Bernanke: "QE2 Contributed To A Stronger Stock Market" As TrimTabs Predicts More QEasing Ahead

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damn, damn, that finite planet and its finite infrastructure and finite resources!

hedge accordingly.

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You've clearly never heard of alternal dimensional worlds. According to that theory, every event creates one and creates alternal universes ALL CONTAINING ANOTHER EARTH!

If only we had a device to get there and rob them blind...

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If only we had a device to get there ....

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Do we really need a Ph.D. in eCONomics to figure out that when you create trillions of dollars, prices of almost everything go up?

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Did he really say that making the stock market higher helps the economy and small businesses?

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Got Nvida, BankofAmerica, AIG ???

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Those are not the economy. Trading their stock does not create an economy, either.

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Yes... Beta... no Alpha.

JW n FL's picture

Yes... Beta... no Alpha.

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I'm convinced that BEnron Shalom Israel Bernank is Satan. No other individual could lie and operate under false pretenses while causing the certain destruction of the entire global finance system. Hedge accordingly indeed.

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Did he ever add he also studied Rudy Von Havenstein?  

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He did, and he found flaws in Von Havenstein's methods, which he is correcting for the ongoing model run. We'll get back to you once the experiment is over. If you are still around and still in condition to care.

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his eyes are not that of a sly cougar, his eyes are of an Evil satan beast. they all have eyes of emptiness. these beasts are nothing less of a

satan wimp.

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Even better than that! 


"A stronger economy helps small businesses more than larger businesses."  


Does anyone really believe this guy?


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He keeps saying this in the hope that people will believe QE2 is responsible for the 78% rise in stocks so that as long as keeps doing QE people/traders/funds will keep buying stocks and he will look like a hero.

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Who cares what he said, this is called propaganda, not an interview

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He comes right out and says he's watching the IWM everyday, basically! Mission Accomplished!

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And so qe3 will be needed so the stock market doesn't crash and people lose money and more jobs right? So it can never ever end.

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Flawless. Absolutely. Flawless.

You only gotta wonder why someone didn't come up with this sooner. It's like free money or something.

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shelia B E A R is looking luscious, for a future hunt ress.

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She didn't do her job for the "To small to protect/saves" like she did fot the "TBTFs."

interesting series

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Like the picture of Geithner too  in this article - narrowed eyes, frown line while reading Jack and Jill went up the hill ....

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reading very slow due to speech impediment....
It's not nice to make fun of the handicapped.

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can we hear bens thoughts on food riots, soaring food prices, record food stamps, foreclosures and unemployment - what has QE2 done for those items

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Ben: "I would be happy to address those issues, except they are not happening anywhere in the world that I personally know of."

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Wow, gold stocks are getting totally hammered into the bell.

Must be "pricing in" an end to QE pretty soon.

Poor General Jim really got busted over a boulder on that $1,650 prediction.

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No disrespct robo, but I'm in no mood for it today.

pat53's picture

There ain't gonna be no mo QE's. Enjoy this one cause thats all she wrote !!

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What, no buy the dip?  Pick up any NEM yet?  It's holding....

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Frosty Sack is working a little harder today to keep Harry's and Robo's retirment fund in the green by the bell today.

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If only he purchased nvida geez' that was an easy call. They make the graphic chips for all the handhelds and tablets now with the new microsoft deal. Booyaaaa


Gold and the miners have done nothing since oct 20th ( miners = blowtorched )

If only general jim purchased AIG, BAC, NVDA, MIPS, SPRD, in december ( i did ) after gold started trading sideways .... Lol' Maybe another year or two of sideways movement like 2008-2009.


Turd told me 24 hours ago gold was going over $ 1,400.00 soon ??? WTF

Sutton's picture

He loved it at 300, to be fair.

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Fuck you Robo and your stupid gold stocks!

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That basturd should be tried for murder!

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The guy is such an asshole.  I can't believe he is the most powerful man in the world.  

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I hope the people of this country take back what's theirs soon.

Politics is a joke, its like two teams playing ball. Cheer for one or the other, but in the end they fuck you over anyway.

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...fallacious QE.... blowing another bubble!

lead salad's picture

I am Ben's raging printing press.....


Time to buy the Silver.  Plus stock up the food pantry and ammo chest.

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You worthless P.h.D. You are worthless. I don't want a high stock market, I want to fill up my SUV and pay $25 not $100. I want to buy a house for what its worth not some bullshit price (which is I haven't purchased thanks to you) which is why I haven't hired anyone because your enabling of the U.S government is going to cause my taxes going up, either on paper, or via inflation. Which is why you have done nothing but stymie this recovery and caused decades of pain to come.


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+ a single malt to go please.

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Single malt will go through the stratosphere on these commodity prices - and they have been ramping over the past few years.  Ding! Make a chart on prices on single malt over the past decade? Any takers?

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+ a single malt to go please.

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you have a way of getting right to the point and driving it home! Well done.

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I think unemployment of young males under 25 is nigh unto 25%....

I'm gonna start explaining to everyone I meet that Ben B.S. Bernutty is responsible.

I'd like Benny Boy to have a sit down with some that have been made aware.