Bailout Eve Caption Contest

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This just happened. What was really said however will never be reported... Which is why we leave it to our readers.

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Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head.

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And the EUR is surging....setting up yet another great shorting opportunity. 

As Tyler likes to say....what's the half-life of this move?

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"Te epe?"

"As sta vlakeies!  Ego then pleerono teepota!"

"Ela re malaka, ego ekana merkos tholadeera me aftoos malakes"

"Ego thelo ena alo bail-out, ya no economesoume"

"Theos voeethia, thoulevo me malakes"

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Papandreou:  So I hear they have a procedure now, where they make an incision in the scalp and push the hair together.

Van Rompuy:  Yes, or you could try a transplant.  Maybe some of the hair cut from Juncker's ass, might make you smarter.

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P: Please don't do me like that..

VR: (thought bubble) You're OWNED, bitch.

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P: I recommend viagra - its the only way I can get hard enough to buttfk the greek people

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who wants a moustache ride???


I do , I do!

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Fred C. Dobbs: Say, mister. Will you stake a fellow European to a meal?
American in Tampico in white suit: Such impudence never came my way. Early this afternoon I gave you money... while I was having my shoes polished I gave you MORE money... now you put the bite on me again. Do me a favor, will ya? Go occasionally to somebody else - it's beginning to get tiresome.
Fred C. Dobbs: Ah, excuse me, mister, I never knowed it was you. I never looked at your face - I just looked at your hands and the money you gave me. Beg pardon, mister, I promise I'll never put the bite on you again.
American in Tampico in white suit: [gives him a euro] This is the very last you get from me. Just to make sure you don't forget your promise, here's another euro.
[puts another euro in Dobbs' hand]
Fred C. Dobbs: Thanks, mister. Thanks.
American in Tampico in white suit: But from now on, you'll have to make your way through life without my assistance

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OK, I give! What's Greek for "bail-out"?

Michael's picture

Von Rumpoy, Who the Hell are You?

'The Euro Game Is Up! Just who the hell do you think you are?' - Nigel Farage MEP

Who are you Mr President? Nigel Farage asks Van Rompuy

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EUR surging cause USD is dead and

Chinese are behind the EUR. If people going to run from

it, I don't think USD is the beneficiary.

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  With the USA monetizing about $1.7 trillion  in debt and not call it a default you would think the Europeans could do anything short of $1.7 trillion and be in the same boat. Plus the trilliions in Debt and unfunded liabilities ,five  on going wars most off budget . EUR vs USD ?





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EUR is toothless.

USD is backed by SEAL team 6.

Run from the USD at your own risk.

Saddam found out the hard way.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

That's Seal Team 666.

...get it right, or you will look as moronic as they do at this point.

Liquid Courage's picture

Ya, but the last Right Shoulder turned into a NAZI salute!

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Update on Euro surge:  Over for now.  In fact Euro now only 20 pips north of its close last Friday.....and heading south. 


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Nice ass... what time does it open?

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"If we forget it happened then it won't be so gay."

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  " Can you say Gold bitches?I knew you could!"

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I am serious.  And don't call me Shirley...

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"Hey, you wanna join the IMF and bang some broads?"

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HVR:  It's Over Popy.....It's Over!!

GP:    Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off!

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I'm just saying i blew angela and she gave me aa few billion.  

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SO.... Belize huh? Ill be In Paraguay

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PM Pap: "After the pillage I have a place here at the EU right?"

Lord Rump: "Of course!  The EU soviet will always have a place for it's lickspittles!"

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First, The Great Carnac puts the envelope close to his brain...


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We talked about our "Packages"

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P: "You  have a fucked up last name.

vR: "Fuck you and the country you rode in on"

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"damn, time to announce my retirement before shtf"


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"I just picked up an old missle silo in iowa", How about you?    "I Have one in Nebraska"

Let me know when you get settled in.

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If you show me yours I'll show you mine.

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Pap: Can you pay for dinner? My wife has my credit card.

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No problem, I never use my own money, you're covered.

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"my room, 10 minutes"

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Rompy: "You have failed me for the last time"
Pappy: "Uggghhhhhh aghhhhhh *THUD*"

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what is meant to be is meant to be....