Bernanke Speech And Word Cloud

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Accomodative monetary policies are still needed...

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Ok ladies and gents. Accomodative policies are here until the system rolls over and dies. Any tightening sends us over the cliff at a quicker rate. Its not rocket science.

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Still, the Federal Reserve's actions in recent years have doubtless helped stabilize the financial system, ease credit and financial conditions, guard against deflation, and promote economic recovery. All of this has been accomplished, I should note, at no net cost to the federal budget or to the U.S. taxpayer.


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Very subjective , i assume he is taking into account 401k , stock wealth and where the housing market WOULD be without their programs. With food and gas only being "transitory" for 2 years , he maybe right. In another 2 years though , there will be a huge net loss to the taxpayer with cost of living taken into account.

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We wont see real inflation until we start seeing real job and wage growth.

Asset speculation and bubbles reflect the top-bottom approach, and corporations are not charities; they will hire when they need too.

It results in speculative asset inflation, top tier wealth, and mid bottom tier pressure and poverty.

More of the same.

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So high food and gas prices aren't real inflation?  Or are you saying it's just going to get much worse?

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imo those are the result of corporate and government speculation of inflation, just like when prices automatically go up every year yet wages remain stagnant; like we are seeing now. This is unsustainable without main street, because many corporations raising prices depend on mainstreet for their earnings.

i think the method of inflation dictated by corporation and governments to enable them to raise prices is a scam..

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This is unsustainable without main street, because many corporations raising prices depend on mainstreet for their earnings.


Well said. In other words, dumb parasites ultimately kill their hosts.


And onto The Bernank's announcement, whereby I declare an empty chamber, or to put it another way:

Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier


"Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!"
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+1 on the parasite comment, as that's why there will be no wage inflation, but only destruction, because the banksters cannot keep all of the money out of the real economy.

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at least he isn't "blaming" EM for eating more

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I take it you've never been to S. America?

Might wanna figure out how Brazil is on its 3rd currency in 20 years and the Colombian Peso is 1800 to the dollar when there were no job and wage growths in either of those countries.

Or maybe how the Messican peso has repeatedly collapsed, the Argentine peso a couple of times...etc.

Crushing sovereign debt leads to "real" inflation, nothing else does.

Anyone who told you that wages and all of this cause "real" inflation are idiots.

I mean, a bag of chips is fking $4 now...this isn't "real" enough?

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thank you trav7777 !!!

I tired to repeat this again, but defaulting on a great scale without sufficient collateral is not deflationary but hyperinflationary impulse.

That wy I don't get this MISHs definishon with "credit market to market" - money is created and put in circulation, if credit goes bust without sufficient collateral, money must buy something else.

Credit is not money, credit creates money. If credit is nullified, worthless unbaked money stay in system and searches in panic some other place to go.

So marking cretit to market can not change amount of money in circulation (M3).


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I can imagine the heads of all the central banks sitting in a gold plated office somewhere in Brussels going over hundreds of charts with one of the Rothschilds presiding. When all of a sudden someone calls out "Holy S*it, do you guys realize that a bag of chips in America is $4....and chewing gum is $1".

Would throw their central planning roadmap right out the window.

I doubt they care about the price of chips. LOL



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$4 chips? Damn, only the food stamp people will be able to afford that.

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Inflation is an increase in the money supply.  You're telling me there hasn't been an increase in the money supply?

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I will tell you there's been an increase in the money supply, but it's been small.

I will further tell you there's been a large increase in the monetary base, but that doesn't equal the money supply.

I will further tell you there's a big chunk of excess reserves hanging out at banks, doing nothing, and for good reason (they're going to need all the dry powder they will have access to, and not good reasons, but baaaad ones).

I will finally say that we're no where near the end of deleveraging via change in consumer or business behavior (turning into trends) nor debt writedowns and other forms of debt destruction (and in a fiatski world, debt destruction does equal money destruction).


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He only lies when his mouth moves, eye blink, or heart pounds.  When done all together you have the trifecta of lies. 

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What is clear is that the USS America has hit an iceberg and is taking on water and time will tell if she sinks.

Bernanke is in charge of handing out buckets and is pretending to be in full control of the situation.

The Wall Street band is still playing.

Now is not a good time to be short on gold, silver or lifeboats.

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Jeez, how many words does it take to say "The economy sucks, it ain't getting better anytime soon, our backs are against the wall and we are probably going to fabricate more fiat."

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The economy sucks, it ain't getting better anytime soon, our backs are against the wall and we are probably going to fabricate more fiat.


On reflection it could be done it just  23. Cuz it ain't "probably".

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How Many times did The Bernank placed the cart before the horse? This guy is so clueless. They stabilized and prevented deflation without costing the taxpayer anything! Otherwise prices would be lower for consumers, Chairsatan!

He expects inflation to be transitory, because commodity prices won't rise further. I rest my case, this guy, what a nonsense.

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I like the fact that "increases" and "increased" together will be bigger than "economies"

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Wall St crack heads are not happy!!

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Lies and deceit.


Why even attempt to decrypt the garbage.


Nothing the moron said was tradeable. The fix is in, and you ain't in.

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I don't see "Transitory" in the cloud......

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His head isn't needed.

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QE3 here we come.  To the f'n moon, bitchez!

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I regret to inform you that I have ultimately reigned supreme in every battle against every adversary who ever dared oppose me, and your meager and pathetic attempts at thwarting my final judgment will amount to nothing more than delaying the inevitable whilst digging yourself a deeper hole within which to bury thyself on that long, winding road of graves that awaits your journey.


--Memo from True Market to The Bernank, from 'Memoirs of A King Slayer'

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Is it available online (live)?

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If he truely want less volatility, he should simply shut the F up.

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 G/F that's a bit extreme! You can JUNK me all you want, but Anarchy isn't the answer!


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"Anarchy isn't the answer"

Ah, exactly how was this country founded again?  

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 You have made a good point. I have the FREEDOM to make that statement.

    Care to test my theory?

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Do you have the freedom to keep your income? To gamble? To smoke-- whatever? To refuse payment in worthless paper? To seek your own justice? To board a plane without forced irradiation (or fondling)? To decline a Social Security #?

To refuse health insurance? (Coming soon.)

Oh... but you have freedom to do all of the things your government-- allows. buy services from licensed professionals, for tolerated vices, using rigged currency--so long as you don't break certain other arbitrary rules and thus "forfeit" your "rights".

Fool; all slaves have this kind of freedom.

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Announcer: Heeee's ready! Our topless nurse Judy is wheeling our patient into the isolation ward. . . . Can you hear me in there?
(Guest doesn't reply.)
Announcer: OK, let's shoot him up!
(Sound of a hypodermic syringe.)
Announcer: Now, patient, you've got 10 seconds to tell us what you've got, and beat the reaper!
Guest (barely audible): Uhh, shaking. Uh, my hands are all - I'm turning yellow - My God, I've got jaundice!
Announcer: That's right! Now, here's the last. Are you ready for symptom seven?
Guest (groaning): I wanna go home.
Announcer: Only one way to do that. . . . Give him that really big disease!

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jk! err, joking; a jape! Just breaking down the other Fed'isms! It was a typo, I meant to write "Shoot up WITH the Fed". It was supposed to be taken figuratively, not literally. Don't waterboard me, "I got 5 kids to feed..."

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 Now you are (becoming a leader) I respect you.