Bin Laden Is Dead ... But Why Didn't We Kill Him 10 Year Ago?

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President Obama announced tonight that U.S. special forces killed Osama Bin Laden.

That's great ... but we could have killed him years ago.

As I noted in 2009:

to the U.S. Senate - Bin Laden was "within the grasp" of the U.S.
military in Afghanistan in December 2001, but that then-secretary of
defense Rumsfeld refused to provide the soldiers necessary to capture him.


This is not news: it was disclosed in 2005 by the CIA field commander for the area in Afghanistan where Bin Laden was holed up.


In addition, French soldiers allegedly say that they easily could have captured or killed Bin Laden in Afghanistan, but that the American commanders stopped them.




A retired Colonel and Fox News military analyst said that the U.S. could have killed Bin Laden in 2007, but didn't:

know, with a 70 percent level of certainty — which is huge in the
world of intelligence — that in August of 2007, bin Laden was in a
convoy headed south from Tora Bora. We had his butt, on camera, on
satellite. We were listening to his conversations. We had the world’s
best hunters/killers — Seal Team 6 — nearby. We had the world class
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) coordinating with the CIA and
other agencies. We had unmanned drones overhead with missiles on their
wings; we had the best Air Force on the planet, begging to drop one on
the terrorist. We had him in our sights; we had done it
....Unbelievably, and in my opinion, criminally, we did not kill Usama
bin Laden.



Indeed, a United States Congressman claims that the Bush administration intentionally let Bin Laden escape in order to justify the Iraq war.


Similarly, Cenk Uygur pointed out:

The New York Times reported ... that we sent in 36 U.S. Special Forces troops to get Osama bin Laden when we knew
he was in Tora Bora. By contrast, we sent nearly 150,000 soldiers to
get Saddam Hussein. In case you're keeping count at home, we got Saddam
and we didn't get Osama. What does that tell you about this
administration’s priorities? This goes beyond incompetence. If you send
only 36 soldiers to get somebody in the middle of Afghanistan, it means
you don’t want to get him...

Osama had about 1,500-2,000
well-armed, well-trained men in the region. 36 guys to get 2,000? Why
would we let ourselves be outgunned like that?...

There is an inescapable fact – if you put this little effort into capturing someone, it means you don’t want to capture him.


If people inside the administration actually held back from capturing
Osama bin Laden when we had him cornered, it borders on treason.

Postscript: Of course, some people claim that Bin Laden was actually killed years ago. But as I pointed out
in 2009, whether or not he was alive or dead was less important than
the fact that the American government pretended that he was a supremely
powerful boogeyman who justified an endless and all-consuming war on

Many people claim that Bin Laden died a long time ago. According to Israeli intelligence, Pakistani intelligence, and other sources, Bin Laden is dead.

According to video experts and and top Bin Laden experts, recent Bin Laden videos are fake.

So if Bin Laden is alive, American leaders have to explain why they have repeatedly chosen not to pull the trigger.

And if he is dead, they have to explain why they are claiming that he's alive and authenticating his videos.

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paulypaul's picture

well its put Bilal Town on the map

kumquatsunite's picture

Well, of course, it's interesting that this has come about (Bin Laden's death) so quickly after the appearance of Oboma's copy of his "real" birth certificate. To wit: you'll notice on the bottom of his proffered birth certificate the stamp states that it is a "copy", which means it's almost proof. hee hee hee!

But the fun really begins when we start thinking about Oboma's love of the Muslims, after all, we were supposed to help them with their self-acceptance and self-fulfillment by offering them little gold stars for all their "inventions."  I mean, isn't it interesting that after, oh say, the last fifty years, we still see "Little Chinatowns", and "Little Italys" and "Little Indias", cause you see even if Youse is so munificent and elevated in youse's thunking that youse believe we can all live together; they don't. And lest we forget, the Muslims' and there kindness in killing women who dare, who Dare, to consider themselves not subjects of their fathers, brothers, or husbands. But let's import more of them so we can further splinter our country. Pat Buchanan has patriotically written about this in numerous books, attempting to cry the clarion that an American which stands for nothing, falls. (God Bless Pat Buchanan!) Funny, how for the last thirty years, since Vietnam really, we've lived in relative peace and prosperity and accompanying that peace and prosperity has been absolute total stupidity. We gave our kids gadgets and gizmos and trash television and a complete scouring of the culture of any moral sense, teaching our children they are nothing more than rutting gutter animals, sex replaced achievement, gave them something to do since ewe've given their college slots to foreigners, told them they are too dumb to do yard work, and generallly gutted Every Single Aspect of Our Culture that once made it great. But no worries. Rut on, children! Rut on! It does give them something to do since the school's have failed to teach them how to use their brains, dumbed them down so completely with political correctness and idiocracy that they know not the greatness of their heritage. And please don't throw the "slavery" stone; who doesn't love black Americans who walk around with their pants pulled up and who as Booker T. Washington said (paraphrase) will not be refused if they offer up the best products, the best service, and the best abilities. Does anyone not love the joy and verve of our black Americans? But you can only use the slavery cat-o-nine so many times before the weary sets in; after all, what country would any black American rather be in? And is it not the responsibility of the black American professionals to speak of achievement to their own? To speak of accomplishment, striving, and up-early, working hard, to get their goals?

