Bloomberg Responds To Fed FOIA Appeal, Blasts Bernanke's "Hyperbolic Speculation" Of Economic Collapse

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The fine folks at Bloomberg refuse to give to the Fed's demands for undisputsed intergalatic domination:

The Board contends that it is serving the public’s interest by keeping all of this information secret from it, claiming that disclosure might harm the borrowers and, therefore, the entire U.S. economy. But the Board has offered no evidence – relying instead on hyperbolic speculation – from which this Court could conclude that such harm was likely to result from disclosure.


The Board’s interests in secrecy are, in fact, aligned with the banks’ interests and are contrary to the public interest. The Board wishes to continue to lend trillions of dollars of public money without oversight or accountability, and the banks wish to continue to reap the benefits of their access to public money without their depositors or shareholders – or the public at large – knowing anything about it.

And lastly:

By contrast, the public has a manifest interest in understanding and evaluating the government’s response to the recent economic crisis, in safeguarding its money, and in knowing whether its government is doling out its money to private entities imprudently. To make matters worse, the public is being denied this basic information even as the Board continues to act on its behalf in providing public assistance to private financial institutions. In order to allow the public to participate in the ongoing debate on the appropriate role of the federal government in alleviating the economic crisis, it should be provided with details of last year’s loans.

Full motion by Bloomberg to deny Fed's appeal below:


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naiverealist's picture

I sure hope Bloomberg sets a precedent in this case!

NorthenSoul's picture

Amen to that!

Considering how slothful and completely depraved* the mainstream media has become in this country, Bloomberg stands out as a REAL journalists' outlet.


*For a few juicy examples related by Scahill (of "Blackwater fame) of how bad it is, see the video here:

Anonymous's picture

I dunno - let's not say anything that'll go to J. Weil's head.

ZerOhead's picture

Listen guys...

If Ben knows what's on and off the Feds books... as he certainly does...

And he thinks that it's so bad that if we saw it... that economic collapse would ensue...

Maybe we should just believe him this once and put everybody who had anything to do with that mess where they belong.

ZerOhead's picture

Club Fed Gauntanimo anyone?

Miles Kendig's picture

Too good of a sopt.  I was thinking of assigning them to Compound AM at FCI Sandstone and let the shovel for awhile.  If Heidi got Food Service AM/Pots and Pans at FCI Pleasanton then those folks sure could handle the fresh air of a crisp Minnesota January or February morning clearing walkways at .12 cents an hour. Their real worth.

Anonymous's picture

yes, then turn it over back to Cuba after the club is fully stocked with members.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I respect your comments and I love your picture. That said, exactly who is the "we" you speak of and how exactly will "we" put anyone where they belong when the fall TV season has started and the NFL just finished week 4?

Seriously, do you really think that anyone who might have any power to actually put these people where they belong will ever be allowed to exercise that power without the backing of massive civil unrest in the streets?

Just askin'.

ZerOhead's picture

It's just the meds talking...

Sometimes they scream...       go Bills?

chumbawamba's picture

If the Taser barbs can't hook to your clothing the jolt will be ineffective.  I speculate a thick rubber wetsuit underneath a normal pair of clothing may provide adequate insulation.  Untested.

Molotov Cocktails.

Pepper spray has an anti-dote.  Sudecon is your friend:

More information and a homebrew decontamination recipe can be found here:

Snipers in tall buildings are a riot cop's worst nightmare.  How soon until?

Riot cops have the upper hand primarily because they have the psychological advantage.  They know mayhem is about to occur and that they are fully backed by their "authority" to unleash all their pent up frustrations from being inferior humans intellectually, so they assume carte blanche for destruction.  If most (instead of only some) protestors came to these meet-ups with the intention of getting bruised, battered, and kicking some cop ass, the psychological advantage would shatter like so many riot helmets under the force of a swung lead pipe.  You catch my drift?  Sure they will start shooting, but no revolution ever started without the first shot being fired.  Then it's Game On.

