Bankster Vs Deadbeat

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Still confused about some of the key, shall we say, "dynamics" and "motives" prevalent during the build up phase to the housing bubble peak? The latest xtranormal cartoon explains it all. 

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The banksters will swing

Come this spring.

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Swing and Miss.....and i think even if they connect, the counter punch is going to be a sledgehammer

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Had to hold my jaw in case laughing it off throughout.

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Jump! All Ya'all Fuckers.

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Screw them both. They deserve each other.

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Hardly. And you're perfect...without flaw, right?

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The only talking point the banksters have.

"Yes, but you don't deserve a free house" endlessly repeated to muddy the waters they've been pissing in for years.

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The free home is the result of banker fraud. Thank you Lord.

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That's the banksters...doing the Lord's work.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I read where a securitized loan, such as a mortgage, would become an unsecuritized debt if the collateral (house) cannot be legally repossessed.  Can someone elaborate?

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Some courts in judicial foreclosure states have so ruled.  The debt doesn't disappear, though, it simply becomes unsecured and the creditor is left with a possible claim for an "equitable lien" if the creditor can prove it lent the debtor money that was used to purchase the debtor's home.  But if the debtor files a bankruptcy before the equitable lien is imposed, the debtor can keep the home and just pay its present value, less his state homestead exemption, to all of his creditors (not just the bank) as part of a Chapter 13 plan.

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Yes, Yves Smith points out that they are NMBS-

NON mortgaged backed securities. Those involved are afraid that going to Court will officially establish that fact.

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mediahuset's picture

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BW's picture

The correct response is, "I don't want a free house, I want my money back, you can have the damn house."

Fraud in the inducement.

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The alternate correct response is "I may not deserve a free house but neither do you and possession is 9/10ths of the law."  I would love to see how a Florida court responds to that argument.

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Visualize a world without banksters...any recommended trades?

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If you're going to bet against those crooks you better have some FAZolene.

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A world without bankers.  That pussy Jamie Dimon and that West Coast Lib John Stumpf wouldn't last a minute.

And don't get me started on the Cockeyed Lisp Blankfein.  He would be the designated gimp.

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Pay your mortgage and it wll be alright! LMAO!

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Nice job on video. Unfortunately you need to make a comic book for the vast portion of audience. We understand, many others don't.

Have a look what a MIT brainchild has dreamed up.

ObamaCare Creator Making Comic Book to Sell the Legislation

Just advice. Winks!!


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I'd love to see the part explaining how/why the chief executive personally decides who gets granted a waiver from the requirements of the law.

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This was a tight act. A lot of information was conveyed in a short time period. I took 1:15 to do a lecture recently on this topic. Nothing new here, but I am impressed with all that was in this.

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Yes, exactly.  Covering it in 1:15 you must have had a sharp audience -- or they missed it!  People often try to end this discussion with the "deadbeat" argument.  This piece is really effective because the deadbeat concedes that from the start and focusses on the larger systemic damage done by the banks.  Brilliant!

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xtranormal is the new Powerpoint.

Who wants to look at corporate clip-art and pie charts when you can be watching furry animals deliver deadpan financial porn and trash talk like a Tarantino movie?

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I was actually captivated by it.  Granted, I was utilizing a concentration enhancer, but still, it was indeed very well done.  I'm compelled to send off a link to various people who need a kick in the 'giner.

Why does the British accent sound so much better than the...other one?  What is the other one, anyway?  Sounds like some eastern European on ludes.  Or like Drunken Swede 2.0.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I keep posting these great animations to my Facebook page, hoping to prod my fellow Americans into waking up a little.  The response from my Facebook "friends?"  Nothing, zero, zip.  I am convinced the average American wishes to remain ignorant.  I mean, seriously, it is nice when you don't know. If only 25% of our population realized the unjustice that Wall St. and our government inflicted upon us, we'd most certainly have an Egypt on our hands.  But, alas, Americans remain asleep.

dryam's picture

This should be required viewing for all Americans.

km4's picture

Yup if you can take them away from sports, sex, and sensationalism 

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that was simply beautiful.

