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"In space, no one can see you print..." --The Keynsien





Meanwhile, back in 2011...







H/T to Tyler for suggesting Armageddon

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WB7 - I like that you left Buscemi in the astronaut pic - his expression fits the rest of the scene...nice!

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Laughing my pants of. Good work Williambanzai!

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Spacemen is very fitting for Benny the Beans squad, top job Banzai Paul Krugman in there too, he's definitely a fuking spaceman

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You're a valuable contributor to the website; you should get paid. I look for your posts; they're really entertaining.

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I think your IQ is more like a 180 ;-)

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Takin' it one step further... Laughing therapy complete for the day!!!


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J.L. is my hero...

I think miss Big Moon needs a nice "nuke symbol" tatoo on one of those cheeks???  Or even U 232 symbol???

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Naturally, the market is up over twoo hundred points on all of the wonderful news coming in from around the globe. Thanks Ben!

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Crowd stupidity is exactly what Jesse Livermore said to look for. Who you gonna listen to him or the Dr?

IQ 145's picture

 100%! great admirer of Jesse Livermore; sometimes you can actually see that "everyone" has gone out for Kool-aid, and trade against the move.

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and mania's always defy our awareness of them. tell people there is a mania in hand held electronic devices (like tulips once upon a time) and they get all glassy eyed. i would say the stock market and the currency market really follows THOSE things, but that's just my perspective. I mean how do you fool 6 billion people, you don't, you give them twitter and let them fool themselves.

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The jury is still out on whether the twitter cloud is dumb. I'm not so sure. The main impact of twitter is everything travels  in an instant. You can run but you can't hide.

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I think Bernie Madoff is too good to be part of Bernankageddon - he's small fry compared to Paulson and Timmah - and the only one actually doing time.

That big moon needs a spanking and a good waxing and waning; i'll make sure we have a safe word and a tidal calendar.

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He is their advisor on the laws of Ponzinomique

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Mr Banzai,


I would like to request a throwback image of a soldier leaning against some sand bags in a war zone with iraq and afganistan patches on his shoulder and a book on libya in his hands. and of course the lit cigarette in mouth. Just would like to show some respect to those that have to do it for real and get no fucking break.  you are better than I am at presenting it. TIA TWORIVER

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I know what you are thinking and I am thinking the same thing. Let the Ivy League fuckers playing army go and do the lifting.

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The Rastas call this Babylon and they are right, from the $ printing to the revolutions against it in NEMA and this horrible preventable catastrophe in Japan. All you can do is try not to be a part of of it at the least. Thanks.

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Good thing Ben only has a Boss 302. Imangine the damage he could do with a Boss 429.

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ps: i did significant damage to my left fourth toe.

williambanzai7's picture

I'm glad you found your pjs. Now go to the ER and get your toe checked. Better safe than sorry.

velobabe's picture

no i ain't going to no ER. i only go there some times, when it is really bad. i cut my fourth little toe on my left leg with my sword last night while i was doing my yoga session. i think it will heal back together. the cut was quite sharp and maybe two inches long. i just don't want it to get infested. i know really well how to heal things, i hurt myself a lot and bleed all the time. but don't any body worry about me, i can take care of myself. am even going to ride my fixie today. spring has sprung. flowers and gardens and other beautiful things are going to start springing up.

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good thing there arent any jooish astronauts.
wait what?

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Does this mean Michelle has 70's porn bush?

I'm sure she needs a "Tomahawk" regardless...

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do you think he got has asshole bleached after the waxing?

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I wonder if Ben Realizes that car he is driving may someday be worth more than all the fiat he is printing.

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ASC OCF bank auth.?

01000011 01101000 01100101 01100101 01110010 01110011

B. Fleeced

williambanzai7's picture


   0        0


000111000 ;-)

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are we talkin about Obamas' No-Fly Zone?

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I like the fact that Steve Buschemi is now part of the team...

I feel safer already!


rosiescenario's picture

Great stuff as always least you had good enough taste to make it a wax job and not a butt bleach for BO....especially likje the rallye car shot....

williambanzai7's picture

That one is wall poster material ;-)

Miss Expectations's picture

Is there a reason you chose a Ford?

Hows about a GTO instead?

Obama ass waxing is damn funny.

williambanzai7's picture

I reworked another image. I like the Mustang but the kings of the road when I was I kid were the Trans Am and Road Runner

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What about the Mercury Cougar?  Put a couple of sandbags in the trunk over the rear axle you were almost good to go. Think "East Street Shuffle" on the New Jersey Turnpike fire roads on a sweet, sticky September evening.

Fuel that cat with leaded, testosterone, and a double shot of "I'm never gonna die".

That's racing.

velobabe's picture

we raced a cougar in the local stock car races, and always won first place. but he did die pretty soon after.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

Nice, 1969 really was the apex of automotive engineering.  I'll have to add Cougar (great name ;-p ) to my top ten list.  Includes 122s, Citroen DS, VW bug/microbus, El Camino...

Oh yeah, GREAT WORK BANZAI... laughed alot again.


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Don't forget the "goat"

GTO  =  Get Turned On

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I'm soo pleased! Awesome work!