I am Chumbawamba.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Chumbawamba 's been planning for a party.

Miles Kendig's picture


Looks like he found a cookbook.

Anonymous's picture

Holly smokes man, you sound like you mean business...

Anonymous's picture

Show up to protests with a motorcycle helmet, lab safety goggles and have your radical well endowed girlfriend wearing the bra gas mask:

I like the previous poster's wet suit under your clothes idea to protect from tasers. Ear muffs (the kind at a firing range) or sponge ear plugs tor the newly deployed sound weapons... and while I can not condone firearms at protests in any way...

Innocent protesters will get slaughtered.

Firearms and violence are more likely to come from FBI paid provocateurs who by the way are the ones smashing windows not protesters...

But small hand held laser pointers maybe an effective tactic.

You need to look at film clips of 60s protesters especially the Chicago Haymarket protests, where protesters showed up with football and motorcycle helmets on knowing the Chicago police were going to fire buckshot into crowds and head crack every one in sight.

The pepper spray antidote along with a canteen of water for tear gas rinsing of the eyes should be standard issue of the new Patriot Economic Freedom Protesters... aka us.

Anonymous's picture

don't forget your video camera.
make sure it's small enough to fit in your pocket.
large cameras make easy targets for controlheads.
easy out, quick record, bam, back in the pocket.

Lndmvr's picture

From my hometown paper,

"The new ordinance will go into affect after it meets final approval from city council, but that doesn’t mean the zoning administrator will be patrolling the streets searching for signs that aren’t up to code. “Those in violation immediately, I will start communication with and those in violation five years from now, we will try to give advance warning at some point,” Wright said. “All property/business owners have the responsibility to be aware of what’s going on. There’s been a lot of publicity over the years, there’s no reason people shouldn’t be aware of it already.”

Wright said the new chapter in the code of ordinances isn’t entirely new, but rather a combination of rules and regulations established by ‘zones’ or ‘areas’ designed to address the entire town of Red Oak.

Some of the other signs listed as ‘prohibited’ include: garage sale signs, flashing lights, portable signs, vehicle signs, revolving signs, swinging signs, fence signs, balloon signs and animated signs. “The public needs to be aware that temporary signs will not be allowed on any utility or sign posts,” Wright said. Billboards will also no longer be permitted within city limits.

Penalties will fall under the municipal code, which could mean up to a $750 fine per violation.

Some signs will be exempt such as public agency signs, flags and emblems, art displays and seasonal decorations."

Wont even be able to hold a protest sign against the sign law. How stupid are people?

ZerOhead's picture

Stupid like a fox...

Best just to use wet tee-shirts to really get a point across...  or two.

arnoldsimage's picture

chumba... funny you should mention molotov cocktails. when i was watching all the videos on g20 riot police bootstompers, i was thinking... man if those protesters all had molotovs, how sweet would that be.

chumbawamba's picture

Exactly.  What's wrong with these idiots?  I watched video for the G20 protests and was aghast at how docile the "protestors" were.  Some kid was getting arrested and a couple people stood around asking the cops, "Why are you arresting him?  What did he do?", over and over.  Wow, that's really helpful.

Another video is some kid filming a cop asking him if he could ask him a question in this meek little stutter, with the cop just glaring back at him with his best Terminator 2: Judgement Day stare.  Ask if you can ask him a question?  Mother fucker, just ASK him a mother fucking question.  And don't just ask him a question, DEMAND SOME MOTHER FUCKING INFORMATION FROM YOUR PUBLIC SERVENT.

Kids these days are PATHETIC.  It's time to get out there and fuck shit up.

When it's game mother fucking on it will be GAME MOTHER FUCKING ON.

I am Chumbawamba.

ZerOhead's picture

Wrong approach guys...

No point arguing with a chair... or pig for that matter.

Think farther up the food chain. And think pressure... not violence. They will use the 'violent threat' you pose to take away everybodys liberties... and they have toys that you couldn't dream up.

