Bid Bullion Releases 171,500 Ounces Of Silver "Max Keisers" In Ongoing Campaign To Destroy JPMorgan

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Anyone who thought Max Keiser would tire of his plan to destroy JPMorgan using a physical crunch may be disappointed. In fact, just the opposite. The outspoken critic of every fraud financial has, with the assistance of Bid Bullion, just launched a limited edition silver bullion named Silver Keiser. The total amount of new silver to be created will be 171,250 ounces. Furthermore, beside sharing his visage with one face of the currency of the JPM resistance, "Max Keiser has nothing to do with Bid Bullion and will not benefit in any way from the sales of the Silver Keisers. Max Keiser was quoted saying - "Bid Bullion has free use of my name and image for this. I have no personal stake, or any business relationship at all with Bid Bullion in the creation and distribution of these coins." Obviously, with numerous silver retailers out of inventory, this issue will likely sell out very quickly. In tangential thoughts we wonder what comes next: the US mint issues Gold-Plated Tungsten Assanges?

Full Silver Keiser press release:

Bid Bullion releases its limited edition silver bullion to commemorate Max Keiser and his efforts in increasing the prices of silver., a new penny auction selling precious metals at pennies on the dollar, has released a limited edition silver bullion by the name of the Silver Keiser.

This move couldn’t have been taken at a better time. On November 11th, 2010, Max Keiser, a finance critic and former stockbroker, told the listeners of the Alex Jones show that they should start “Google Bombing” the term “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” to increase the rankings of pages that aimed at exposing the obvious short in the paper silver market.

Keiser and Jones’ underground campaign was met with a worldwide success, and went viral. As a result, the value of silver increased more than 8% in value thus far and continues to rise. According to Keiser, people’s efforts should only cease when silver is finally sold for its true value, which is $500 per physical ounce.

With such a historical event unraveling before the whole world, Bid Bullion decided to release the limited edition Silver Keiser. Jeremey Hillsdon, Bid Bullion’s co?founder said, “We wanted to help capture the moment by commemorating Keiser's life's achievements thus far, by creating a piece of history.” Aside from thanking Keiser for his efforts, the Keiser Silver will help remove 171,250 ounces of physical silver from the global markets and place them in people’s reach.

Bid Bullion has created 25,000 units in 1/10, ¼, ½, 1 ounce and 5 ounce rounds. Each of these has the picture of Max Keiser engraved into its fine, flawless surface, and has the quotes "Global Insurrection Against Corporate Occupation" and also "Crash Banksters, Buy Silver". In addition, each bullion will be marked with its related weight, the dates 2010/2011, and .999 Fine Silver to add more value for silver investors and collectors.

However, investors should keep in mind that Max Keiser has nothing to do with Bid Bullion and will not benefit in any way from the sales of the Silver Keisers. Max Keiser was quoted saying - "Bid Bullion has free use of my name and image for this.  I have no personal stake, or any business relationship at all with Bid Bullion in the creation and distribution of these coins.

The collective success we will all enjoy when the fiat money spinners and in particular JP Morgan are put out of business is good enough for me."

The Silver Keisers are currently being made at Northwest Territorial Mint, which is one of the most recognized and the largest private mint worldwide. The bullion will be available for delivery by the first week of January. Buyers interested in finding out more about the Silver Keiser bullion should place their orders in advance as these bullion are expected to sell out quickly due to early pre?order inquiries by bullion dealers and investors alike. For more information on the Silver Keiser, please visit

For more information regarding Keiser’s “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” campaign, please visit his website at:

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Violetta (not verified) Dec 9, 2010 10:08 AM


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Awesome! Link to purchase?

geminiRX's picture

Yah, I want a piece of that too. Might be a real collector piece in the future:)

Eternal Student's picture

Since Max isn't getting anything out of this, if I manage to get more than one of these, I'm going to send Max one. I would encourage everyone to do the same. It's a great way of keeping the effort going.

Whizbang's picture

Unless max is long silver, physical or otherwise, just like everyone on this site. Also, everyone seems to be forgetting that JPM has over a trillion dollars in assets it can pledge to the fed in exchange for 0% loans from the discount window. JPM is not going bankrupt. You will literally be paying through decreased buying power for them to double down on their shorts.

SheepDog-One's picture

A trillion in assets of what? Real estate?

