BATS Fishing: Value Added From The Latest Publicly-Traded Exchange

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The machines do just what the humans do. They throw out bids and offers looking for your site readership's market orders. That is all. Nothing new normal in that.

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When the frequency of busted trades at prices 15 std. dev. from last price is 10x what it was 5 years ago (and the 100 yrs before that).....the math is self evident

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I'm all for true price discovery.

Kind of like we are seeing in Silver by margin hikes taking place as we now understand all the frothy run was not based on fundamentals, but instead a bubble of speculators thinking it was different this time.

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Consolidation would be nice.  I think we've seen enough of the benefits of "competition" in equity market structure.

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Is there an app for that on my Andorid phone?  Is it BATY BATS in the marketplace?

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*duplicate, guess my posting algo went BATY*

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if postCount<10

    then copyPost

postCount+1 = postCount}

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Limit orders 7.50 even over the phone at Vanguard.

They will also qualify anyone for level one options trading, buying puts and selling covered calls. Good way to get experience so you can qualify later for unlimited option privileges on margin.

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