Is Belgium's Dexia About To Be The First Greek Casualty?

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Off Topic, but Frontline always is one of my tells, and it was a dead ringer back in 2007/2008.

Bang Dae-Ho, bitchez.

Norway's Frontline, which operates the world's largest oil tanker fleet, announced an 81-percent decline in net income for the first quarter compared to last year. The company issued a grim outlook...

Link: The operator of the world's largest tanker fleet gives up on the global recovery

Also, the UK is looking FUGLY. No amount of lipstick can dress up this British Pig, and she can't afford her meat, so how is she ever going to get any pudding? -


And even more FUGLINESS.!/ftalpha/statuses/73306242344423424

FT Alphaville team UK GDP in Q1 2011 left unrevised at 0.5%. Also however - Q1 2011 household spending saw its biggest quarterly drop since Q2 2009...




Back ON Topic:

Whether Dexia is or isn't the 1st (of what will soon be a very long line) of casualties, the biggest casualty of Greece's debt problems will be the death of the Eurozone.

Just think; if Greece, pretty much by its lonesome, has so far doomed formerly solid incumbent senior politicians (and even long-standing ruling political parties) in Germany, France and in the other allegedly solvent member states of the EU, what will the casualties look like from having to deal with the larger, flaming wreckages that are Spain, Italy and Portugal (and then some, count on it)?

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Greek BANK RUN bitches!!! (someone had to say it)

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Based on the video of the riots induced by EU imposed austerity talk about a month ago, I would not want to be a Greek ATM Machine during an angry Greek bank run.

Or a teller.

And especially not a banker or politician.

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 The banker and politicians get what they deserve, poor tellers and atm's.

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Sure enough. For some hilarity, click below to see a graphic illustration of bankster's dirty hierarchy of needs:

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Dexia is such a big player in the derivatives market that the Fed and ECB will do everything in their power to defend it.  

Of course, I am sure the likes of JPM and Deutsche are happy to sell very expensive CDS on the name, but they will be fully aware of this fact...

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ALL Belgium cities have stakes in Dexia and are forbidden by the state to sell their stake.

So if Dexia goes down, and indeed it is a massive deri. player, it will take the cities with them. ALL of them.

Dexia is in suck a big mess, and still they want to give a 7% div. this year no strings attached. Just after the capital raise demande from the shareholders.

The bid on dexia shares is GONE. Once the panick kicks in, it will be at 0 very fast.

The government is planning to SAVE Dexia. BUT to do so, it will need 30% extra revenue (hello dear taxpayer who pays +50% already) to do so. And yet the government promises to get to that 30% WITHOUT tax increases. I wonder how many magicians they will get involved to do so...

DEXIA has hughe connections to BAC and CITI. SO HELLO AMERICA! WELCOME ON STAGE!

If Greece falls, Belgium falls. It's that simple.

If Belgium falls... Europe and America because indeed the derivative market will fall of the cliff. And it will either way when the US will do a QE3 and also when it doesn't do a QE3.






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whoa! you just made this article even more sinister and catastrophic!

I am just happy that I got rid of ALL my Dexia shares when it was still at 4,6 €.

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It get's worse!!





1. if Dexia goes down = The cities have to BOOK the loss! = cities default.

2. The government itself has a big stake in Dexia to = Belgium DEBT will go to 175% in a matter of weeks!

3. ALL the big pension funds are Dexia related

4. Dexia is very interconnected in the French Banking world => Ouch!


This shit is just so BIG, nobody can even graps it!

Dexia is in a way bigger mess thant CITI and BAC combined!

Who will pay for it while nobody can really calculate how big the mess even is?!


 PS: Belgium is Uber BROKE!! No dineros! No more Euro's!

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The Belgium government has 600 billion in covered risks from Dexia.

That's just a number because Dexia would never be put at real risk... they said 2 years ago...



I'd better start looking to relocate...


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Thanks Sudden Debt. your a great Contributor to the web site and I always look forward to what you have to say.

Thanks, - Camaro



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relocate? you can always come here to little green Luxembourg ;-)

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I'll have a Diekirch, please!

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i am right across the river from the brewery! ha!

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They were rolling up to $37 billion in discount window debt year end 2008-12-31. Now you say they may need 600 billion?? Even Ben would not do that.

And we remember the Dexia rate-swap debacle with the US Municipalities..

Dexia is both too big to fail and too big to save.

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Dexia is both too big to fail and too big to save.

You forgot the magic printing presses.

2008 was just the beginning of the end. Give it a small decade and this money system is gone.

