Blackberries Getting Blacked Out, Imitate Amateur Base Jumpers Sans Parachute!

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Sold those puts 3x, today. Not waiting for the pump jobs, no fucking more. Now its time for a cold beer, or a dozen.

It gives me some cash so I can fuckup something else next week. Maybe some SLV puts like meth man will do me in.

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Wow Creggie, your French is spectacular. Sans Parachute! C'est Manifique!

I didn't dare read your article because I don't want to be forced to take a nap just yet but the title is spec-tacular.

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Great work Reggie. I appreciate the insight you provide us here on ZH.

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RIM is a bell weather.

It's 2008 de ja vue.

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Static thoughts in a dynamic world.

What once was is typically not to be again.

~D'jean Splicer

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I sold RIM (TSX) at $67 and bought some guns with the proceeds. Methinks this was a wise investment move with how things are going. 

Thank you, ZEROHEDGE for showing me the light.


Also, its a lot fun of watching tv with a Stainless Steel Long Barrel Ruger Blackhawk 357 in you hand (unloaded of course I am not crazy). 

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Elvis watched TV once with a gun in his hand..

TV didn't last long...

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Hopefully, you are not playing with loaded guns wherever you live.  The Blackhawk is very slow to load, other than that, it's a decent revolver.

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Several years back there was a remote control you could buy shaped like a .44 magnum, if I recall.