Black Gold From The Heavens: Oil Rain In Louisiana?

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"It is literally raining oil" proclaims the narrator in this RT video, who observes what appear to be puddle of oil following a heavy rainfall in the Louisiana area. We have not received independent confirmation of this phenomenon elsewhere but this is very troubling, and certainly possible considering the amount of oil burned and washed ashore as part of the spill recovery effort.


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"Barack Obama doesn't care about white people."  - future comment from Kanye West

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Angered wife of LA fisherman given top clearance by BP to see operations behind close doors:

More than a few surprising moments. Saw her interviewed by CNN; indignant over the health of husband and BP's cover-up at that time. Then BP shoots itself in the foot by letting her in the front door. What a brave woman.

Fish gasping for oxygen on surface @ 1:30:

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WOW! I have not heard of Kindra Arnesen. Her presentation is overwhelming. All ZeroHedge readers must go to that first link and send that viral. Thanks for the link WW.

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My BP puts are almost as good as my gold investment.

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"Obama I'm a gonna let you finish but first I just want to say that Carter was the ultimate ineffective wimpy president in my lifetime."

Or something like that. I probably got the inflection wrong.

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Barack Obama doesn't care about brown water.

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he cares about cap and trade. he keeps making sppeches every day now about how this spill is an opportunity to pass cap and trade.

where is al gore these days. wery wery quiet. wonder why. maybe "i did not force sexual relations with that massage therapist"


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Barack Obama doesn't care about brown water.

Have you ever seen a Code Brown in a public swimming pool?

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Kenyans regularly drink brown water.  It protects them from the spirits that would cause their dicks to fall off.

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The oil rain is real? I would have thought that your tough as nail will to defend the industry would have led you to reject it.

But I see that you are likely to be driven by an even superior force.

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T. Boone Pickens on Larry King Live just last week said raining oil was absolutely not possible.  He said no way, it cannot happen!  LOL    He really did say that though.

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Look at the sand around these fires from the first Gulf War.

Of course when you burn oil it rains oil.

Being a big oil man I thought he would know that.

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Can someone explain the physics behind the theory that oil-rain is possible? There's water, there's oil and there's the sun. Sun evaporates the water. It evaporates very small quantities of crude oil - probably 1/1000ths of the amount of water. Could this result in oil-rain?

I doubt it.


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Water and the volatile organics in the oil (including the various hydrocarbons which form part of the oil mixture) may form complexes known as azeotropes.  These complexes are very common in synthetic organic chemical reactions when distilling solvents from those reactions, including when water is used during the synthetic procedure.  The azeotropic mixtures actually evaporate at a temperature lower than water so such complexes can selectively evaporate.  Water has a high vapor pressure and will tend to accentuate the evaporation of the azeotrope which tends (but doesn't always) have a lower vapor pressure than water.


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 - raindrops begin forming when water vapor condenses on micrometer-sized particles,...such as, oily soot, look into it.

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Considering it has rained fish and frogs I don't doubt it:


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  Fire also vaporizes oil, and at much higher levels.

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I hate permanent skeptics. "For the sake of" assholes.

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When an Oil Spill Occurs


Light crude contains volatile organic compounds which evaporate. Thus, light crude oil will lose up to 10 to 15% of its volume immediately, and up to 25% of its volume within 24 hours. How much of its volume is lost depends on the surface-to-volume ratio of the bulk oil. Events that disperse the oil, such as a well blowout, can affect this. Thus, crude oil in a pool or tank will retain more of its volatile components than crude in an oil slick.[2]

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This could be one of the yet unstudied effects of dispersants

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He is right. It's too heavy. I call bullshit on the youtuber(entertainer).

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Anything that can evaporate can condense. That includes oil, water, nitrogen, metal, rock. silicate. Basially the entire periodic table of elements.

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Lots of things will form a vapor under a few conditions. Heat and ambient pressure can be varied to the proper mix and a vapor will form.

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The oily rain is more likely the byproducts from the pollution produced by burning the surface oil in the burnbox.

I doubt that the crude oil is vaporizing and creating rain clouds. Just like I doubt that rocks can vaporize, create rain clouds, and then rain down on the earth.

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Well good. Then go live under an active volcano.

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 - raindrops begin forming when water vapor condenses on micrometer-sized particles,...such as, oily soot, look into it...jeeesh.

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Need to know the difference between light crude and heavy crude...light crude has a very high evap rate.....guess what kind of oil is coming up...

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Finally.  A bit of sanity.


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A local blogger where I live posted comments from an interview with the UCLA professor who appeared on CBS with Katie.

For oil to become part of the Earth's water cycle (evaporation from the oceans, condensation to form clouds and then precipitation) it would have to evaporate and condense at close to the same temperatures as water does. Oil does not do this; only water. Thus, water may leave the surface of the gulf, but not the oil; it will remain behind.

Thank you for your question.

Kristen L. Corbosiero, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

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Just checked with an engineer that I work with.  He lives in Lafayette, LA. so he and I will be affected by any fallout.  He says, "Oil rain?  No.  Condensate rain?  Yes. And theoretically, we could have rain fire if enough condensate is present near a lighting strike."  I don't suppose my homeowner's policy will cover this.  BTW, for those unfamiliar with oil field condensate, it's highly volatile.



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They are using some sort of dispersant that will make oil evaporate faster than it usually does and that substance is supposed to be highly toxic etc...May be that's got something to do with the oil rain.

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 BTW, for those unfamiliar with oil field condensate, it's highly volatile.

Yes, it is volatile.

What concentration in air is necessary for a burn? 

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The flush with your homeowner's policy.

You might be about to witness a very rare event: the sky raining fire.

Is it not worth the price?

You will tell your grand-children "I saw the sky raining fire on us"

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is it an either or question? if it rains fire I guess those watching by remote tv monitors will be the ones to tell the grandchildren

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I'd like for that professor to burn a barrel of oil in her kitchen.

I'd love to discover what her ceiling looks like afterwords.

No balls Kristen L. Corbosiero, Ph.D.

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Mr. Dabolina, Mr. Bob Dabolina:  Please stop this foolish charade of environmental concern. You overcompensate for your pygmy-esque stature by driving giant monstertrucks while injecting illegal immigrants with Black Tar Heroin.  You give Xanax to semi domesticated chimpanzees who then rip body parts off people.  Your feet stink, your head hurts and you dont love jesus!

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Nonsense. Talk to any chemical engineer or chemist in the oil industry- one that's not paid to promote a particular result.

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I was trying to figure out what form of Cajun dialect I was hearing in the video.

Sounds like "north" Louisiana ;-)

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Sanity ZH.

Geo Wash will be gob smacked.

WMR will have something to report soon on "Before it is Factual".

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I saw it rain frogs on the high plains of Texas when I was a kid.  Why not oil?  There's more oil getting sucked into the sky than frogs, I'm sure.  Pickens should know better.

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I think I saw Cheney in the video rolling around naked in the oil rain.

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Oil rain makes for a slippery slope.

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Ain't nothin' wrong with a few tumors. Be grateful, you wretched little people!