Whizbang's picture

largely derivatives, the fed loans them money at zero percent for them, they can then buy them back later if they want.

DollarMenu's picture

Keep your eye on the ball, Mr. Whiz.

It's about the silver, not a cash equivalent.

Money from the Fed in this case is like a raincheck from Walgreen's for an item

they have no intention of restocking.


AnonymousAnarchist's picture

So, 1 Silver Keiser can be purchased for approx 35 Krugmans?

Whizbang's picture

I already own silver and gold as a hedge, but I don't plan on buying too much at a two year high in prices. Always a skeptic, when everyone is talking about buying physical gold and silver on a particular webpage, and the site is sponsored almost entirely by PM dealers, I tend to get suspicious. I've been reading ZH now for almost two years, and I have noticed a wide swing towards precious metals as the banners have changed.



szjon's picture

I'm pretty sure the banners are dictated by the cookies in your browser? I get banners for plasma tvs when I've been looking for one for my daughters xmas, or screw fixings when I was building my gate. etc.


Surprisingly no porn...........

Unholy Dalliance's picture

Well said, DM! It is truly amazing how many people still don't understand how silver works as real money. 'Count the ounces worth, not the dollars worth' should be the mantra until the info. sinks in.



geminiRX's picture

The whole ponzi scheme that this market is - has it's days numbered. There is no assets - only liabilities.

Eternal Student's picture

You seem to be sadly mistaken about JPM. Check this out:

" If you feel up to it, I urge you to see Kirby's paper " The Elephant in the Room"  for a complete and thorough analysis of interest rate swaps and what it means.


JPMorgan is by far the largest derivative player in the world and they are the largest player in interest rate derivatives. ...

The real risk to JPMorgan is the speed of which long bond yields rise as they cannot get out of their contracts.  This will probably be the spark that ignites inside a coal mine. A yield of say 5% would create a 1.6% loss of over 640 billion dollars  (they state, I believe, a notional 90 trillion interest rate swaps so 45 trillion on the long end and 45 trillion on the short end).  That would blow up JPMorgan and create havoc and collateral damage equal to a neutron bomb in the financial area of Wall Street."

So much for the myth of stability of JPM.

Oh, and thank you for the opportunity to point out some of the facts about the disaster which is JPM. I'd be happy to highlight more and call this to peoples' attention if you wish.

Whizbang's picture

Sure, I love to learn. I just don't think that we are taking down JPM

Eternal Student's picture

If you wish to learn, then just keep reading ZH. Perhaps some day you'll be able to back up your wishful thinking with actual data. Until you can do so, all you've got are fairy tales. Which is not a good way to invest, but of course, many do.

Good luck with your investments.

Whizbang's picture

I love people who throw out insults when asked for a source for thier bullsh*t. Stop pushing your POS blog on here too. No one wants to read it.

RockyRacoon's picture

Then just do it for your own satisfaction and wealth preservation.

Hephasteus's picture

Gold and silver is NOT a hedge against inflation. If it WERE. It would never go down. Because it is used in good money for bad scams.

Since it's not a hedge against inflation it's a horrible fucking wealth destruction machine. And it's being pointed right at wealthiest people on the planet who will absolutely NOT stop buying bombs and people cookers and x-ray trucks and cameras and training bullets until you make them fucking poor.

tmosley's picture

They could have 100 Quintillion dollars in unencumbered cash and it wouldn't make them any less bankrupt if they can't deliver the silver.

There is hardly any silver!  It's selling at prices that are at least an order of magnitude below where supply and demand should put it!  They are burning 40% more silver than the world is producing in a year, and free stockpiles are all but gone.

JonNadler's picture

Oh Wiz I wish you were right, but at the rate we're going a trillion from the FED won't buy you a monster silver eagle box....err... I mean no no, I mean silver is going to 2.58 and you can't eat silver and the IMF will sell silver.....they don't have any silver?.......they do have it in a secret location,...they're just not telling anybody, otherwise it wouldn't be secrete, only Warren Buffett knows where it is (it's a secrete) maybe Soros also knows (Also secretely) and nobody knows whether they're confiding in each other.

To summarize, silver is dead and the Jp Morgue will live forever, Heil Jamie!!

geminiRX's picture

Bid Bullion has not even launched yet and the NWT mint does not have information about silver Keisers on their website. How do we know this is legit - or not some scam to bilk silver investors?

espirit's picture

Keiser up the keister of JPM!

