Bernanke Central Planning UnLP Rejoices As It Sends ES Surging In Last Print Of Day, Dow Closes Green

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Below are the closing prints in ES. The E-mini closed right above VWAP in one block. In a word: Unbelievable, or rather - "who gives a shit." Does anyone even pretend this closen market is anything less than utterly and criminally manipulated? Does anyone care? We didn't think so. The only mantra remaining: Must. Close. Green. With ever fewer exchanges, expect to see much more clowning around to a centrally planned stock market near you soon.

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And the DXY was only down $.40.  Happy days!

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Phew!  That was a close one! ;)

Michael's picture

The Fed has only one mandate, create the illusion of confidence.

Subjective mindset will meet objective reality soon enough.

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I sure hope youre right, because this daily market orgazmatron fest is making me ill and giving me a 24/7 migraine.

Fidel Sarcastro's picture

Yup -- bought 16.25 & cheered the manipulation to 1320.00.  It's cRaZ.

gimli's picture

Shaddup and buy the fuk'n dip

Turd Ferguson's picture

Wow...and no end in sight, either.

Don't be short anything that is denominated in dollars. Period.

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Two boring gold pimps have a small circle jerk.

tmosley's picture

Normalcy bias.  Not everyone has sex with multiple male partners every day.

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I'm itching to.short silver again. It is in the resistance zone.

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Au contraire - I actually bought TZA at close yesterday and watched and nurtured it all day to sell it at the ripe profit of 1.5% (this after probably losing 9999% in previous episodes of TZA).  Lucky I sold when I did come it came crashing down at the close.

Bottomline, probably best not to mess w/ the Russell.

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ZH must simply accept the market is no longer a "market".  It is a policitical tool to build confidence and pass along subsidies to owners of companies and their shareholders.  End. of. Story.

We accept it of other "lesser" nations...just understand we are now a lesser nation and it all makes sense.

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It is political but no less criminal: Fed/Treas/Gov trio is buying everything with *your* money. And you have to pay interest too, to them!

The money may be fiat/fake but the assets they are buying are real. Even if the market crashes and the dollar goes to zero, the companies and employees are still real and it is theirs to keep. Until a revolt breaks out, that is...

hambone's picture

Morally repugnant, wrong headed, yeah. 

Criminal?  When you're the king, you make the "rules".  My guess is the Feds activities would not be found "criminal".  They would be allowed in a time of national crisis or simply deemed within the Feds mandate. 

You have to have stable law and justice to determine something is criminal.  Show me anyone (beyond Madoff and non sanctioned Ponzi's) who's actions have been found criminal.

nonclaim's picture

When you're the king, you make the "rules".

I'd say "While you're the king...".

But yeah, financial crimes are worth it, that is established. But still a crime it is.

Settle for a tenth of what you got and get banned for life from trading, really? How harsh a punishment...

hambone's picture

"While" you're the king... Excellent point.  Somebody(s) may end up losing his head over all this if history is any guide.  However, a population as complacent and unaware as America's isn't likely to figure out the real villains vs. ready served scapegoats.

There likely is not going to be any justice in this life.  Maybe so on the second lap around.

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I have much more confidence in our markets comrade.

Hedgetard55's picture

Actually, that was Harry and Hamy buying the dip at the end of the session.

MrTrader's picture

Buy 50.000 ES contracts market at every single tick you can imagine. You can be the greatest IDIOT alive, have no understanding in underlying econometrics and you will make a killing. The IDIOTS at investment banks, mutual funds and hedge funds care about the rest. They are Ben Bernanke´s great followers. Bonuses and awards received easily for a no brainers work!!!!!

Halleluja in risk free land! Question: why so complicated, Bernanke? Why not organize a hand out of paper money directly at the New York FED????

Damn, I need my new Ferrari !!!!

Spaceman Spiff's picture

Remember, remember! 
    The fed member, 
    The Printing treason and plot; 
    I know of no reason 
    Why the Printing treason 
    Should ever be forgot! 
    Bernanke and his companions 
    Did the scheme contrive, 
    To blow the dollar and stocks
    All up alive. 

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Stick save, bitchez!

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Oh man I can't believe the last minute moves upward and what's more annoying is that damned over the hill camel nose Maria Bartiroma doing a cheer and waving her pom poms.  She is the  Forrest Gump of financial "reporting" 

topcallingtroll's picture

Hey! Dont you dare insult my one true love! Ahh...Maria!

mynhair's picture

(sounds of puking in the background)

b_thunder's picture

Utterly and criminally manipualted market?   Yes.  But with what precision!   Sack and HFTs are definutely "learning."

IEVI's picture

If anyone can't see that the equity markets are reacting to the effects of bubblenomics, then they are blind. Like all bubbles it will pop. With many of the shorts eliminated (see the explosion when it finally blows it should be extraordinary.

SashaBelov's picture

Well, who's buying? Guess fed cant do it itself. Are PDs exposing themselfes to next market crush - because unless they bid to every single ask made by those still in the market and that means forever on everyday more overpriced level... imposible unbalanced game by definition.

randocalrissian's picture

IMO it goes like this:


PD1 buys for $1 sells to PD2 for $2

PD2 sells to PD3 for $3

PD3 sells to PD4 for $4

PD4 sells to PD5 for $5

PD5 sells to retail investor for $6

PDs 1-5 short everything at $6 and market goes bidless

PDs 1-5 cover at $1, wiping out retail.


