"Like A Balloon"

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Because we all need a laugh after the latest confirmation that the Fed has completely failed at restoring economic growth. Incidentally this anecdote also explains why the S&P doubled in the last two years.

Courtesy of John Lohman

The S&P will have a lot of farting to do if Jon Hilsenrath does not leak QE3 post haste.

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Xibalba's picture

sounds like netflix

jus_lite_reading's picture

Sounds like (enter any IPO since 2007)

Popo's picture

Sounds like an analogy for ZeroHedge.  Lots of readers flooded in for the quality independent research.  Now they're hissing out.

Terminus C's picture

The only burping and farting I see here is from the trolls. 

Right troll?

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

The "hissing", if it isn't just a figment of your imagination, certainly isn't related to the "quality independent research". That aspect is clearly in a league of it's own.

You want to be in a league of your own? Don't play by the rules of someone else's game. Churn can be a good thing.

LowProfile's picture

So you only come here now to complain?  WTF?

I am more equal than others's picture

Sounds like what Bernaked did to the banksters... only it was a high pressured money stream.  And like all true women they never fart or burb it out - it just goes to their hips.  I wonder what else could be shoved up a banksters ass?

hugovanderbubble's picture

EUR/CHF targeting for 1-1 parity

Mudflap's picture

That'll be the sign... the Bernanke fart.  When it comes it will be massive!

firstdivision's picture

The Bernak eats Coupons and farts lollars

BobPaulson's picture

The blast zone around ground zero will flatten everything with a punishing wave of Bernanke Lindens. No financial instrument will be left undiluted.

Manthong's picture

Either that, or a Bernanke burst intestines, with crap all over the place in either event.

Jason T's picture

I read that yesterday.. funny as hell.  

firstdivision's picture

Is this what happened to Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, just that he's unable to burp or fart (like a seagull)?

Mec-sick-o's picture

You are confused.

The chubby guy is Agustin Carstens, he is now Governor of Banco de Mexico and runner up for IMF.

Ernesto Cordero Arroyo succeded him as Secretary of Finance..

firstdivision's picture

My bad, you are correct.  Thanks!

Steelpulse's picture

'Balloon', not 'Baloon'! 

Mudflap's picture

That'll be the sign... the Bernanke fart.  When it comes it will be massive!

edit: oops - slow internet this morning :(

Jason T's picture

IS that how we have to deflate this stock market bubble? By farting it out?

Miss Expectations's picture

"I had no choice but to lay there, blowing up like a balloon."

Sadly, like so many, Steven gave up his power to grab the fuckin hose and pull it out of his ass.

knukles's picture

I had a similar reaction.  Not only why'd he not pull it out, but why in God's name did he stuff it up there. 

Next DSK excuse; I fell on "it".

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

But poor Steve is the victim of the air hose here Miss Expectations. And we all know the victim is not responsible for him or herself and most definitely not for removing the air hose from the ass.

We have become a world of professionals victims who beg for manipulation.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

I was sipping coffee when I read the comment above, now I'm cleaning my monitor and keyboard... Thanks a lot... seriously that was quality.

Ryman1075's picture

I think of this scene every thime I hear about this guy. 


Watch 1:03 - 1:13  Good stuff.

jmc8888's picture

Great stuff, the scene from modern problems is pretty funny too. (last part of the scene)


magpie's picture

If we were medieval, the perfect retribution for Ponzimeisters.

Hope he gets well and belches & farts to Recovery.

gall batter's picture

Full of air.  Should run for prez, either party. 

UnRealized Reality's picture

+1-I like the original German version better.

rabidbat's picture

QE2 was an epic failure,QE3 is out of question now.All the printed money of the whole universe can't defeat the deflation monster now.

Temporalist's picture

Ahh but don't doubt for a second they won't try.

Hubbs's picture

Oh come on now batman! Haven't you ever heard of the old saying "Third time is a charm?"

knukles's picture

I thought that was "Third time's a scam."

Creepy Lurker's picture

First time's bad luck, second time's coincidence, third time's enemy action.

AldoHux_IV's picture

Definitely sounds like the SPX & R2000-- very good.

SokPOTUS's picture

This must be a common occurrence.  Most truck drivers I've seen already look like they have fallen on an air hose.

scratch_and_sniff's picture

classic slapstick...way too funny, the thought of helpless inflating people always cracks me up.

bonddude's picture

Was that a scene from No Country for Old Men ?

Jim Lahey's picture

Many a market & man getting blown these dayz.  Strange dayz indeed..

Cursive's picture

I believe he "fell" onto the hose about as much as I believe Blankfiend is doing God's work. ER patients in Dallas have also been heard to claim that a cucumber became lodged in their rectum after they fell down while walking naked in a garden. Also as believable as the Euro being in existence in 5 years.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

The insertion of the toy car into Ryan Dunn's anus was an accident, too.  Just like The Bernank is accidentally inflating asset prices.

Mercury's picture

Uh, there appears to be a '71 fastback Mustang parked in your ah...um...