Banks, Hedge Funds Threaten A Repeat Of Lehman If Debt Ceiling Not Raised

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Since default is inevitable, better now rather than later.

I pray we have 218 brave men and women in the House of Representatives willing to stand up and say "No More".

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It's a nice thought, but seriously.....

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Well Zames is clearly the right guy for the job, he clearly knows a Ponzi when he sees one.  He was one of three JPM executives named in a court filing (PDF) for having known about the Madoff Ponzi, though in that case they are accused of taking no action.

From the filing (Dec 2, 2010):

“For whatever it[’]s worth, I am sitting at lunch with Matt Zames who just told me that there is a well-known cloud over the head of Madoff and that his returns are speculated to be part of a [P]onzi scheme.” (June 15, 2007)


The story has been told time and time again how Madoff duped the best and the brightest in the investment community. The Trustee’s investigation reveals a very different story—the story of financial institutions worldwide that were keen to the likely fraud, and decidedly turned a blind eye to it. While numerous financial institutions enabled Madoff’s fraud, JPMC was at the very center of that fraud, and thoroughly complicit in it.

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Old Charlie stole the handle and the train it won't stop going, no way to slow down.

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Great track, from one of the earliest albums I got into.


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until the incompetence and or corruption is allowed to fail the entire nation suffers.

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Where's that "perfect ten" button?!

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Sadly, The reality is we just have 218 well paid criminals in the House...just like the rest of our criminal, corporatocratic government. 

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You are so right.    


The voter is damned if he does, and damned if he does not. They are all bought and paid for.

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This is a crock of shit -- the fact is that the voter has been happy to have someone else (Congress, etc.) enable voters living beyond our means and allow us the deniability when things go bad. We are all complicit.

This worked in the short run because we were able to consume at the expense of the rest of the world (on borrowed dime that will not be paid back) but now that run is coming to an end. 

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We consumed at the expense of the rest of the world? Hardly true. And you forget we have provided a security umbrella for the West and the Pacific area for the past 65+ years. We do not "owe the world". In fact, our consumption raised living standards worldwide.


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"we have provided a security umbrella for the West and the Pacific area for the past 65+ years"

The demand for that protection ended with the fall of the USSR.  We got the memo, but refused to read it.

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Obviously you haven't been reading about how the Aussies have been wringing their hands about how they want the U.S. to get in between them and China. You're kidding yourself if you think there wouldn't be a wailing and gnashing of teeth if the U.S. brought all their troops home.

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WE are to blame it on the Boomer generation that elected Clinton and GWB. Sixteen years...Some people say a man is made outta mud...

A poor man's made outta muscle and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store...


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I'm never going to vote again because I think elections are a crock and nothing every really changes because voting simply says "yes, let the corruption and swindles continue", but probably the reality is this: we're all more or less stuck with this country, and our citizenship is sort of like being on a rogue train as it rumbles downhill out of control. What is the titizen-passenger supposed to do? Climb out the train window and somehow get to the engine so that he or she can jump in front of the train to stop it? How's that going to work out? But what else is there, since there's no access to brakes, and once on its downhill trip, brakes won't work?

We're more-or-less stuck with the country we're born in.

What's your detailed idea of a plan that would work?

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They have been allowed to behave the way they do these last few decades when the presidents decided to sell the US to the happy few.

It's like giving a lighter to a kid, watching him put the place on fire and when the fire is on for an hour saying: BAD CHILD! YOU CAN'T PLAY WITH FIRE!

The reactions are way to late. They should have been shot a decade ago.

What can you do now? Is there still anything left to save?



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Thanks. Truth emerges slowly and painfully, but it emerges.

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Hey, we just had the Easter Bunny. 218? I'll settle for 3.

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Laugh out loud or man drowning?

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...and, when every indiviudual saver's government-backed money market fund goes to zero value, will you handle the blowback?

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Brave representatives?

THat's just plain funny. Surprised they did not design the capitol building to look like a huge vagina.

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damn straight, they had tarp 1, tarp 2, tarp 3, talf, qe1, qe light, qe2 ... the system should have flushed out the crap in 2008, it was not permitted to do so,  it needs to fush out the crap now!

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I agree, but I don't think anyone who's brave is in Congress.

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Why the pretense? A Ponzi is a Ponzi whether it's 15 trillion or 50 trillion!