A suspicious person, not me and not thee, of course, but one of those paranoid, suspicious, steely-eyed, don't-cross-this-line-pilgrim, guys who didn't cotton to all this namby, pamby, kumbiya-we-can-all-live-together-even-though-it-has-never-been-done-before stuff might wonder why just now has Bin Laden been found and killed.

Not in the history of the world has one group of people ever lived peacefully with another cause it seems to be human nature to wanna be the dominant group. Now Americans have been bombarded, castigated, and propagandized into believing that something in human nature has changed. And under that mishmash of political correctness we have ceded our country to the "others" (Others being those folks who weren't born here of parents who are American citizens; and/or who were raised here completely with no allegiance to any other country. After all, as we have seen with Oboma, without the continuous seeping and steeping of our culture into the roots of the soul day after day, you give America away wholesale and apologize for all we are and who we are!)

American's fat on the slime served up by fast food restaurants and stupid from the washing of the school system with any form of absolutes: we are a Christian nation; we are a glorious and grand people; we do understand that our first loyalty is to our own who have the right to a country free from "push one for spanish" and free from the constant denunciation of a "white" culture (and what's wrong with that? every other culture/nation celebrates itself, so only "white" culture is to be sent to the cliff and pushed off?)


So anyways, isn't it odd that Bin Laden is now caught; why a suspicious person might just think this "tip" that helped catch him was a "running" platform for Oboma; after all, there's nothing Oboma loves more than to appropriate: he learned that being a community organizer. Take from thems that have done, and give to thems that haven't done. By the way, isn't it fun to think of that "safety net" he speaks of so often. Course safety nets are supposed to be: temporary and infrequent needed. Oboma wishes to remove the safety net of the churches of our country by denying them the tax credit of donations. In lie, he would expand beyond the 45% in this country who now pay no taxes and receive government benefits. Course everyone tries to blame the old folks, but that safety net now serves to pay for endless babies from the lowlifes who should be breeding at all, and you should be scared. They will eat you, kid yourself not.  Course when that starts happening, Oboma will be in Argentina or one of those other wonderful countries that just work so good. Not.

Savyindallas's picture

News Flash:  Boogeyman is dead -Wall street is in a panic. Obama to hold a press conference to assure America and Wall Street that he is doing everything possible to assist the CIA in finding a suitable replacement. In the meantime he will attempt to calm our fears by announcing that he will step up orange alerts at the airport, and have TSA agents work double shifts to assure that women and children will continue to be moleseted without any significant disruption. The White House is coordinating efforts with the Fed to arrange for Fed QE2 treasury purchases to be increased sigificantly until a new Boogeyman is appointed. meanwhile, Obama is also assuring Americans that the death of the boogeyman will in now way delay the expected ground invasion of Libya or the widely antcipated bombing of Iran. 

MrBoompi's picture

It's hard to believe anything the government says without solid proof. We've just been lied to and deceived too many times. Too many false flag attacks. We've sacrified innocent US lives to garner public support for wars before.

Whether or not 9/11 was an inside job, what we've done after 9/11 is real. The wars, the loss of civil liberties, eavesdropping, detention and torture. Draconian legislation. If it was all just a coincidence it was a horrible coincidence for the American people. The security state is now better equipped to deal with unruly Americans, pissed off at a government that condones and abets stealing by its wealthy elites. Deep down the Powers At Be are more scared of US.

ejbonk's picture

Just a Personnal Thought here. I think, someone or several someones in the Pakistan Military and/or Government was protecting the Son of a Bitch while taking US AID.

windcatcher's picture

Our Democracy has been overthrown from within by the corporate shadow government thereby establishing the marriage of government to the Corporate Empire. That marriage is defined as FACHIST, our American Democracy is DEAD!


We live under a secret, lying and murderous fascist government who is in a genocidal war with the American People, Iraq People, Pakistani People, Libyan People, and really, the rest of the World that is not under their central banking and Big Oil control and dictatorship!


American Corporate and government unpunished FRAUD reigns supreme while the Free Press has become a controlled propaganda machine.


