Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Ponzi Scheme?

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The stars are aligning for a potential "Look out below" moment.

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My bet is still firmly on "Pigs Having Wings"... for the time being.

That said... "Look out below!" still has merit.

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Funny, but today was the first day I've thought about hedging my bearish bets. It seems like a lay-up to me...

SPX is coming up against its March-July trendline. Rates are low enough. Oil is still in a comfortable range. Nasdaq, XLF, an SOXX are coming up on support. I don't usually hedge but I'll make an exeption tomorrow probably. Selling some Oct puts or buying puts on some ultrashorts would do the trick.

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I reported on the LQD this morning Tyler - might at least give me a hat tip. Which is what I do when I mention any of your charts on ES. Maybe it's coincidence - in which case you are forgiven ;-)

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Don't get over-excited just yet, they will try and try and try again, especially around SP 1030. Having said that, just let them tire themselves, short high within callspreads, and the moment it gaps away (and it will) through 1030 close the long call. Perfect setup for this Air Supply loving multi-day trader in this sticky tape. Actually, I hope they will up it once more, just for the heck of it. They want tp go up, they have to buy, so it is their problem, don't make it yours.

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I wonder when everyone is heading for the exits at the same time, the short haters will wish for their return when no one shows up to buy back and support the price on the way down. Without them, who is going to buy this stuff?

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Or is it a head fake before next week's treasury auction?

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Just my opinion but I think this is a shake to strengthen the dollar ahead of T sales next week.  No reason to think the green shoots are turning brown just yet.  At some point they will but it looks like the old, "drop stock, prop dollar" trick.  One of the oldest in the book and one I've often fallen for.

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It might be a head fake to prop up treasuries, but that's a counterveiling play. You also have to think about the longer term picture and their desire to raise the debt ceiling, which would entail a prolonged decline in the market, enough to scare politicians into signing onto stimulus V 2.0.

My guess is this will be the 5-10% correction we've been waiting on for months... and then you can say hello to a higher debt ceiling. If congress is busy scrambling to pass legislation to "revive" the economy, they're probably not as concerned with auditing the fed... (we don't learn from experience).

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You may very well be right.  If either or both apply, then it is highly likely that the market is down a lot tomorrow to give everyone the weekend to think about things.

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i've been scratching my head today regarding oil, too. it seems to have a bid underneath it. can't find any news. maybe a middle east situation is developing and the powers that be know something? i didn't see anything particularly bullish on yesterday's petroleum data.

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How about the silence from Israel on Iran's newest disclosure

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"How about the silence from Israel on Iran's newest disclosure" that's a good point."

I closed most of my oil positions yesterday. But with equities getting crushed and the dollar up one wonders whether something is up with oil.

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How much of a risk premium is Iran worth now?  No one can say, but what would people guess is the downside to oil short term with zero world tension - 30?  And the upside on a blockade by Iran due to war - 400? 800?

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The demand for natural gas is so low that unless we have a cold winter, inventories will exhaust storage, and the ng companies will literally have to shut down production, yet they dare not cut back production in the event storage capacity is exhausted. 

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Well you can't say that everyone heard it here first, but maybe at least I can you *you* heard it here first...

Winter is going to be not just cold, but in fact "fucking cold".

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We may finally get to hit these stupid cramerized bulls with a shovel! This is better than anything on TV:)

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I see the giant sucking squid pattern, the most feared by HFT traders, developing in those charts.

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It's all good.  S&P 500 to 1100 by end of next week.  DXY on the other hand...’s-october-1-sp-down-20-pts-you’r...


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"with CIT possibly headed for bankruptcy, Saturn shut down, Ken Lewis resigning, regional banks closing faster than schools due to swine flue, and commercial real estate looming, there is enough smoke in credit space to reignite some fire"


I thought the above were green shoots? No?

GS etal can make money going back down too. Look for downward revisions for a while until we get to some choke-point...where we all feel wealth imperiled again, and then flip the switch on the Hal9000 to "Up" again and go long. Simple game, really.

Happy Oktoberfest


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I wish I could live inside that photo

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I wish I could live inside that photo

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Proofread these posts please; some are quite painful to read. Nobel Price?

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You're the person torturers pick last aren't you?

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Not very good volume for a down move. I am short, but tired of "waiting for Godot" with this market.

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Re LQD -
LQD is trading ex-div which explains the drop

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It should only drop by the amount of the dividend. It dropped over 3 times as much

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LQD has been the talk the last couple of days.  Volume picked up on a little down move, and then wham! today - 20EMA/trendline (virtually the same thing) busted on a big volume spike.

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When the time comes, rest assured GS will be running the lifeboat concession, granted by the United States Treasury on an exclusive basis, so as to avoid "systemic risk."  

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I think crude is getting heatmapped and propped up. There are a lot of longs in that market. It's also due for a small technical rebound before heading back down. It's been getting pummelled for weeks

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excellent analysis as always, bravo nic!!

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"Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Ponzi Scheme?"


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Oh Dear God, you know how badly I miss the good old days when the market would crater 200 points in the last half and hour. Please may I see that just one more time before I pass from this ball of dirt...

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JPM sld $500mm notional in S&P bigs  with more than half coming in last hr of trading.


prop or facilitation...? you be the judge.

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Well, it is October. And this officially marks that start of "crash season".

Being long here could be hazardous to your health...

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"Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Ponzi Scheme?"

Which one?

There are so many running concurrently that I have lost count.

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What happened this week?  Was there a major, unreported outbreak of swine flu that kept the good folks at 85 Broad out of the office?

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When a 2 Day RSI of the close reaches below 10, the market closes up 2 days later 55% of the time with a 1.08 win to loss ratio even when accounting for commissions and frictional trading costs (slippage). Unless the surprise is awful tomorrow in terms of unemployment (and the computers look at expectation not the actual number), then there is a good chance that when the HFT interface indicates that the market is oversold on an intra day basis, look for the longer term (2-5 day) systems to go into buy mode.

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My LQD's got called away last night! Ouch for caller! It dropped a bit more than the dividend.

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It's one thing to have an equity correction, but with CIT possibly headed for bankruptcy, Saturn shut down, Ken Lewis resigning, regional banks closing faster than schools due to swine flue, and commercial real estate looming, there is enough smoke in credit space to reignite some fire.

Classic bit.  Concur. Combustible material, check.  O2, check.  Ignition source, check.  I know someone will plug in a movie set fan and turn it on high any time now.