The Bears Recreate... Charlie Sheen's Rant

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Who said the xtranormal cottage industry's only expertise is the Ben Bernank, the Tim Jeethner, the Goldman Sack, the JP Morgue, QE, BTFD, bond trading, gold and silver manipulation, the Chinese trade surplus and other typically incomprehensible by the lay person concepts. Sometimes they also tackle Charlie Sheen. Here is the result.


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only a matter of time before the ADL shuts this site down for promoting truth...were fucked...

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Does anyone believe John Belushi came back and entered Charlie Sheen's body?  John totally shot off his face before he ended up on the wrong side of an overdose.  So who is the loser here?  Everybody.  Charlie is a hopeless drug addict.  Charlie's family will lose out because Charlie will kill himself.  The network will lose out because everyone was actually making money.

Charlie Sheen is a weapon of personal destruction. 

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Congratulations Alex Jones.

Great marketing job Alex, having Charlie doing his ass woopen on your show. You have become a household name overnight. Everybody knows about your show now. No TV, news paper, or blog editor can do a story on Charlie Sheen's rant without viewing your video of the interview. There's enough material there to last them for months, maybe years. They will have to view it over and over again to get the true scope and magnitude of it.

Your stock price increased at least 20 million in one day. You sir are a true genius.

Alex has opened the door to every disgruntled Hollywood actor that's been marginalized by the zionist occupied entertainment industry looking for a place to vent, and there's plenty of them.  This format could be worth hundreds of millions. If I had a talk show I would try to cash in on this, having people on that were screwed by the industry. They just have to remember to say things the jews find offensive and talk about 9/11.  Everyone loves hearing this stuff, even the pissed off jews, they can's stop themselves from looking away from this stuff.  

Extracting money from the Zionist occupied Entertainment Industry(ZOEI) with the publicity they provide having a hissy fit on this kind of format will be like taking candy from a baby. Just look at the huge number of their comments on the AJ video. Mostly disparaging but tens of thousands of them. The TV talking heads are so boring to listen to analyzing this stuff. They just keep repeating the same old boring talking points they've been using for decades. Nobody want to here their shit anymore.

I just heard CNN's Anderson Cooper say he saw the whole thing.

Peers Morgan say everyone is talking about this.


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Just using the given birth name on air and nothing else is the reverse "antisemitism" trick.

Like saying on air Jonathan Leibowitz when talking about Jon Stewart.

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Whatevs. I just replied so you'd stop editing the comment and showing up as a new post.

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It was a developing thought in progress. I'm done now.

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Carlos Estevez is my hero.

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Everyday a new way to express ideas pops into my mind. Think Different!

Charlie breaks the ice on the taboo mention of the "Jew", zionist, Israel topic without even having to say the words.

"Antisemitism", It's a mind trick, the Zionista always use it to make themselves look innocent.

Charlie Sheen Rocks!

The problem with the world; there is too much Thought Protectionism(compliance). I have no protectionism of my own thought processes to a point where there are no subjects I will personally refuse to talk about. This is the #1 problem with the mainstream media. They shut out conversations on 9/11, the Federal Reserve, the police state DHS/TSA, and every other special interest and ideology they wish to protect.

The Internet is great at breaking down this barrier in that you can't hold a gun to another bloggers head.

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The 177 previous episodes in the can are valued at $1 billion for syndication. This should keep Sheen's $ stardom going forever.

Warner CBS is the big loser in this deal costing them tens of millions in the near team.

Hiam Levine threw the first punch and Charlie went on a rampage against him.

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your mother did too love you Bufallo Bill...

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Chuck Lorre's "Vanity Card" attacks on Sheen were the last straw. That's why Charlie ripped them a new asshole. Lorre attacked first and CS was in the right to go on his counter attack.

Chuck Lorre put a slate up at the end of last night's episode, in which he said, "I don't drink.  I don't smoke.  I don't do drugs. I don't have crazy, reckless sex with strangers.  If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed."

"Jones said they seemed to try to "demonize you ... they seem pretty aggressive." The vanity cards have been a trademark ending to the sitcoms helmed by executive producer Chuck Lorre for years. For a few seconds after the final credits, a white screen appears with a message from Lorre. Vanity cards traditionally flash the production house's logo at the end of the television program. Lorre's quirky meditations on life have garnered something of a cult following among his fans. "

The Zionista Mainstream Media must be dismantled.


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charlie sheen is not as crazy as people think he is. He knows what is up with this world, trust me. because of his stature they are fucking with him, they do not want someone in his position shining light on these assholes, so they make him out to be crazy and discount everything he says without even listening to him. Did the same thing to tupac. Eminem also knows, listen to their lyrics. There are a lot of celebs that could speak out and use their position to make a difference but choose not to. In other words they are pussy sellouts, at least charlie won't be silenced. Pay attention to the message sheen is talking about, that is between the crack and smokin hottie pornstar talk.

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Your one wacky fella, anyone ever tell you that?

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"I'm tired of being told, you can't talk about that, you can't talk about that, Bullshit."

I'm tired of that bullshit too.

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Dude you should get his cell number! Tha'd be sweet for youtube, no?

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I can see people getting upset over him saying sleeping with ugly wives, earthworm, etc. But calling the guy by his real name is anti semetic?

Chaim, Carlos = Charles

The anti defecation league even spoke out.