9/11 was an inside job and at the time of the CIA attack, Osama Ben Laden, a known CIA agent, was in Europe under a kidney machine receiving dialyses treatment and like all people in that situation, he had a very short life expectancy. Yes, we know that the CIA made phony Osama Ben Laden videos but in all probability; he died years ago. His US official death today is probably for their purpose of reinvigorating Al Qaeda by spurring on the fight to justify their illegal war.


FMR Bankster's picture

I agree with almost nothing OBama has done but he deserves credit for getting Bin laden. From a military standpoint his organization has been dead for years. Once we and the Saudi's cut off his money stream from the gulf he was just a symbol, no longer a strong operational organization. But from a US political standpoint he was a symbol and until we got him we could't wind things up in Afganistan. Now it's time to end this circus and bring the troops home. 

flacorps's picture

Bury him on Diego Garcia. A difficult trip, a warm reception when the pilgrims get there.

TSA gropee's picture

What is significant is not whether or not OBL was killed by bomb or bullet, last week or 10 years ago, but what is, is the timing of the claim that he is now dead. I can't help but feel this event is part of someone's or some groups agenda, the timing is just too coincidental on a number or levels.

The middle east is in turmoil and the repercussions of the destabilizations of regimes have yet to be seen. 

OBL is now a martyr, this should be the firestarter that motivates the jihadi knuckleheads that have been fence sitters.

The obummers' numbers are in the proverbial toilet, notice in his speech the numbers of "I", crap it's almost like he himself was running point on the mission in abbattabad.




Übermensch's picture

Is it time for the "Last Card"?

acidradio's picture

How do we really know that Osama bin Laden even EXISTED? That he wasn't just some made-up boogeyman intended to scare us all or get us to do things? I've never seen him. Nobody I know has. I've never met anyone who works for al-Qaida. And why all of this just now? I want answers and I don't think I will ever get them.

whatsinaname's picture

if you can get somebody to translate Hindi, get a look at Bollywood's Tere Bin Laden. Its funny.

Henry Chinaski's picture

Good for Obama.  He hasn't caught a break since he personally authorized the rescue of the Maersk Alabama from the Somali pirates.

It's depressing to see the leader of the free world screw up nearly everything he touches.  Nice to have a little bright spot of news for the guy.

cdude's picture

Mission Re-Accomplished

Mike in Tokyo Rogers's picture

It's 2011 and Osama Bin Laden is still valiantly holding on in his fight to remain dead.

ThisIsBob's picture

So a lot of shots were fired and a copter crashed - a week ago - in an upscale residential area and it doesn't get into the news anywhere.  How is that?

Mallenet's picture

Bin Laden dead! Recovery full-on! Tim & Ben know what they are doing!  The dollar is safe!  Gold is a bubble!  And Mickey Mouse writes & believes the news!

g speed's picture

the gov'ts broke and needs to stop the war so this is set up to give the MIE wiggle room to "exit with honour"--- major BS---

bubba1231's picture



You are an apologist for OBL and his ilk.  You repeatedly deny he carried out 9/11.  You are a coward.

ft65's picture

Which one is it? Just like Saddam: "We are legion..."

The real Osama Bin Laden probably died years ago. TPTB are playing all their big distraction cards in one go, in a vain attempt to kick some life back into the economic corpse.

YHC-FTSE's picture

I expected an announcement of this type shortly after Obama's inauguration. It's taken quite long. This or the fact that Bin Laden has always been a CIA Mujahedeen asset and therefore a hero to the nation he adopted (USA), his self sacrifice giving rise to the American strategic interests in the Middles East and Afghanistan at the cost of everyone else on the planet. (As foretold in PNAC).


One thing is for sure. His "death" marks a change to America's foreign policy. For better or for worse. Looking at Obama's track record and his sponsors, probably for the worse, but I am hopeful.

JimboJammer's picture

Again  I  will  say .... JP  Morgan  and  Goldman  Sashs  made  huge  trades  yesterday  at  6:05  pm   but  this big  news  of  Bin Ladin  was  not  released  until         10: 30  pm ....  they  broke  laws  again..  If  Marth  Stewart  did  this...the  law  would  put  her  in  jail.... Insider  Trading...

Mallenet's picture

Its only 'insider' when you are an 'outsider'!  Bent!  It was made that way!!

JLee2027's picture

All that Tora Bora nonsense is just that - nonsense. But you idiots go believe your wacked out Bush hating themes all you want. 

I'm glad he's dead. Doesn't matter to me which President wacked him, or how it was done. He was an agent of the devil, and unrepentant mass murderer. 

alien-IQ's picture

Something tells me you're a big fan of Chuck Norris and John Wayne movies.

Mallenet's picture

This smells - we needed him alive to destroy all hope for his followers.

JimboJammer's picture

Good  Story... &  lots  of  good  comments. a  few  big  shots  made  money  on  this  war.. some  voters  will  think  Pres.   Obama  is  real  smart ...  He  played  the  Trump  Card..