Again, please help get this video to physics students in Japan, thanks.

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I don't see the problem you have with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. If they were 'evil zionistas' who don't produce value, like bigot libertarians say, they would not make so much money (as every financial contract is based on law and mutual consent), and Americans would not vote every 4 year for a member of the current ruling elite if they were not satisfied. So having GS and JPM in the board of economic advisors is a healthy measure, as we can profit from their expertise. 

Raising the 'debt limit' is just common sense. No one, even lunatic silverbugs, want to see what would happen if it is not raised. 

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Why are you using the American flag as a avatar when the Coat of Arms of the Rothschilds would be more accurate?





<HELP> for explanation.

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I think it has 57 stars on it.

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Those seven are:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Canada, Cancun, Libya...

Help me out people!

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...and Kenya and Indonesia. Just to cover all the possibilities of BO's citizenship issues.

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You forgot Israel and Saud Arabia the biggest lodestone north starrrrrrrrrr!

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Harry, under a value-based gold or silver system, with no one setting interest rates and no central credit creation, I would expect GS and JPM to not exist. 

It would be hard to not make money when you can borrow at .25% and loan the dollars you just created under fractional reserve banking to the broke ass government and citizens at 4% and 14% respectively. And if and when those bets go south, you get bailed out.

The whole thing stinks.  If the economy can't grow except when it takes on more debt, then that should be a glaring problem.  The whole concept of growth is a lie in a fixed world, and is only based on borrowing from the future:  banks create money out of thin air, and our posterity must pay them for the right to use it now.  I don't see value supplied here.

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Expertise in raping the fisc more like it.  *Nausea*

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And if the debt ceiling is raised... it's all good?  This is a lose/lose everyone

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i promise you that this letter was written by turbo timmy ....

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I was not aware TurboTax had a word processing component.

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Dumbass Keynesians keep arguing that there's no analogy between the US borrowing and going gonzo on credit cards, yet here we have gangster banks sending threatening letters to the Jeethner that rings true to anyone who's been prodded by thug credit card lenders.

When your last credit card is maxed out, what do you do?  Apply for another one and head over to Needless Markups for a new handbag to try out the card!

Just like credit card companies that threaten you for "inactivity" on your account, these guys are instructing the US with a National Lampoon cover style threat: you had better keep borrowing [so that we can keep skimming], or we're going to shoot your economy.


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Yes, but secretly they cannot wait to raise interest rates...

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They are not dumbasses.  They are criminals using the guise of Keynesian Economics to conceal their true intentions of the continued transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich.  When the transfer has been completed and the middle class has jumped back into the market and bought out the TPTB stake they will let the market collapse and will raise interest rates. 


It is very dangerous to write people off as stupid when what their actions do not coincide with logic.  They are usually very smart but just don't live with the same moral code as the rest of us.  We mistakenly believe that people (i.e. Bankers and Politicians) will in end do what is good for the masses when in fact they are continuing to do what is good for them.

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the banks are holding a gun to their collective heads and saying do it or we shoot.. I say shoot.

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Why does the sheriff scene in Blazing Saddles come to mind?    Especially the statement he makes once he is safe in the sheriff's office.....

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they will let the market collapse and will raise interest rates. 

THEY will let the market collapse and introduce a PM standard when THEY loaded up enough PMs in their vaults. THEY have at least 75% of all PMs on the planet BEFORE they let the fiat system collapse.

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I hope Congress doesn't play the game and calls their bluff.  Congress held with the first TARP vote and voted no, then they were threatened with martial law if they didn't pass it.  I have no doubt that another martial law threat will be given to them if they don't do as the banks want.


The junior Congress people are being lobbied by every banker there is and they are being told to raise the limit.  But I hope the tea baggers and all the others will hold out and not do it.  But I know, they will fold to the banks and raise the limit, they always do what the banks want. 


I can just imagine the type of threats they are getting.

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The difference is if you made similar threats you would soon be doing the perp walk.  Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave.

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Funny shit right there...


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Yep, I don't care who you are. ++

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Land of the Free home of the Knave.

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Knave? Too freakin' English. We's don't be's talkin' no English here in amerika, ya big dumb Limey.

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Humble apologies my good sir.

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Just say NO to more debt.

I did that in my life years ago.

Time for us to say the same as a country.

Whatever TBTF wants, we need to do the opposite.