, just for reference, here's a photo of Mohamed Bouazizi, the guy that set himself on fire at Tunisia:

All hail the new Archduke!

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Taleb is right... In hindsight all is rationalized... all seems to have been easily predictable... but it never is.

No one knows beforehand which straw will break the camels back.

Timing is all in events and markets but no one times events or markets consistently.

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Folks forget the make up of the civilian work force at 5th fleet.  Work would stop or worse if locals said enough.

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This Saudi-Iran war has already been sanctioned by Washington...just creates more of a pretext for when the other guys seize the opportunity to hit Tehran.  

The only solution is to split the gas station (Bahrain) in 2... like the Crips and Bloods -made to believe they are enemies eventhough they share the same religion and culture (giver or take a few details).

In the meantime, enjoy filling up your SUVs when oil hits $200+


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Wonder how long we and NATO can keep those ships in the Gulf of Sidra when we may need them in the Persian Gulf to escort tankers in and out. One rubber inflatable with an angry Shia aboard and an RPG into a tanker and its back to the 80's.

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I hate slow news days.

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TD and ZH the only source of real news.

Thank you so very much!


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The Obama Clinton administration is a disgrace of epic proportion.

They are completely incompetent and spew absolute bull shit.

I can't watch either of them anymore they're disgusting and literally make me want to puke.


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Tell us how you really feel!

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LOL I said that 8 years ago with Cheney and tag-along W -- and haven't paid attention to anything the White House has said since.  Even shut down my Sat TV service over 2 years ago -- best thing I ever did. 



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Saudi Arabia and Iran shooting at each other, what could go wrong???



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Saudi troops are there "to protect vital areas"

yeh sure........

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Saudi troops are there "to put a face on the US Military, already stationed there on base..."

So far, no impact on Oil?