Coldfire's picture

OBL's death was not announced 10 years ago because he was worth more alive than dead. His death was announced last night because he is worth more dead than alive. Those believing the US government's conspiracy theory of OBL's death on the facts given to date (ie., none verified) are credulous beyond belief. Judging from the Opraic emotional circle jerk of the street celebrations in DC and New York, they are in multitudinous company. Cue the next Emmanuel Goldstein. We have always been at war with Eastasia.



SheepDog-One's picture

Exactly, so all we need to know now is why last nite at near midnite DC time was the right time for announcement of Dead Laden? What was it for? Whats really going on? 

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Are you fucking kidding me? You hunt a man for 10 years, spend countless billions in an effort to gain your prize and then you nonchalantly dump him at sea? What? No display of your success by laying his body out for all to see. Fuckin' Bullshit. This gets weirder by the moment.


SuperRay's picture

Here's the only question that matters - Why Now?  What is happening, or is about to happen that we have to distract the sheeple with something this big?  The debt ceiling? nah, can't be that? The destruction of the unions? could be.  The fascist takeover state by state? that's possibility, definitely.  More shearing of the sheeple? yes, that's possible too, along with runaway inflation...

fajensen's picture

Maybe they just did not Obama any more? They want to start some more shit another place and they need the ressources and "assets" deployed in Af/Pak since China has been stingy with the lending lately??

If Obama is serious about pulling out of Afghanistan then maybe the ISI decided that they wanted that reward money while it was up for grabs and narced on the bastard. There is no way that Obama would be hiding in Pakistan without some level of official support.

taxpayer102's picture

It could mean a "change of mission" in Afghanistan for U.S. forces, including contractors.

They will slowly be deployed to other countries, like Libya, which the U.S. sees as a higher priority.

Jessica6's picture

The European Union is investigating HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays among 16 of the world's leading investment banks over suspicions they colluded and abused their positions in providing the financial derivatives many blame for exacerbating the eurozone sovereign debt crisis.The European Union is investigating HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays among 16 of the world's leading investment banks over suspicions they colluded and abused their positions in providing the financial derivatives many blame for exacerbating the eurozone sovereign debt crisis.

The 16 banks being examined by the commission are: Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo Bank/Wachovia, Credit Agricole and Société Générale. All 16 declined invitations to comment.


The Axe's picture

The only time you guys believe the government, is when they send out your welfare

hardcleareye's picture

I have NEVER collected a welfare check or filed for an unemployment claim or ask for or received any of the other government handouts/safety nets.... you can kiss my old wrinkled ass in the crack....... lol

Al Gorerhythm's picture

You have to be on crack to believe this shit. I call bullshit on this. Why not keep a finger or a lock of hair, for authentic identification by a neutral party. Where's the god damned beef?

Rhodin's picture

So, does this mean they expect the market to tank soon, and they will be needing a new false flag op to blame it on?  I wonder if a new bogeyman in the wings to keep the death industries cranked up?

Racer's picture

Who are they going to blame the next lot of terrorism on now they have 'killed' the scapegoat for all evil in the world

RocketmanBob's picture

We had opportunities, two known and maybe more, in the 1990s as well.  If your blaming Rumsfeld, and Bush by extension, then perhaps you should blame Mr. Clinton as well.

It's only fair. The more, the merrier!

What really matters is that the SEALs got him.  I personally wish they could have taken him alive, but, well, he wouldn't cooperate. 

Justice has been served, in this instance at least.


My Regards

MrBoompi's picture

Taking him alive or burying him on land were two possibilities the US couldn't tolerate. There was no way he wasn't going to end up dead, and burial at sea was most likely planned years ago.

Al Qaeda is still with us, so is terrorism. And the reasons to be fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan haven't been eliminated. Are we there to prevent terrorism or protect pipelines?

Chuck Walla's picture

In New York, the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  In DC, a crowd chanted "USA", including some Black people. These are all stakes in the heart of Obama. A real poke in the eye for the new Neo-Con Killer Commie, Bush 44.

ElvisDog's picture

Can you elaborate? At first reading, your statement makes no sense whatsoever.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

So er,

Apparently the 'kill bin laden' operation occurred at 5pm ET Sunday.

Obumma made a statement saying bin laden had been killed at 10.30pm ET Sunday.

At 2am ET Monday bin laden was buried at sea.


Total time from killing to body disposal of world's most wanted man: 14 hours.

Anyone see anything suspicious here? Pass the smell test?

That's a faster disposal than the steel from the world trade centers.

SheepDog-One's picture

'Before Its News' has had the story and pics of 'Dead Laden' up for a week. Obama announcing this is just a setup for something else going on.