Berlusconi MP Caught Picking Out Hookers On iPad During No Confidence Vote

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Like PM, like MP. At least in Italy they don't hide when going about their prostituing business, either on the receiving or giving end... From IBT: "A member of the Italian government led by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was caught ogling at an escort's website on his iPad during a no-confidence debate on Wednesday. Simeone di Cagno Abbrescia, 66, was photographed checking several scantily-clad women at a time when the three-times-married MP, a member of Silvio Berlusconi's ruling centre right People of Freedom party was in the chamber to take part in a no confidence vote. The MP was more interested in checking out 'Dolly, 39' and 'Daisy' who charged £400 for three hours on his iPad." The mea culpa: it literally just popped up - "I was looking at my messages when a window opened up and I couldn't help looking at the pictures of those lovely girls. I was just being curious. Sometimes you have to be in the house even when the debates are not exciting," Telegraph quoted Simeone di Cagno Abbrescia as saying. "Sometimes these messages from girls just pop up when you are looking at your email. I have never been with an escort," Abbrescia added." What next: someone photographs Gen Ben putting in a limit buy order 1 billion ES on his iPhone version of REDI?

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Someone stole my iPad.

TorchFire's picture

Too bad our own politicians can't be as distracted by such a  relatively wholesome activity.  Let's see....looking at whores or pissing all over the constitution and rule of law they ware sworn to uphold? Which is the greater sin. 

SilverIsKing's picture

Your question implies that looking at whores is a sin.  If so, I'm going straight to hell.

glenlloyd's picture

The word 'wholesome' really is a stretch here

Moonrajah's picture

Don't stretch your "pop up", that might hurt!

Lucy in the minSky with Deflation's picture

Please read about the Berlusconi's sex scandal:

He don't just browser the juvenile prostitutes on IPAD...

Just Observing's picture

Now is that 400 EACH, or for all 3 ?

Counting my pennies at this stage of life and REALLY need to know......

dick cheneys ghost's picture

send charlie sheen over there to clean things up.

Sudden Debt's picture

How can somebody be mad against him.

He's rich and despite his age he's getting arround.


oddjob's picture

A whop having Aids is not having it made,nor is it a suprise.

alpha60's picture

you fucking oddiot,

its WOP not whop. whithout papers? 

you're an embarrassment to racisists everywhere. 

DaveyJones's picture

don't you hate it when it "just pops up"

hedgeless_horseman's picture

I saw a very similiar thing while taking the tour at NASA.  It all pays the same when you are working on the taxpayers' dime.

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Yeah, people in the private sector never look at non-work related websites while at work. It's only those evil government employees. I have first-hand experience with NASA over many years, and I can tell you that overwhelmingly NASA employees are dedicated nerds who work really hard and would rather look at a website on Fast Fourier Transforms then one for an escort service.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

...NASA employees are dedicated nerds who work really hard...

To what end?  For $416 Billion we get invisible braces for Tom Cruise, ear thermometers, and a new type of shoe insole! 

Seen in the year-by-year breakdown listed below, the total amounts (in nominal dollars) that NASA has been budgeted from 1958 to 2008 amounts to $416 billion dollars—an average of $8.17 billion per year. By way of comparison, total spending over this period by the National Science Foundation was roughly one-fourth of NASA's expenditures: $101.5 billion, or $2 billion a year.[2]

ElvisDog's picture

You will see the end, my friend, if NASA withers and dies leaving China and Russia in control of space. Space is the ultimate high ground.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

That is partly why the US Air Force gets $170.6 Billion of taxpayer money just in 2010, because the USAF is responsible for space based defense, not NASA.

faustian bargain's picture

and his face is pixellated out why, exactly?

dan10400's picture

I think they should pixellate out the hookers face.   She must really need those 400 euros...

Clampit's picture

The real reason behind fiat currencies...

equity_momo's picture

I still think I-Pads are pointless.

papaswamp's picture

There is an app for that...

Ecoman11's picture

I wonder what the escort rate in gold would be valued at.

gwar5's picture

Sweet. Those Italians have style. Who wants to drive a Chevy when your heart says Farrari?

downrodeo's picture

"Sometimes these messages from girls just pop up when you are looking at your email"

of course they pop up when you order them!

When will we learn that our 'elected leaders' are wholly unfit to lead? In the US (and apparently everywhere), J6P probably has a more accurate moral compass than 99.8% of our congress critters.

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It's all inherent from self nomination...  we wonder why we keep dating the same kind of people...  but we refuse to change our selection process...

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This guy is stimulating the Italian economy, spending money on hookers and ipads, and nice suits....well done.

snowball777's picture

With Italian tax euros...what a giver.

Rainman's picture

At least he kept his hands where they can be seen.

redarrow's picture

Wow...this cannot be true. Its f'in unbelievable...what a laugh. Perhaps the whitehous should consider giving this guy some privacy the next time he visits.


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Go long Jergens and Kleenex.

ColonelCooper's picture

I apologize if I've offended any ZH readers who suffer with U.J.D..  (Uncontrollable Jacking Disorder)

That was highly insensitive of me.

thunderbird's picture

Hey that's Borat's sister!

haskelslocal's picture

"It just popped up".

Hephasteus's picture

You've got hooker mail.

Blano's picture

It was forwarded to him by his friends at the SEC.

MachoMan's picture

Maybe if she had a dick

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Now there's someone that could use some advice from the PM!

His hookers were far better looking than that old hag...

digitalhermit's picture

Seems an excessive, to the point of being dysfunctional, libido is a job pre-requisite for most politicians. Why else would they devote so much time and effort to chasing tail?

LongSoupLine's picture

I believe he just picked up an iPad dropped by the SEC.

Josh Randall's picture

 Priceless - if thats not a big "up yours" to his detractors I don't know what is. Go long Penicillin big man

jus_lite_reading's picture

Bill Clinton ain't got nothing on these guys...

lizzy36's picture

Have to love those Euro's.

alien-IQ's picture

at least he was looking for female escorts...unlike the US congress.

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I thought Jobs was against i-porn. Oh wait, there is no more Jobs...

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Is this a #uckin joke?

You know.... when I see these muslims in the center of Cairo, in front of soilders and army tanks get on their knees and pray to God... it makes me feel ashame as a Christian to see what the western world has come to.