Bipartisan Plan Summary Charts Confirm Key Deficit "Cuts" Come From Imminent Social Security Pillage

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For those who are about to get cerebral hemorrhage trying to figure out the ensuing math, don't worry: it is all based on Marx to Myth.

Chart 1: Where we are

Chart 2: Marx to Myth appears:

Chart 3: Step 1: Find a chart and photoshop it; Step 2: ..... ; Step 3: Profit!


That's right, the Senate "Bipartisan" committee just admitted that it will be cutting Social Security, purely as a function of the change of the CPI definition and locking in COLA to the deflation in iPads. What? You can't eat or live in an iPad?


Source: A bunch of corrupt fat and very rich assholes


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I suspect the purpose is not to learn a goddamn thing through all of this.


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I understand your frustration and appreciate your position.   What you say is that there is more going out than coming in -- on a cash accounting basis.   There are bonds in the SS fund that represent the IOUs for the "stolen" money.   I'd like to hear how you'd handle those bonds if SS is dissolved or eliminated.    The bonds represent the funds that have been taken by those who have involuntarily paid in.   You gonna let the Congress crooks off the hook that easily?   I'll assume you have, or are getting an education in accounting!

See the Geezer's comment below.  As long as they can keep collecting those deductions from you, they will.   You are supporting the government with your cash and they ain't gonna let that slip through their greedy little fingers.

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40% income tax.

23% income tax and 17% social security / medicare / medicaid "contribution" going into a "trust fund" (not).

Which sounds better?

Now you know why they continue social security.

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"Going after the weakest and most defenseless in society is always the coward's move."


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What about the bastard boomers that spent the money and want it paid back on the backs of future generations? Generations not even of age of majority yet so they cannot even have a say in how their future earnings are spent? I think they qualify as the weakest and most defenseless in society. The old codgers had their say and they spent to no end...on shit like welfare programs and the warfare state. Let them deal with the consequences of their actions and remember this: The fucking those boomers receive from myself and other future generations will be equal to or greater than the fucking they tried to put on us with their profligate spending on the welfare/warfare state. This will end badly make no mistake about it. No one made these old folks depend on one said "hey don't save for your own retirement because the gubmint is gonna take care of you." They had the option to take measures to protect themselves and failed. I certainly have no illusions about social security I know every penny is going to those treasonous, hippy boomers that did nothing for this country except stoke the welfare/warfare model of economics and destroy the greatest economic engine on earth by putting sugar in its tank.


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doyle, with all due respect, you're being triangulated.   this is exactly the type of division this proposal is trying to forment.   

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Yeah I may be, but the fact of the matter is, we aint got no damn money plain and simple! Raise debt limits, print trillions, keep the ponzi up? I mean broke is broke, no? What to do...I say let the whole thing fall apart and let wild west anarcho-capitalism be born. Let the chips fall where the may. I understand the two headed one party beast in Washington, I realize the divisions going on amongst people still caught in this false paradigm, but all this feel good welfare crap of the 60s to present from the left head of the beast and duelling warfare state from the right head of the beast seems to me things just cannot keep going the way they are without some serious issues being raised. I am sorry for those who gave in to the system expecting what they paid in to be given back, but short of having PMs (which includes brass, copper, and lead), there is no security or future in fiat or in trusting the government for your future. Over 5,000 years of economic reality is a testament to that one fact. I do not mean any disrespect either, but the facts are facts and a lot of people (including myself), who paid into this crap are gonna get haircuts. We can dilly dally around that fact all day and pretend it isn't so and say well we can do x or we can do y or whatever, but the fact remains a haircut is gonna happen be it overtly by someone saying your money is gone or covertly (the preferred politically expedient way) via fed printing and CPI adjustments. So you know, the talk needs to be focused on the haircut, not the how do we keep growing our hair longer short term. I appreciate your input Tip, not trying to be a tool of the beast or foment hate amongst us all, just speaking my mind on the reality of the whole situation and it is frustrating that at least as it appears to all of us up and comers, the boomers have been running this thing into the ground for decades now, and we have extreme displeasure in the results they have brought.

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i feel you doyle, seriously.   i'll even go one step farther and say that we were never really given a choice in the matter, outside of being a 'criminal'.   i'll even go one step farther than that and say that we were presented with this devil's bargain below the age of legal consent.  so i feel ya.

"but the fact remains a haircut is gonna happen be it overtly by someone saying your money is gone"

honestly, i'd have an ounce of respect for anyone that was willing to come out and say it.  not only that, but i'd be willing to take a 100% haircut on everything i contributed up to this date, PROVIDED i no longer have to pay in under threat of persecution.  but you & i both know that ain't gonna happen.   not yet anywho.   they think we're still children.   and i refuse to give them the pleasure of acting like a child in return.   and you seem much more prepared than i be.   hunker down, disengage from the ponzi as much as possible and stop wasting your energy raging at assholes that treat you like a child.   i say spend your energy discovering novel ways to collect energy for yourself and for others that you trust and care about, including those elders who may be suffering soon.

