As The bin Laden News Has Come And Gone, El-Erian Reminds Us What The Real Issues Are

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What a nice fairy tale fix!  All we need to do is hold hands and everything will work out!

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After this post, I shit rainbows and gum drops, my peptic ulcer is gone, my eye sight and age were cured.  Looked in the bank and I was a millionaire along with everyone in my area.

Then I went outside and we all sang along with each other about how super awesome it was.

Thank you Osama for Dying for our sins...


Yeah, it's a bit messianic to be sure.

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Youth joblessness is at alarming levels, with too many of the country's teenagers getting close to the point where they go from being unemployed to being unemployable.

Sounds like we will need some more laws...

Discrimination against the Unemployed

A new potential form of discrimination has recently come to the attention of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): discrimination against people who are unemployed. While the unemployed as a class are not protected by the EEOC, the people who make up the group could belong to a protected race or gender. Refusing to hire someone who has been unemployed could have a disparate impact on certain protected groups of people.

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How would they even begin to enforce that? bureaucrats really have nothing better to do but invent crap to look busy.

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I don't know how the .gov would enforce it, but I do know that by not posting job openings employers may mitigate some legal risks associated with...refusing to hire someone who has been unemployed [which] could have a disparate impact on certain protected groups of people.

I can't tell if this is saving, or creating, jobs?


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Impossible to enforce and, further, likely to fall through the cracks...  Good luck getting your EEOC claim through for an unprotected class...  it will be devoured by the massive amount of fraudulent claims from protected classes... goes something like this:

You're firing me because I'm ________________????!!!!???!!! 

No, we're firing you because you no call, no showed 3 times, were written up 3 times for it, the last time we said you were going to get fired if you did it again, and you've never met productivity and you got into a shouting match with customers twice in the last week... 

Yeah, but all that stuff was bullshit man!  Why are you bringing up old stuff?

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I just threw up a little.

This could be a good little business though. Get a bunch of unemployed people and tell them to apply, then sue them for not hiring them.

Hilarious part is, you'd probably win every time with a good piece of shit lawyer.

Quick question though: Isn't everyone that's applying for a job unemployed (ignoring that person who... already had a job)? The fuck are they smoking over there?

If the only way to get a job is to have a job, everyone's fucked.


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Thats why Osama was killed...because he was long-term unemployed. The cia weren't to worried about the other stuff....apparently he was offered a photo shoot but refused to take it.

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  Now THAT is positively funny!

  'nuther reason I read ZH.

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RE: tekhneek -

If the only way to get a job is to have a job, everyone's fucked.

You have answered your own question. Most employers who are part of the largest 5000 companies in the US, would rather hire employed workers. A great number of them view unemployed workers as "damaged goods" to be avoided if possible.

Concerning you comment on unemployed people suing potential employers. Good luck with that. No lawyer will touch it unless a law has been broken. Unless you are in a protected class, the EEOC will not pursue a case beyond an initial conversation with you.

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Granted, a lot of high tech job skills will be OUT OF DATE or not skillful any more after 6-9 months staying at home, doing nothing related to the profession.

If a software programer stops writting programs for a year, he will for sure forget a lot of skills. Admitted or not.

So you cannot blame the employers.

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On something like this, I'd suspect it would be defended until the bitter end and, frankly, I'm not sure any reasonable plaintiff's attorney would take a piece of shit case like that...  first, you probably don't have a legal claim...  and, second, I can't fathom that you could prove discrimination...  generally speaking, the hiring people for most employers with deep pockets are well versed in what to not to say and not to document to avoid a lawsuit...

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Smokin some fine hopium today I see

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..a shared sense of achievement, pride and common purpose... It is a mood that the U.S. has not felt for years ...


So is Kirstie still on DWTS?

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ZH is about to become a Troll zombieland, and yes, I am looking forward to kicking some Troll ass.

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So this priest walks into a bar with a monkey, well I forget the rest but your mother was a whore.


Thought I would start it off right.

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listen in full (and ignore Tylers unabashed promotion of Time)

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Ms. Lennon is a saint! 

...and silver/gold/platinum fit all four definitions of monie, which fiat does not, due to it not storing wealth...

...thought I would end it nice and quick ;)

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Seriously, I walked by the Apple store Saturday and it was fucking chaos. Nutty Americans in the streets Sunday night waving American flags.

All this tells me is that when the SHTF, there will only be a handful of us that saw it coming...

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Nutty Americans in the streets Sunday night waving American flags.

Where was this so I can avoid these people.

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Apparantly, every college campus (cops had to come in and seal the roads off to mour local Greektown), Times Square and in front of the White House.

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Come join us America... Get up all you sleepy heads and celebrate...We have been saved, so lets join together and rejoice...AMERICA THE GREAT IS BACK!!!

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Bubbles the cat (not verified) May 4, 2011 12:49 PM

"Let us hope that this moment is seized — for the sake of both current and future generations, both in the U.S. and abroad."

Just gettin the top off a bottle of Beam.

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The event has triggered a shared sense of achievement, pride and common purpose.

Nothing like a righteous (extralegal) killing to pull the financial and political troops together and lift morale. God Bless Amerika.

