Bank Of America: Major Miss On Both Top And Bottom Line

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Going through Bank of America's apples to monkeys numbers, and awaiting the Q4 presentation eagerly, but for now BAC missed both the top and the bottom line by a mile: the company reported sales of  $22.67B, vs. consensus $24.87B with EPS of $0.04 on expectations of $0.21.

Some other highlights:

  • Q4 total revenue net of interest expense USD 22.1bln
  • Tier 1 capital ratio 11.24% at quarter end
  • Q4 net charge-offs USD 6.78bln
  • Q4 non-performing loans, leases and foreclosed properties USD 32.66bln
  • For this year co. had goodwill impairment charges USD 12.4bln
  • During this year, co. also recorded USD 2.6bln in litigation expenses
  • Tier 1 common equity ratio 8.60%
  • Q4 home loans, and insurance loss USD 5bln
  • Q4 provision for credit losses USD 5.13bln

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Now, Julian, now!

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The evil beast is wounded, deliver the fatal blow Julian before it reeks anymore havok on the poor sheeple!

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Stock should go up on such good news ? should it not..

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Wow, forget Julian. I guess closing my account last month worked!

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Right.  He'll get right on this after he gets out of the hot tub full of hookers.

You'll never see that info.

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Here she is, Miss (Bank) America!

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These mudder fukkers are running out of rabbits to pull out they ass to make the numbers- Brian you're outta there -dust off that resume I hear Raymond James looking for Muni bond salesmen....

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Pretty bad when you have a license to lie and you still can't hit the numbers.  I've thought all along that QE2 is just about keeping the lights on at the banks.  I think the stock market performance has more to do with the Tepper induced house of cards.

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Can you put the "Bash Muni" spin into this story? Also Im not feeling any "buy silver" pump in this one

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Nah, STFR...

Sell The Fecking Rally (or Ramps, take your pick).


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Q4 non-performing loans, leases and foreclosed properties USD 32.66bln

That is a lot of losses for a bank with permission to cook the books

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They are only alive because of FASB rule changes and free money from the FED.

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buy BAC now¡¡its cheap¡¡¡¡

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Aren't we all?

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Dick Bove is on suicide watch.

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my hookers are big bucks. I need some hot trades, not the same ole snaps on a loop

maybe feb opexwill be the buy on bac again

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my hookers are big bucks. I need some hot trades, not the same ole snaps on a loop

maybe feb opexwill be the buy on bac again

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off topic, but european banks are busting a gut upwards - any idea why?

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  • GS positive report on spanish banks
  • Record German consumer confidence
  • 3Y-high French consumer confidence
  • Positive expectations for Santandar (Spain)
  • Lots of Hopium
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Where's Harry Wanger? This is bullish right? 

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These idiots are free to. Cook the numbers and they can't even do that right. -20% today

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The top in this farce of a market is in. Double top formed. First shoulder: top of .com bubble. Head: 2007. Second shoulder: this week.


Dow fair value: 5000

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It appears JPM's lie was too big of a whopper this quarter.

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Ok, I'd rather see FNM not alowing them to settle about repurchase claims and maybe there will be some revision of this deal, but anyhow they look crippled, specialy when we think of all pending foreclosures and those mortgages that right now aren't under water but will sink  in 2011.


But guess what! Stock price is already climing over prior settle. WTF is wrong with market? Are Dick Bove and Jim Cramer lifting it up???

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Why isn`t this piece of shit down in pre market? Fuck you assholes. Does anyone have the address for the pomo girl? You know, the one featured in that article about "you can`t be a known buyer and get good prices...".



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Should be down to at least high 12's and maybe further to 11.

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"Q4 provision for credit losses USD 5.13bln."

Not nearly enough Brian. 

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Julian, please let it rip today.  Or were you in a jacuzzi with NYU pomo girl last night? 

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He's got nothin'. Corrupted by the all the attention.

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he may be waiting for the perfect time for the knockout he could throw a 1-2 punch, but it may be too soon

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The speculator­s who are in control of the markets are like termites that require wood to eat and thrive on. Here the wood is the savings and the margin money used for trading the markets. The simple way to destroy the speculator­s is to keep your money out of their reach.

The exchanges have been reduced to gambling dens whereby the more powerful traders with deep pockets move the markets to maximize their own profits at the expense of the remaining not so powerful players. The big boys have enormous money power to move the markets in the direction which results in maximum profits for themselves­. They effectivel­y use the media to lure the other players in the market to a position where they would incur maximum loss. It is similar to rounding up maximum sheep before shutting the doors of the slaughter house. If a trader does end up making money it is more a factor of luck rather than talent.

The small investors have realised that the markets are rigged in favour of the banksters and that is the precise reason why there has been a withdrawal of nearly USD 100 billion over more than last 30 weeks from equity mutual funds. Hence the big speculator­s are running out of people whom they can cheat or rob through the exchanges resulting in fall of trading revenues and profits for them.


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BAC is an income stock dammit!  You're overlooking their 1¢ quarterly dividends.  Buy Buy Buy!  The Bernank will always protect it's favorite son!  "Oh Brian... you got a tummy ache?  Here's some POMO play-money... You feel better now?"

Why everyone should know The Bernank is taking this DJIA to 20K, Alice!!!  Buy Buy Buy!  Watch BAC top 15 by mid-week.


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NOT an issue. The Heads of State (also known as the CEO's of Wall Street) win no matter what. The beauty of swaps:

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Where is BAC headed? I'd like to know the answer to these questions - How much common do C.D Spangler, Hugh McColl Jr & Tom Storrs (yes, he's still alive) still own? How much have they sold off in the last 3-4 months? Follow da $$$$$.....