"Over 5,000 years of economic reality is a testament to that one fact."

agreed, maybe this is one of the revelations at the end of the 5,000 year old mayan calendar.   maybe another one is the whole myth of brother vs. brother (remember Cain & Abel?).   father vs. son, yadda, yadda, yadda.

time to turn the page, yes?

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I'm a "boomer" and didn't junk you.  If you had started out with the reasoned statements of your second comment you would have come off a lot better.   Your frothing rant wasn't constructive nor helpful.   You see how much influence votes have today, or how much "public sentiment" is disregarded in DC.   What makes you think that is a new phenomenon?  It's not.   My protestations at your age got me/us no place.   You can blame boomers, but your anger is misplaced.

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Yeah Rocky and Tip I think it is just time for self preservation mode in all of this. Trust me if I could get outta the Ponzi I would in a minute. I just got beans, bullets, and bullion and hope I can do whats right when the SHTF for my kids and I will help out whoever needs my help in my family be they young or old. What the heck is CPL talking about at the end of the month? Oh well I has teh bunkerz in teh desert so I am good...I hope! Good luck all.

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"A bunch of corrupt fat and very rich assholes "



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Chart 2...The Inverted Hockey Stick Formation....what  a relief to see we are making progress....must be time to get out pm's and into yoga apparel makers....

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Domino Theory: First government pensions, then Social Security and Medicare, then private pensions, IRAs and 401Ks, then Gold and Silver holdings, then...

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I didn't see any mention of government pensions being touched.

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Although gubment pensions have recently been raided to the tune of $120 billion, at least.

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$206 Billion and counting as of 7/8.


They're not included because they ain't there anymore.

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Wow. Oh and the ridiculous part of that is Timmah promises soon as the debt is done, that money gets put back right other words take out govt pension money for secret POMO operations, replace with mom and pops retirement. Just wonderful. $206 billion right off the top of any 'plan', fucking insane.

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So the nameplate (and not GAAP, mind you) deficit of $14.4T is actually $14.6T, plus whatever re-stocking fees Timmay has run up since QE2 "stopped."

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Timmay already looted them to finance current operations. 

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... American's finally realise they have been buggered, and decide to do something about it? (of course, way too late by then. The time is NOW).

SheepDog-One's picture

Obama seems to be anticipating that

?Obama to add 20,000 troops to US streets in the event of Civil unrest?‏ - YouTube

Seems we have plenty of funding for troops on american streets.

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Looks like I better get a better scope for my Mini-14.

RockyRacoon's picture

Looks like I ought to get a better scope for my Mini-14.

Edit:  Note to self:  Why would I need two scopes?

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The "Moment of Truth Project". I bet people are going to start waking up a little more quickly now.

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Fortunately old people don't sleep much.

They seem to be the only (non-ZHer's) people who are paying attention.

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Suuuuuure they are. More likely, they'll succumb to a different flavor of hopium, that's all.


All herds are assembled for eventual slaughter.

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I wonder what the flavor will be?

Hard to spin dog food and ipads are too crunchy.

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Wild herds assemble for mutual protection.

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That is the most amusing and best source you have ever had.

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My public union friends were outrageously outraged they only got a 4% raise this year.

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Thanks God for the 99c Stores ... We'll be ok as long as they don't change their name to 1.99 Stores.

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We won't do it, but our succesors will. And if not, we'll blame them.

Obama wants to play the good guy by letting future presidents clean up his mess?!




If this passes, every American who allows this gets what's comming to him.


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We'll just coast along totaly insolvent for a few more years, then start 'saving'....hell are even avg americans dumb enough to swallow any of this crap?

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"You're honor, since this thing started I have seen shit that would turn you white!"

-Winston Zeddemore

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They are getting what is coming to them now. The US govt has operated on the slick trick, the quick fix and the gimmick since Carter left town and now they are paying for it.

Am I the only one who noticed how much the US has gone down hill since 2OOO. Did no one else notice the ongoing financial crisis we have been in since 2OO7.

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Merely the slope on the debt chart increasing.  Exponents tend to do that.


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Get ready for solid AARP tv ads.

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don't forget about "the clapper"

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Ooooo dont remind me, got that in Panama City in 2002. 

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Next up, solyent green solution. This is after the work gangs.

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I would like to believe that if the sheeple were aware of this, if this post was the front page of every newspaper in the country and every news show on TV lead with this post, that said sheeple would march on Washington come Saturday, with a clear message:"NO FUCKING WAY".

Caviar Emptor's picture

They probably wouldn't. It's all their own fault anyway, y'know, so they're told. 

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No, they'll march...  but, it won't be to cut spending, it will be to keep spending and funding of entitlements (all of them)...  see generally, every protest in every developed country for the last 3 years.

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Wait - there's still a deficit as a % of GDP (chart 2), but total DEBT as a % of GDP actually shrinks (chart 3)?

I think my teeth just tried to reach around my head to eat my brain.

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it's because gdp grows so dang fast in a depression.

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this needs to get commercial time on all major media channels from 7pm to 8pm for about a week.

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Think of it: with the money we save from Social Security we can give BAC it's $50 billion capital cushion and go for another round of bailouts! And there'll still be money left over for raising tax subsidies to oil companies! 

It's so good to see clearheaded thinking returning to DC