So long as retail never again enters the picture (you know, on a big scale) the market HAS to keep going up, and PDs and everyone in it benefits, since there will be nobody there to get burned by the hot potato and each sequential transaction passes along more wealth.  It's a transparent pyramid of infinite width so it never reaches the peak until retail puts their head on the block.  Let's hope everyone stays out for as long as possible.

buzzsaw99's picture

So long as retail never again enters the picture (you know, on a big scale) the market HAS to keep going up...


Trimmed Hedge's picture

I understand it can be painful to realize a loss, but perhaps it's best to just cover the short, already....

Rainman's picture

Whatever this closing move is, it plays more reruns than I Love Lucy.

Wheatman's picture

If the HFT boys are winning, who is losing in this market? Does anyone lose? I stayed long for the 2:15 express and got a green win, but who piad me?

monkeyfaction's picture

I guess anyone that owns dollars but isn't invested in the stock market is paying you.

simpleminds's picture

Note to self...if market still down 15 minutes before close...put in stop limit order to buy ES just above recent high...exit on close...payday

RobotTrader's picture

The news on WFMI is proof positive that the consumer is happy again and willing to spend.

Why is that?  Because the PigMen have successfully slammed oil back down again (using paper of course), and have capped gold to staunch the fear of inflation.

More proof that you cannot fight City Hall.  Never bet against the house.  The PPT can move any stock or commodity with huge boatloads of paper contracts with ease.

They got oil today.  Tomorrow, they will start attacking the grain speculators.

Anything and everything will be pulled out to keep the U.S. consumer happy and spending money.  That way, it will be impossible to have any sort of riots here which Gerald Celente and other gloomers are predicting.

And based on how the FXI is trading, The Bernank is taking note and he's getting a hint that he can NEVER raise interest rates like the PBoC is doing.

So it appears that the U.S. Consumer is once again ready to overtake the world and allow all the creditor nations to start ramping up production to start producing toys and crap for us to buy.

topcallingtroll's picture

Yeah! More crap! USA! USA! USA!

tmosley's picture

They've only got ten little fingers they can jam into that dike, and the water is already up to their waist.

If they are gong to push grain down, they better do it quick before they lose the rest of the Middle East.

mynhair's picture

Push grain down, with roads closed in the mid-fly-over due to icing.

MrTrader's picture

China, Japan, Germany, UK, Russia and Middle East countries made a large mistake when the US banks were bankrupt: they should have liquided all Treasury Paper and bring the US down on its knees!!!!! Now, uncle Ben has inflated all assets and there is no doubt: this idiot of a central banker is going to win the deflation=> inflation game! For the other players like China, Germany and others: well, somebody needs to produce the goods for the citizen of the US, isn´t it?

AccreditedEYE's picture

The PPT can move any stock or commodity with huge boatloads of paper contracts with ease.

All except CSCO. :)

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

old catfish mouth robo uber bull bear wanna be is at it again. shameless she shills the bull case after 8 trading days ago waxing eloquent whether the top was in. and day before yesterday telling us the bull case for oil and gold. now she tells us that we ought never fight city hall.

question is did she learn not to fight city hall today?

well one thing is for sure. gentleman jim sinclair is back to being a gold fool again in her eyes.

the good news is that old catfish mouth will change her mind tomorrow, and make him a genius if gold gaps up. guess it's a girls right to change her mind.

sigh ......

papaswamp's picture

"Tomorrow, they will start attacking the grain speculators."

Yep...corn is up 95% YTD time for a whack. Huge number of idiots loaded into CORN ETF today. They will get slaughtered.

newworldorder's picture

Why pick on Robo here.

Whether his call is accurate or not on grains is really not the issue. His main assertion is directionally correct. Namely that the FED/Treasury/PD  are directionally able to control markets. The consumer must spend or the system comes to a halt. I may not like it, but there it is. Not much we can do about it.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

respectfully, newworldorder, robo said the opposite a week ago that the fed/treasury/pd are able to control the market. robo also made the case for an oil and gold skyrocket - this week. now he's going the other way. he is consistently inconsistent, changing with the wind.

tomorrow, if the market drops robo will change directions and blow with the wind. mind you, robo doesn't believe his own writing. robo is - in his words - only 30% invested. so robo doesn't even take robo's own advice, nor act on the premise that the fed/treasury/pd control the market. if he did he'd be all in.

Zero Govt's picture


I haven't junked you but just to say that post was junk. Anyone imagines 'Town Hall' controls any stock market just doesn't know their history nor what a bunch of Ronald McDonalds Town Hall is.... name one single topic they are good at?

..."fuking things up" is not acceptable as an answer BTW  

topcallingtroll's picture

what if we do touchdown for a perfect landing? Maybe in five years horizontal fracking will drive world oil prices down just like it did for usa natgas. Russia and venezuela go bankrupt. Democracy and enduring peace break out in middle east. Afghanistan becomes the world leader in base and precious metal production. What if we really do grow our way out of this shit and cut our trade deficit 25 percent just by oil price drops alone? I know i shouldnt be drinking the kool aid, but it tastes so good. Not all black swans are bad.

oldmanofthesee's picture

Shit, Troll. You guys had finally convinced me to load up on gold at $1360! What the heck do I do now?

firstdivision's picture

Today's price action reminds me of this past summers.  Always pumping it in the last hour, seems QE3 is starting to get priced in.