Bangladesh Plunge Protection Team Arrives, Stock Market Rises 15%

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The Bernank is turning BTFD into a global phenomenon!  It helps though that the world (contrary to what many believe) isn't coming to an end any time soon.  Global economy's IMO are recovering but at a slower pace than the US.  Q4 earnings will continue to confirm this.

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ZH needs to introduce an 'ignore' button STAT.  Even Yahoo has it.  It can't be that difficult.

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"Global economy's IMO are recovering but at a slower pace than the US."

Seinfeld?  You sound so much like him.

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Harry you changed your avatar.

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I wonder if Harry Wanger did well today. I understand he was long Goat Testicle futures in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh has a stock market?  Did they already solve their famine, flood and social problems?  Does the Squid run their central bank too?

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"A day after Brian Sack was rumored to be seen tweaking the Bangladesh stock exchange's 3 16 MHz 286 High Frequency Trading machines..."

ROTFL. Good Stuff Tyler, made me smile!

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The protesters who burnt their stock certificates are sure looking the fool now!

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Yup. They should have bought the fucking dip.

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Maybe they mistranslated it as Burn The F'kin Dip.

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Who wants to invest in my CPU generated random walk stock market?

The random number routine is based upon the Mersenne Twister. I promise, if it plunges more than 10% in a day, I will fudge the random numbers.

Base investment is 1,000,000 Shrute bucks. In keeping with the John 'Bernanke' Law principles of sound investing, you can pledge random walk equities to borrow more Shrute bucks.

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Who wants to invest in my CPU generated random walk stock market?

Oooh!  Oooh!  Pick me!  Pick me!  Oh wait, I forgot.  I've got to BTFD.  Please let me know when you're down 10% or more.  Thanks.

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But...I don't understand.  The 'circuit breakers' went off yestday on a <10% plunge.  Yet, today, the 'circuit breakers' didn't trigger on a 15% surge?


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It would mean there is a permabull bias in the Stock industry? Impossible.

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-9% = irrational exhuberance.


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Circuit breakers to the upside only trigger when the wrong people are making money

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Guess it's cheaper to have the government there buy the market than pay for riots or be over run.

Healthy marketplace.

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boilermaker, pretty obvious that we are in some inverse gravity universe now, no? Good news is good news and bad news is no news or good enough news.

Asian markets are more overtly rigged than western ones (well not anymore it seems, but sure used to look that way).

Even on a small bourse like Bangladesh, can you imagine the profits made by those in the know?

Simple and funny and weird too.


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Who would have thought sheep herding was a spectator sport.  Anyone wonder how much the U.S. could get if we started rioting in the streets on a 2% dip?

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too funny...basking in rediscovered wealth effect lol.

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How many dollars does it take to buy a 15% jump in the Bangladeshi stock mkt?

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More than many here think.

There is 50 billion USD of market cap on the DSE.

Today's bounce has been bought by the government and the banks (the same entity).

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We hold these truths to be self-evident:  all markets are created equal.

Let the word go forth from this time and sales, to bull and bear alike, that the debt has been passed to a new generation---born in this century, tempered by our excess, undisciplined by an easy and forthcoming Fed, proud of our future debt burden---and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those price levels to which this Nation has grown committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world (even in Bangladesh).

Let every trader know, whether he wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any debt burden, meet any margin call, support any price, oppose any crash, in order to assure the survival and the success of the eternal international Ponzi.


And the great lord looked down upon us on this fine morning and said, let there be bull.

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Those two POMO dudes must have a hotline. I beleive its known as the PDHL (POMO Dude Hot Line ). Available 24/7. Sort of like Geek Squad

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Many investors in the Bangladesh's Dhaka and Chittagong exchanges are individuals with modest means who have taken out large loans to invest in shares to improve living standards.

Individual investors numbered fewer than 500,000 in 2006, with the number since rising to more than 3 million.

"The income from share trading helped to run my family, send my children to schools and meet other requirements," Raqibul Haque, a small investor who funded stock purchases by selling his wife's jewellery, told Reuters.

now doesn't that sound familiar

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Ka-ching, you cowards!!   lol

Good stuff, TD

(National Lampoon’s Bangladesh Vacation)

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16 MHz 286 HFT machines! Whoever wrote this, many thanks! Haven't laughed out loud like that in ages. My very first PC was Epson PCAX2 (286, 16MHz) and cost almost as much as a car with Sage A/C installed.


I've been hearing murmurs that retail is coming back to equities after all these months of leaving the market to the Fed and the Open Market Ops. May be all that false advertising in the MSM is beginning to pay off? Or are the rumours false?

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They should have bought the fucking dip instead of beating up cars.

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This is only going to cause more maniacal speculation over there once some of the brave plungers start bragging on how they "made their year" in one day.

Never underestimate the gambling fever soon to infect Indians, Chinese, etc.  Imagine how high stocks can go once 2 billion rabid gamblers enter the world's stock casinos.

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Junk minus 1000. I got ya covered

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man, would that be a windfall for Goldman and other banks and their pro-trading proxies in PRC!   they'll take 2 billion to the cleaners faster than they did it to a few million gullible .com "investors." 

ok, PRC has reserves to pump the market, but other ponzi-countries?  not so sure


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The finally got the memo from the bernank that it's okay, everyone rigs the market.

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I see Thor's hammer. Down, then Up, and then a big smash Down. Rinse and repeat.

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This was an obvious move. Someone steps in and buys up the market for a day. The bottom will fall out tmrw or the next day on profit taking and margin calls (ie, your rich Bangy uncle saying "pay me back you luzer or I break your knee caps"). 

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Nah we'll probably see +/-20-30 percent swings daily at the max.  Of course pure speculation, but something like that in spirit, I'd suspect (guess).