Barney Frank Goes Apeshit Over S&P Insinuation The Dodd-Frank Is A Miserable Failure, Hypocritical Hilarity Ensues

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There is something oddly pot-meet-kettle-esque when Barney Frank, one of the men most responsible for the nationalization of the GSEs, sends out a letter bashing S&P head David Sharma, one of the men responsible for the credit crisis. Especially when the bashing is over something that is actually 100% true: that Dodd-Frank is the most pathetic and corrupt piece of legislation to come out of Washington since Gramm-Leach-Bliley.


And here is the report that prompted Frank's paroxysm of rage:


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Apeshit is good. Sorts out the weak from those who know what they are doing.

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Barney Frank Goes Apeshit Over S&P...


Typo.  Should read, "Barney Frank Goes Apeshit Over S&M"

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The first time Barney Frank's mom and dad saw him lying in the hospital nursery they were so proud of their little baby boy.  All of the other babies had pacifiers in their mouth to keep them from screaming and crying.  And their lie little Barney so calm and happy with no pacifier. 

His mother turned to his father and said, "look at how sweet our boy is.  He lies there so nicely and he doesn't even need a pacifier." 

Just then the nurse was walking by and said to Mrs. Frank, "actually we had to put his pacifier in his rectum to keep him quiet". 

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How does this get junked?



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Barney must've gotten a secret login to ZH. But then again, Barney's always tryin' to get his log into *someplace*.

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Barney Fwank is concerned that his acting role in such movies as "Inside Job" may be in jeopardy. Don't forget he is a Hollywood star now and needs to defend his "for the people" role he played in that film. 

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

I think Howee-wood Staw is the proper term here.

nmewn's picture

Ders nufing wrong wif fwannie mae!

Iths preposferous to say ders anyfing wrong wif fwannie mae! Iths perfectly slovlent!

(Listener wipes spittle off and steps back out of range)

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I first thought you were trying to type in medieval Germanic, but then I recognized it. 


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Its Fwankish ;-)

This twit has been sitting in a position of power and influence and at the epicenter of every financial crisis for my entire life.

His staff (pun?) of the past can be found sitting in places like GS, the Morgue et al.  And his present staff can be found fully erect to the possibility of joining them there.

He is one of the most despicable creatures on the face of the planet. Wholly devoid of any sense of ethics, he has used his position to dispense favor as if it were his money being used to give away.

His boyfriend for a "Fwannie job" (another pun?) and then interceding in the United One affair with the bank bailouts.

He is a drooling, split tongue, snake in the grass placed among us by other snakes.

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on it as usual nmewn

you know I'm getting less surprised by their behavior and more by ours

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actually he says his name "bawney fwank", so who are we to attempt to change his stated name.  After all, we wouldn't attempt to change his nature, would we?

- Ned

Problem Is's picture

Barney's sock puppet Congressional interns...

krispkritter's picture

Barney's a cock muppet for Congressional interns...there, fixed it.

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The Velvet Mafia lookin' out for their own.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

...and attempting to intimidate and silence any opposition. 

Just like down South in Argentina.

BUENOS AIRES, July 13 (UPI) -- Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is facing accusations her administration is seeking to muzzle independent economists for publishing data that runs counter to the government's version of key statistics on economic performance.

Read more:

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How does this get junked?

By being too stupid to post on zh.

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It's discriminatory toward pacifiers.

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Rectum? Damned near killed 'em!

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Making fun of Barney's sexuality distracts from his financial thievery off the American taxpayer.  Ergo, junked. 


To all you a-holes who also latch onto a person's gender or religion ("da Jews did it all"), please cut it out.  Focus on the thievery of the political and bankster classes.

Chump's picture

That comment combined with that avatar is just about as hypocritical as it gets.  I don't care, mind you, but I'm also very capable of detailing the ongoing financial thievery AND making fun of the fatass banking queen Bawney Fwank.  Juuunked.

infotechsailor's picture

"aholes latch on to a person's religion...please cut it out"

-- tali-bomb-head?


its all in fun. stop bitchin'

that's why the fwank joke is in a comment, and not the main argument of someone's article. srsly

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Have you ever been called a Twat before?

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OK Geoff....the thieving bankster Jews did it.

Smiddywesson's picture

High five sheep doggie!  LOL, GRRRRR.

knukles's picture

It's them queer Yid thieving banksters and Barney's boys.

Geoff, come on.
He's been in the press caught in a drug raid (cocaine party) where everybody else was arrested and he's let loose.  Pictures in the news of him rubbing the ass of young male interns in DC.  Even then, most folks couldn't give a rat's ass about his sexuality.  Barney's just loved and talked about, by just being Barney.  People love him.

And keep in mind, in the most civil ZH tradition, people are laughing with him, not at him. 