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The greatest con there ever is, is when the marks don't know they've been conned.

attst487's picture

is it my imagination, or does that bankster look like greenwave?

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Brilliant.  Extranormal videos are, sadly, one of the few ways to convey the message to so many in my 'peer group'.  It is less 'scary' in this form than sending the unsuspecting straight here to ZH ;^).

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i dont know why, but i kept laughing at the banksters replies......and to think i wanted to be him when i was in college

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"Why don't you try making a mortgage payment instead?" That cracked me up.

CD's picture

OK, this is an OUTSTANDING job for its succintness, humor and (relative) brevity about a subject that affects tens of millions. Yet the video has (apparently, according to xtranormal) only been seen by the 25 or so commenters here. Anyone up to the task of transferring this to YouTube? Much broader distributions/visibility that way. I lack the skills/software, but strongly feel this deserves much broader play.

sunkeye's picture


usually these vids have a link to youtube to save (fave) not this one tho

and i agree xtranormal is the new powerpoint

the deadpan delivery is very funny the rectal sound fx not so much



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I especially like that the video doesn't attempt to find an angel on either side of the argument. Both are guilty.

But it also doesn't undersell the key point: the banks were the ones who had the money to lend and they WANTED to lend it, no matter how unqualified the buyer.

If the banks keep their money in the vault instead of making lousy loans, none of this happens -- end of story.

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No, the key point is that there is a strong case to be made that the banks did this intentionally, i.e. with intent to commit fraud, on a global scale.

Figure it out already.  The banks exist to facilitate the transfer of your money to them.

I am Chumbawamba.

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The banks did not have the money, they could create the money based on the buyer signing the mortgage. It's called fractional banking. With this in mind it makes more sense that instead of creating money (debt) as counterparty for properties, money is just printed with the tax-payer in debt as counter party.

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

Everybody, here is a copy of the email I just sent to my Attorney General.  Please feel free to copy it.  Simply visit your AG's website, find their email, and cut and paste.  It can't hurt.  Good luck to us all. 


Dear AG,
I know you are involved with the other 49 + District of Columbia AG's investigating mortgage fraud by the Too Big To Fail banks (Citibank, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, etc).  I implore you to please prosecute these "mortgage servicers" on at least both RICO and Grand Larceny charges.  I hold that they continue to systematically defraud homeowners, counties, the State, and investors who reside within.  The banks' fraud is conspiratorial as they collude with companies such as MERS and various law firms.  They have originated "liars loans," not paid county filing fees or properly documented ownership transfers of title and/or note, they have knowingly and systematically submitted false and forged documentation to our state courts in foreclosure proceedings, and have misrepresented Mortgage Backed Securities and Credit Default Swaps to investors in our state (probably including many State and local pension funds). 

Please see this video for a clearer illustration:

Thank you for your time.  If you do not uphold basic property rights and the Rule of Law, then we will have no civilized society.  You must bring these bankers to justice....that includes jail time and not only financial penalties.  This is fraud, racketeering, and grand larceny in its worst form. 

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Thanks, you are a gentle(wo)man and a scholar!


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My bet is that the response will be to add your name to the DHS list.

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 Very Nice!

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Deadbeat could pay a penny/month to an escrow and he is not a deadbeat any longer.

Bankster can do whatever and it still remains a bankster!

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Karl Denninger goes xtra-normal...I could tell it was him from about 2 minutes in.

I'll echo the sentiments from above about the crispness of the presentation, it manages to cover a lot of ground.

i.knoknot's picture

he showed a lot of restraint as compared to his writing, but i agree with your assertion. esp. the ending.

good on him if he can make this stuff even slightly more manageable to the masses.

(fwiw, i like his writing too, but it's not for everyone...)