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Nonetheless, there probably isn't another branch of government that is as good at what they do than the U.S. military special forces.

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They only managed to lose a helicopter, so I guess you are right.

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I don't know.  If lying and stealing is the designated task of the FED than they are certainly as proficient in their role as Special Forces.  The only way to know which branch is more elite?  Fight it out.

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Small technicality that makes all the difference in the world.  It's probably a slip on your part, but it shows the genius in the design.  The federal reserve is not a governmental entity.  It is a private consortium of banks that issues the money we use, at interest.  Hereinlies the problem...'s picture

Don't get carried away in a wet dream about the pros from Dover dropping like the hand of god from the sky. Todays Guardian has a short, recent history of past operations, including the oops ops. The 2010 attempted rescue of Brit humanitarian worker Linda Norgove went badly wrong when a Seal tossed her a live hand grenade in the middle of a fire fight. In 2008 they flew a mile into Pakistan and engaged in a fire fight that resulted in a number of civilian casualties.

Courageous men doing dangerous work, yes it seems so. Effective outcomes are more uncertain.


Americans dancing in celebration of assasination squads seems misguided and entirely inappropriate. I prefer the feds when they are delivering the mail and health care, something they do reasonably well. Probably not a popular view.


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NHS in Britain is the WORLDS third largest employer behind the PLA and the Indian Railroad and you equate that with delivering Healthcare reasonably well.. Yep, your a Brit alright well past your prime..'s picture

The US spends nearly 16% of GDP on health care, the UK 8%. Infant mortality in the UK is 5.1 per thousand vs. 6.8 in the US, life expectancy is 79 in the UK and 77 in the US. On the other hand the US has 26.6 MRI machines per million, the UK 5.4.

Not a brit either.

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I'm glad he's gone, I suppose, but it was in fact murder and it casts a shadow over us all. He could have been arrested and dragged in chains down to Ground Zero where he could have been impaled and lofted up in the air, and left to rot to pieces over the course of the Summer. Isn't that what our social/economic forbears, the Romans, did? I wonder what prevented our gubmint from doing that? Certainly not the law, or ethics, or morals, or common sense.

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Maybe because the 'real' Ben Hidin And Go Seek died years ago of kidney failure and this guy was the actor/patsy who made all those scary videos. Who really knows other than the hidden hands?

I assume my grandchildren will eventually know the truth.

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Kinda makes me just want to sing a happy song...Up up and away...

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He lost me as soon as he pointed to raising taxes.....whatever they increase taxes potential spending cuts will fall by an equal amount.  Cutting is the only solution..starting with killing retirement pensions for the ruling class at the bureaucrats.  Things have changed...sorry we can't honor those agreements.  The same words that are everyday expressions in the business world.

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"oops."  and "how much was that?"  finally: "boy, that dog in the cage is just ROCKIN' in that thing.  I think we should just let him go, what do you say?"

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He lost me as soon as he pointed to raising taxes.....because whatever they increase taxes potential spending cuts will fall by an equal amount leaving us at the same net position.  Cutting is the only solution..starting with killing retirement pensions for the ruling class and the bureaucrats.  Things have changed...sorry we can't honor those agreements congressfolks and staffers.  These are the same words that are everyday expressions in the business world....Things have changed.

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El-erian finally read The Secret.

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Oh...Damn... Make it stop!

Osama/Obama binDead for years.

The Fascist are laughing at all of you!

First the story was "Osama/Obama did it."

Then the story was "he's unfindable and
he taunts us from his hidden cave under the White House."

Now the story is "We got him!" and Obama/Osama
called in the strike personally when Kissinger told him it was okay.

Why they are playing this card now is
not open to question.

Could it have something to do with the
badly botched birth certificate forgery and a crash of the Comex which already happen? 

In the meantime, the mostly untold
9/11 story. One you probably haven't

It's hair raising in its implications and
100% nailed down accurate.

Core Of Corruption, Volume 1

In The Shadows

{Full Film}

Turn off your 'tick-for-tick' charts... sit back and relax... Learn the facts behind all this shit and the staged '3-ring circus' events of the past decade/century.

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sure theyre skilled- at infiltrating nations and destroying them from within.

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Yawn. I'm sorry but tell me something I and everyone else don't know. We will not change until we are looking at a full blown crisis. It is human nature.

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I`d be proud if I`d gone to that much trouble to kill one man. So.....incisive.

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Unity my ass.  I am hearing plenty of angry "what the fuck now?" calls.  Get us the fuck out unless we want to fullfil Bin Laden's stated objective of driving us to financial ruin!

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 and they require structural solutions that will need to be implemented steadfastly for a number of years.

"Structural" like print more money and build roads to nowhere with it?


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He ain't dead yet. One famous para site has more stories about him, his gardner, his kidney farmer, kidney bean, all the religious noots thanking some guy named god for killing something. They will milk the cow until it produces Afghanistan's GDP in a tasty pre packaged kind of way.

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So what will they come up with next?

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Annnddd thank you Muhammed for those lucid thoughts. 

Now then . . . howse about some more QE!!!