=> Physical gold in your vault, like a bowwss

(irony: I bought physical gold from Dexia 2 months ago)

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You see what happens, Larry, when you pay wannabe-bankers uberbonuses from the black hole of fractional reserve promises

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I advice you to stay away from financials as an 'investment', especially KBC and Dexia.

My father thinks he has the longest (still) running short on Dexia of the whole market. Since the beginning of 2007!


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Since the beginning of 2007? :)

I remember those day VERY well.

In 2007, you couldn't buy the 2011 puts. :)

Dexia only had the 2009 puts by than.

Your father is bullshitting you.


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I'll ask him again.

I'm not sure how puts are related but I thought the short-selling regulation came in in the panic of 2008?

Pretty sure.

It started out as a pair trade with fortis.


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u have to admit ...these ELITE are so boggles the mind

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While the eulogy continues water street leaning on the buy buy buy

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so what would happen when one of these big banks fail?

I mean... let's say that I owe Dexia 1.000.000 EUR, I'd still owe those 1.000.000 EUR to whoever takes over, no?

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Easy there. You own 1000.000 euro in stocks, you'll pay all the required capital raises. Unless you sell but there is no Bid... even near zero... so guess what happens if no sucker buys your crap? = you are fucked.

That million, is a millstone around your neck.

And the big shareholders know this, and it's just these that aren't allowed to sell without concent of the government.


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Debt to Dexia = can be confiscated by the government.

at new terms....

and they are in short supply of money...



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if this happens, let's hope that the government has bigger problems to look after than coming for my measly million euros.

Besides.. there IS NO government!

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Yes there is. There are 6 governments in Belgium.

Unless the new one get's the BHV problem solved, the financial reform, they can't form a new one AND THE OLD ONE STAYS IN POWER!

Did you really think they stopped messing things up? :)

And whatever they do, they're not responsible for it.

Is there anything better to fuck things up? Whatever you do, it's the other guys fault.





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So as you have already said fuck to your government for more than a year, wouldn't that be the moment to extend the word to the banks?

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The way I see it, the banks take money from other banks and invest it for their shareholders.  They are not really banks, servicing clients, they are investment funds for the bank shareholders.  The concept that our economy will be wiped out, or that real depositors will be wiped out, is farcical when you see the low lending, the government insurance for depositors (and believe me, folks with money have spread it around to take advantage of the insurance).  These are not really banks anymore!

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Bankers issuing paper with "do over" clauses.  Instead of maturing and learning from 2008, they are regressing to utter childishness.

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Yes, banks need to become just banks again.

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Can't. To many digital money flooting arround that "generates income".

Without it, our economy can't survive.

Banks are evil yes. But they are our opium.



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They will learn again soon..

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 "Without it, our economy can't survive."

Thats at least what the billions of dollars financial lobbying industry says when there's 're'-regulations e.g. Basel I, Basel II, Basel III.

standard lobbying reasoning: "for every additional % of capital requirements there is a% less growth",


Because our uber-knowledgeable-ministry-of-truth-economists said so.

I bet they will eat themselves by being too greedy the next coming years.


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Credit Agricole = DEFAULT

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Short French Banks ALL

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should i be buying the fucking dip

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Morgan Stanley; JpMorgan and BAC ,

US FInancial ENtities with biggest exposure to European Sovereign Debt.


SELL and short them till 40% down.

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Shorting the banks will be forbidden again in the next 6 weeks!



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It's not when you are already short..

Like I said: My father is short Dexia since early 2007. Beat that, captain hindsight!

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Since the beginning of 2007? :)

I remember those day VERY well.

In 2007, you couldn't buy the 2011 puts. :)

Dexia only had the 2009 puts by than.

Your father is bullshitting you.

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buying a put option and selling a stock short are not the same thing.

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Dexia will have to ask the gubbermint for help. Again. Oh wait, there is no gubbermint in Belgium, hasn't been for over a year now. Funny how practically all the european TBTF's have lately been pushing, among other similar crap, spread compression trades between Belgium and Germany. Traders want to clean their books and switch into german paper while "real money" ends up with the crap.

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I'd be wary about shorting.

All the PIIGS banks and the XLF are off their lows.

HBC is my bellweather, I'm watching that one carefully.

After a stunning 2009 recovery with massive monetization/nationalization/POMOzation, I doubt TPTB are going to let anybody "big" fail again.

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Dick Fold on line 1.

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That sounds painful.  Unless one is some kind of penile contortionist.  :-)