Just like we recognize that only a small minority of Muslims are terrorists, but in the quest for equality, we treat them all the same.



Smiddywesson's picture

Barney's just loved and talked about, by just being Barney.  People love him.

Yes.  That was also the argument for why Michael Jackson was not a ticking time bomb.  I heard for years that "Michael is Special" by appoligists with their heads in the sand.  They were convinced he wasn't a deeply troubled and deviant person who, in reality, couldn't be trusted babysitting your child, let along released into Senate to do as he wished with your money. 

I know you were being sarcastic, but some people acutally believe some deviants are "special."  We are apes, nobody is special.  Pigs are not born as opera stars and horses don't talk.  Everything you see has been seen before in the human condition.  The real bad ones, they want to be seen as "special" so they can do what they want and not be labeled for what they are.  They are not "special" other than we need to take special precautions against personality types that are predictably destructive.

If you choose the right people, you could populate the Senate and House with drag queens and "perverts" who could function perfectly well and not steal you blind or strut around and make an ass of themselves.  There no connection between sexuality and being a crook.  There's no connection between deviance and evil.  Barney can't hide behind his messed up personal life, or his miserable record.  The man is an absolute abomination.  A Judas Iscariot in the persona of Elmer Fudd.

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He's been in the press caught in a drug raid (cocaine party) where everybody else was arrested and he's let loose.  Pictures in the news of him rubbing the ass of young male interns in DC. 

Had Mr Frank been hetero, he would have been run from office long ago.

Just more of the PC hypocrisy we have to live with till the social/economic revolution comes.

Smiddywesson's picture

Sigh, oh to be young.

Literally MILLIONS of gay people don't speak like Elmer Fudd. 

They also don't conduct their private lives like Bangkok whores,

Or have the emotional maturity of a 14 year old girl, flying off the handle in emotional hissy fits whenever their pathetic record is even remotely challenged,

This disgusting excuse for a human being has done more damage to you and me than he could ever attone for,

But he has no intention of atoning, or even admitting partial responsibility for his misdeeds.

In fact, he turns my stomach with his posturing and bristling at even the remotest challenge to his record.

Barney Frank is the poster child for hubris, ego, and complete corruption and incompetence.

And you have the collosal gaul to hector us about laughing at his antics?

You sir, are either an idiot, or just a posturing youngling hoping to appear heroic by standing up for what is right by parroting back what has been drummed into your innocent brain by those who use you, drain your father of his youth, his energy, and his dreams, and abuse your mother.

It's OK, I've been there. 

Thunderdome is ready, and the dying time is nigh.  Time to grow up son.

BlackChicken's picture

Wow, that was a great reply.

The time to grow up was a long time ago, and perhaps Thunderdome is the real cost...

Founders Keeper's picture

[To all you a-holes who also latch onto a person's gender or religion ("da Jews did it all"), please cut it out.  Focus on the thievery of the political and bankster classes.]---Geoff-UK

I agree with your sentiment about the bashing, but geez your approach is a junk magnet.

Yeah, there's a lot of gay bashing and Jew bashing and what-ever bashing in ZH posts. Some in jest. Some quite disturbing. ZH monitors are pretty good about just letting it rip---allowing freedom of speech. Part of the attraction here I think.

As for me, I have to be careful. I have to be careful I am not secretly enjoying reading a bigoted post all the while enjoying a self-righteous sense of superiority for not having written it. 

Where'd all your junks come from? Probably right around "Please cut it out" and "Focus on the...." Independent folks do NOT like to be told what to do.

I agree with you there are many Jew haters and blamers here at ZH. Not a majority though. The Jew bankers this, the Jew bankers that. Sad really. The stench of bigotry and ignorance gets so bad sometimes I just have to log-off and get a breath of fresh air. Free speech includes a lot of noise.

Here. Let's go Jew-Hater fishing: I am Founders Keeper, and I stand with the Jews. The heritage of our nation's founding has many roots found in the Jewish story and tradition. (That's a fact.)


JimBowie1958's picture


We owe a lot to Jewish culture and ethics.

If one wants to look at the influence and wealth of religious groups on Wall Street, they cant rationally talk about the Jews without also discussing the Hindus, Episcopalians and Presbyterians also.

I think most of this country is still owned by the top crust Episcopalians, Methodists and Presbyterians, not the folks who got here post-1900.

Founders Keeper's picture

[We owe a lot to Jewish culture and ethics.]---JimBowie1958

Hi JimBowie1958. Thank you for your Reply.


Ned Zeppelin's picture

Now that's funny. Who junked that? It's hilarious.  And true to boot. 

Manthong's picture

Second time for this one today but strangely, it seems to fit on a number of levels.

nope-1004's picture

Barney Frank.

Fucking professional civic moron.


Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

People of Massachusetts = even greater civic morons for continuing to re-elect this piece of dreck.