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Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson should get together and make a movie called "Khazaria"

Here's the script based on this book;

"The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) is a book by Arthur Koestler, which advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people originating in and populating an empire north of and between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Koestler's hypothesis is that the Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century, and migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany) in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing."


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Your so right! Hey ever meet Mr. Sheen? You should totally look up his address.

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Hey isn;t Alex Jones wife Jewish?

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Being Jewish has nothing to do with anything.

Destroying the power the Jews wield has to do with everything.

"Hollywood is ok with his drug use, domestic violence, porn stars, just about everything short of murder. But he now committed career suicide by his "anti-semitic" comment:"

If you believe this, you got to ask yourself;

How is this possible?

Do the Jews have all the money and power to destroy anybody they want?

How did this situation come about without anybody noticing it happening?

Why can't lets say, the Irish, English, Polish, or Italian people wield this kind of power to destroy people they disagree with?

You are giving all your power to Jewish Zionists by agreeing with their TV propaganda.

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michael, Hi, did you know that charlie sheen's father, martin, was born and brought up in dayton Ohio? he went to chaminade H.S. he was very roman catholic, as i assume charlie or carlos is. i know all about dayton ohio and chaminade catholic high school. his father worked for NCR, no longer around of course, cause of globalization. well you seem quite a spokesman for these high profile figures that get screwed by the media. good for you. might i add, that i have no idea what anti-semantic is, but i am probably a closet one†

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Destroying the power the Jews wield ...

The only power the "jews" have is they are smarter than everybody else (a fact decided on earlier ZH threads).  How are you going to destroy that?

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With the complete and total economic collapse of the USA and the world they caused. Everyone knows they are the ones behind it. Look at the last names of the people in the highest positions of power. You'd think they would have done a better job of hiding this fact, but alas, their not so smart after all.

They've done this many times throughout history. It's very well documented. Why do you think people dislike them so much? Because they are generous?

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Oh, buy the way. I'm not Jewish, but you are still a mental midget.

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"Now it's my turn you  whimp!"

(Emphasis MINE.)

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Wrong, the Jews might be greedy back stabbers (generally) but they don't have the patience and forethought to run the world as people claim. Look at Isreal, it's like a rat with rabies, they are just tools of the real culprits the Anglo-American financiers. These are the leftovers from the British Empire, the real centre of power is the City of London who slowly co-opted the US during the 20th century through US government officials loyal to the City. Their goal is a global neo-fuedal government controlled by an "intellectual elite" (them).

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smarter or just manipulative and unethical? Don't fall into "we are smarter than you" trap RP that has resulted in the expulsion of your kind from every host nation you have ever inhabited. An increasing number of gentiles, who are not obsessed with and worship money know whats going on. We put up with it as we have better things to do, turn the other cheek and all that but your people's greed has no end and you always go too far, take too much and the blowback is inevitable. Like what happend in Europe not that long ago. Are you smart enough to understand this?


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Try a pogrom against any group in the US and people like me will end you.

Any group at all. Even illegals. In the USA, no pogroms are allowed. Ever.

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Whenever you feel brave, you be sure and jump.

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right, sticks and stones may break some bones but derivatives will never hurt you.. wake up jack wagon

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pogroms? Rodent, you obviously aren't familiar with RichardP. He is a racist, zionist jewish supremacist, hence the "jews are smarter than everybody else" comment. People like this are dangerous not just to the world in general but to non zionist jews in particular as they all get lumped in together. Would you let a blind man walk over a cliff? of course not but that is where zionists are taking the world, non zionist jews included.

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one other thing rodent.  "In the USA, no pogroms are allowed. Ever"

what about your US tax payer funded jewish extemist weekly pogroms against the palistinians in the WB? Are they ok with you?

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Do you have a job? Do you have a purpose in life? If you spent half the time you spend spewing BS on blogs, you would own the world. Get a life!

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"The Zionista Mainstream Media must be dismantled."

Not too long ago, I had a post removed from Zerohedge for drawing conclusions about the Wikileaks posts and how they served the interests of Israel. It was not inflammatory, just that. I like all of the jews I know, but that arrogant little pissant country that violates world laws and decency and dictates to the rest of the world how we will run our lives for their benefit rubs me the wrong way.

Do not assume that this board and virtually the entire internet is not censored by those pushing the zionist agenda. Maybe you are perceived to add value to ZH, but for those of us who are not perceived to add value ... our posts will most likely be deleted if we have improper opinions.

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ZH won't tolerate alternate opinions about wikileaks or the middle east "revolutions", it's a bannable offense to question their stance on these issues.

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Actually, I've read a bunch of Chuck's vanity cards, and find some of them quite amusing.

Here's the link to the one that got Sheen all upset:

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It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose.

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dude you can have whatever resentments you want...but just mouthing off about "the jews" is pretty low class. don't group people together and just blame a whole category of people. it's pretty basic idea for civilized discourse. 

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Doesn't it feel good to be finally allowed to say the Jew word. It has nothing to do with race. It's not antisemitism as most jews are not Semites and that doesn't apply. It's more about anti-nepotism and control freakism, the main practices of the jews.

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it's just repeating the original script.  fail.

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That was the point short bus.

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Thank God For Bears...few double etoundres no?

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I gotta agree with you there

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I'm speechless because I'm ROFLMAO!

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To think this was the guy from Platoon.