Berkshire Prices 6-Part, $8 Billion Deal

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No, thanks.  Think I'll pass.

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Doesn't he own a shitload of GS? Why did he use JPM?

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good question and I would like to hear what others think...

buffett loaned 5 billion to gs and has warrants on the common at 115 as i recall....

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Let gas hit $6/gallon and it might be worth it once trucking industry implodes

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I just don't know why triples or even many more trailers (12, 16, think Australia's truck-trains haulin' ass through the outback) wouldn't be viable and employed along a great deal of the interstate highway system, who the hell else will be on those interstates except the government?

Is that why all the bridges are getting fixed and the interstates refurbished: phase one is monies to prevailing-wage businesses (unions), phase two for tanks and armor to roll along...?

Nah, I'm just kidding. ...

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wow... anyone who passes up that deal is silly, go long BRKB, short treasuries of equal maturity and make bank off the spread. BRKB isn't going to blow out and Microsoft did basically the same deal awhile ago, check microsofts bonds now.

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Ultra-safe coupon and principal.  This ain't GE...

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Let it be.

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It is like a house with to many bricks.
hiding al his life in feare or what ever.
Now he is 80 plus and peolpe trusted him
The answer is he sold his pension with GS and JP.
It is not a moral question anymore!
Take what you get.
And after his pension was securred he bought
Railroad and GM for nothing.
And two banks!
So he made a big deal out of the crisis!
He has stil obligations he never can make!
He is over his neck in the DERIVATISE game.

My spelling good be bether but I gave up.


Sorry for my lang, what so ever.

I can only say like Byron,

Far they well,
and if forever far they well.

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Drama! en dat is Buffet. 2006!

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$10 million purchase will receive a complimentary model Lionel choo choo train.

$100 million gets a gold plated caboose.

$500 million gets you lunch at Dairy Queen with Buffett (you pay for cheezburger)

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Maybe he is getting nervous about the long term derivitives he owns that are linked tothe over all market.