Eternal Student's picture

It looks like this was a complete scam. As I write this, the web page is gone, and is just a generic godaddy advert page.

You can bet though that someone will be back, with a more successful way of taking peoples' money and running.

BrianOFlanagan's picture

forget the America the Beautiful coins - gotta get me some silver Keisers!

tmosley's picture

Wow.  I might buy a roll, if the premiums aren't too wild.

SWRichmond's picture

They probably will be.  Still, I'd love to have one.

Hearst's picture

I doubt Max will ever tire of this cause.  But people might lose interest unless we keep buying and keeping awareness of the campaign up.  This Sat Dec 11 is the first scheduled day to go out and buy one oz (or more) of Silver.  I think more dates should be scheduled.  Maybe one per month?

velobabe's picture

S I L V E R  k e i s e r, bitchez†

jimgcpa's picture

LOL!!!  This is now just plain silly.  I'm selling into this mania.  Keiser's army of morons can sit on my silver for awhile hoping for a miracle.





ronin12's picture

Well I hadn't plan on buying more silver, but this deserves a purchase for the novelty value alone. :)


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Wow, big talk for someone who's been around ZH for a little more than a week. You can sell everything you have to me.

Max Hunter's picture

Interesting.. LOL  Could be HarryWanger creating some allies.. Ohhh wait.. he has a large position in PM's.. but loves equities and thinks we are on track for a recovery.. Jobless recovery, nonetheless.. :)

EscapeKey's picture

Who cares about these "flavors of the week", arriving with their "new and unique" points of view why you DEFINITELY SHOULDN'T buy metals, and MOST CERTAINLY not take delivery in this DEFLATIONARY ENVIRONMENT.

hack3434's picture

Harry is in a constant state of Cognitive

tmosley's picture

Good luck getting it back.  You won't be getting it from me, unless you have an equal weight of gold you are willing to trade.

EscapeKey's picture

Am I to understand you expect a 1:1 gold:silver trade?

I'm willing to settle for 1:2. I will give you TWO shiny ounces of silver per ounce of gold you give me.


tmosley's picture

Yes, briefly.  That will be a blow off top that results from an intersection of the end of price manipulation, a physical supply crunch, and a public mania.  I expect silver to Ancient Egyptian values for a few hours at the very end of the blow off top.  After some years pass, the price will probably settle back to around 10-1, though it will vary greatly with industrial usage of silver (the more it is used, the more expensive it will be relative to gold).  This is more expensive than the historical mean because now there are industrial uses that consume the silver.  Should the supply dry up, the price may again rise to Egyptian levels, as a very high price will be required to strip the silver from landfills.

Gold is immune to such volatility, because it is not used up, so even if the in ground supply disappears completely, we still have huge stockpiles to work with.  This is why gold is money, and why silver is losing its status as money (this does NOT mean it will be less expensive--platinum isn't money either).

Crisismode's picture

I'll better that offer big time -- I'll give you 4 shiny silver ozs., for just one tiny little 1/4 oz. gold.

Eternal Student's picture

Here's one data point. I bought some silver the week after Thanksgiving. Over the past few days, there's been a bunch of hoopla over the fact that JPM managed to drive the price down about 5% via shorting like mad, at the most opportune time possible.

Last night, I ordered some more silver. It was up a dollar an ounce from when I had last purchased. What Evil Empire attack on silver? Geez, Blanche; drive it down some more so I can buy at a cheaper price!

And if Max is even remotely successful, it's going up a lot more. It will be even more interesting if the Comex is indeed insolvent, as it looks to be right now.


TWORIVER's picture

Wow, 11 junks! Congrats! That should be good for a 1.10 drop to 27.7!

EscapeKey's picture

Don't flatter yourself. I don't think the collective expectation of your IQ is higher than 20.

downrodeo's picture

If you're trying to get rich off of this trade you're missing the point. In fact, you've missed the point so severely that it almost hit you in the back of the neck on it's second lap around.

TWORIVER's picture

Bubble, anyone?

TWORIVER's picture

What do you consider yourself?

tmosley's picture

An intellectual.  You?

Bastiat's picture

It's a bubble when everyone owns it--almost no one owns pms.  What you see here is the enthusiasm of early adopters being proved correct.  Physical dog will wag the paper tail.