The Biggest Fed Money Pump Since Lehman Went Under...

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… happened
on the week of June 27 2011. If you’re looking for a reason that stocks have
been ramped so much higher in the last two weeks. This is it.


Indeed, for
the week ended June 27, the Fed flooded the financial system with $76 BILLION
in liquidity. Bill King of the King
puts that number into perspective noting that it’s BIGGEST increase
since September 22, 2008 right after Lehman Brothers collapsed.


right, the Fed just juiced the system as much as it did when Lehman Brothers
went under. While a shockingly large single money pump, the Fed’s generally
been flooding the system with liquidity at a pace equal to that of 2008 since
the beginning of the year. 



In 2008, the
Fed put roughly $1 trillion in liquidity into the system to try and hold things
up. So far in 2011, it’s put in nearly $700 billion. You think that the
recession ended and systemic risk has gone away? Explain this one.


In simple
terms, it’s clear that beneath his attempted calm, Ben Bernanke is in fact
scared stiff. Why else would he be printing money night and day? If the
financial system was indeed stable and secure, why is he pumping money at the
same pace as 2008?  


This all
ties in with what I’ve been saying for months now… that 2008 was in fact the
warm up and that the REAL Crisis is fast approaching. And when it hits, the Fed
will be POWERLESS to stop it. Because this time it will be entire countries,
NOT just Wall Street banks that collapse. So what’s coming will be the
equivalent of 2008 all over again, along with food shortages, civil unrest,
outbreaks in crime, bank holidays, and the like. It will, in short, be like
what’s going on in the Middle East today (though NATO won’t be bombing us).


On that
note, if you’ve not taken steps to prepare for the coming Crisis, you can
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Michael66's picture

About 10 months ago Geitner and Bernanke both told Congress in open hearings that it is critical that the US balance of trade turn positive.


At the time the balance of trade was negative 60 billion dollars each and every month.


Today, the balance of trade continues to be negative 60 billion dollars each and every month. There has been no improvement.


Mr. Bernanke is simply trying to replace the money (60 billion dollars) which leaves the US every month.  He is including a small amount to try to stimulate the economy.


The economy will not be stimulated as long as we continue to purchase 4 million imported automobiles each and every year.

snakehead's picture

Hey - why don't you send your FREE REPORTS and literal treasure trove of information to the Fed? They need help. Maybe if they read your stuff they can turn it all around and we'll all be rich.

banksterhater's picture

BEHEAD THE BERNANK, and dissembowel him in public.

MacGruber's picture

Sorry for this neophyte, but with POMO over what was the mechanism? Outright stock purchases?

Stuck on Zero's picture

Is that what inflated the stock market?

tony bonn's picture

"though NATO won’t be bombing us"

oh yes it will.....the rockefeller-rothschild feudal lords will do everything in their powers to keep the chilluns on the plantation...

Ponzi Unit's picture

Prediction: spotty chaos gives way to intensified control.

Law 'n order!

jeff montanye's picture

nato/u.s. military bombs them; they bomb us.  it's synergy.  the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  difference and then some siphoned by mic, et. al.

Herbert_guthrie's picture

Sad but true.

These hopeless creatures would probably blow us all up rather than give up their self-appointed role as God.

Herbert_guthrie's picture

Any statistics, graphs and reports based on numbers provided by financial or government institutions cannot be trusted, no matter the bias.

Bad books yield bad numbers.

The system is co-rrupt.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

 That explains trembling lip. Next time he may have facial tic and

 perfuse sweating too. maybe it's time to sell equities and get into PM's

 Some cash on hand would probably be prudent along with shotgun

 and ammo. Can food might not be bad idea; you could always donate

 it to food bank if situation improves. 

gaoptimize's picture

Amateur.  There are better things to eat when the SHTF.

Rider's picture


Any detail on the prefered instruments The Bernank used to pump it up this time?



max2205's picture


Everyman's picture

Bennie needs to be beaten to a blody pulp.  What a fucking idiot.  Like that graph is "good for the country"!  How can anyone be that fucking stupid?

SamuelMaverick's picture

I wonder what will be the consequences of the first failed treasury auction ????    Coming soon to a theatre near you.

3rdWorldAmerica's picture

One thing is for sure...this is all going to end badly. With the returns on gold during the past 10 years why would you invest in anything else. At the very least until the returns stop, it's the only thing I can sleep in?

We are in full flat out Ponzi mode!

Buck Johnson's picture

They can't control the financial markets anymore because all of the manipulation has warped the equations so much that old calculations don't work anymore.

infiniti's picture

The St Louis BASE declined by roughly $50 billion the last two weeks of June.

R Man J's picture

$50 billion. That would be a fraction of a percent reduction. Worth mentioning?

jeff montanye's picture

graham's graph seems to show it.