Beating Penny Stock Scams With Tim Sykes

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What brokerage will actually lend you the shares of garbage so you can short them?  Why do I even click on MSFT's ZH articles?  Oh right, for the laughs.

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Aapl was never a penny stock. It was the IPO of the year 1980.

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"Promoters buy lists of email addresses from major online publishers, sometimes paying millions of dollars, to launch a never ending onslaught of “pump and dump” schemes. Email barrages and Twitter spam have replaced the dinnertime telemarketing calls and junk mail of yore."


MHFT outsmarted all of those publishers.  Instead of paying he justs posts his schemes here free of charge.

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 Sykes doesn't recieve any promotion fees. He works the other side, shorting these penny stock promoters and pumpers picks that are frauds.

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Than you but most people here dont care about facts :)

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I can't take seriously an article where the writer proves in the very first paragraph  that he is at the best very loose with the truth and at the worst a right out liar.

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Dear MFHT,

Your guests have clearly peaked with this particular online venture stock educator, well done.

You may want to conduct some quick due diligence next time:

<Champagne drinking from bottle>

"Hedge fund hasn't done very well this year, actually closed it"

"Check out this scar, yeah, chicks dig scars... maybe not this one"

"I know what I'm doing, I think I do. Maybe I don't, we'll see"

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Proof is in my performance and that of my subscribers, the strategy works time and again, look at recent penny stock pumps like EEE, XOMA CHGS, HHWW, GRYO, CPOW, you really need me to go on?

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worthless junk.

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 I have to strongly disagree with you. Tim Sykes is the real deal and has an excellent strategy of shorting penny stocks. He is a no bullshit guy. Although he does peddle his DVDs and subscription like a used car salesman he backs it up with results. Most of these penny stocks are scams so shorting them at the right time pays off well.

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old history, still worth noting. more detail about the same would be great. genious opportunity here.