Don't take the bait.

chumbawamba's picture

You think what we're living under now is freedom?  Do you know how many videos I've watched this year of cops tasering people at traffic stops?  Do you know why we're fighting two three wars (Pakistan) right now?  Me either.

Are you lame?

I am Chumbawamba.

ZerOhead's picture

Hey Chummy...

Just telling you that the best weapon around has always been your brain. Study the adversary and find the weak points. Never signal your intentions. And no Chummy violence is not the solution against our 'overlords'. Not yet anyway.

Anonymous's picture

"Never signal your intentions."

especially on websites that are scoured daily by individuals in the executive branch of the federal government.

and some wonder why it was so easy for the squid to swallow the bears this summer.

Village Idiot's picture

You speak the truth, ZerO.  I am speaking in extremes - as are probably many.

arnoldsimage's picture

chumba... this is what Should have happened at g20 protests.

arnoldsimage's picture

keep fucking with us gangstas. you're gonna get yours real soon.

chumbawamba's picture

I love that video.

I am Chumbawamba.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

When the rats understand they out number the rat keepers, things will change. But not until then.

Anonymous's picture

so how many buddies have you lost. with your tactics I would guess quite a few.


Anonymous's picture

Chumbawamba, if you are really serious, then use a mixture of kerosene with Miracle Gro as the center of a device with a combination of steel bearings and Vaseline mixed with more kerosene as the outer later. A simple catapult will give you an effective range of several hundred yards. Highly likely to be noticed even by an investment banker.

Anonymous's picture

i have new respect for you....the biggest problem with
this entire financial terrorist attack of the
oligarchical axis of evil and the banksters is that
people come to these sites to whine and mew about
what is wrong but never lift a finger not even to
call their congresscreep...i have told my creep
what i think of pelosi and used language which would
make most of you blush and probably not get past the
censors here....

but, to the point of being ready to rumble that is
exactly what is is time to take these
thugs on in the streets, in congress, courts,
and anywhere else battle can be waged and if a few
folks like police scum die then too bad....

we live in a nazi state and believe me the dhs
monitors sites and comments like this because it
is warning of right winged insurgency...

these nazi fucker-pukes can rot in eternal hell...and
it's time to start fighting....

Anonymous's picture

Start with Blankfein first....then maybe Dimon, then me, once one of these a-holes go down, nobody would want to mess with the public coz we are 99% of the population

chumbawamba's picture

I practice what I preach.

I'm filing mail fraud charges against the Treasurer of an adjacent county for sending me a collection notice for a fine on an offense for which I've not been convicted.  I go to court to fight that, but in the meantime the Treasurer committed mail fraud.  FUCKING OOPS.

I am currently taking on the CHP over their officers' epidemic ignorance of the law.

I am filing a complaint against the punk courthouse security goon who wouldn't give me his badge number upon demand.


Too many people for too many years have been too god damn docile.


I am Chumbawamba god damn it.

Village Idiot's picture

So I know that some people on this site aren't exactly "fans" of Michael Moore.  But I went and saw "Capitalism: A love Story" this weekend, and I'll tell you what - Moore is calling for revolution.  I walked out of there feeling big time empowered. 

Some guys go through their whole life, fighting against something that they can't quite put there finger on.  I have found a good and noble cause - America.  Point me in the right direction, cuz this dude is ready. 

Someone recently said that "the difference between activists of the 60's and activists today boils down to one thing - money".  today's activists have resources - some more than others - but considerably more than the previous movement had, to affect change in our government.

chumbawamba's picture

Maybe that's why this generation isn't making any progress: we don't know how to fight.  We've had it too good growing up.

The only direction you should be pointed towards is the one your mind and your heart takes you.

I'll let you in on a little secret:

I drive when I'm high.  I even take a beer along from time to time.  And a lot of times I don't wear my seatbelt.  Why?  Because I can.  And I can do it without ruining someone else's driving experience or damaging someone else's property.  I'm responsible.

I don't pay my taxes.  Why?  It's not because I don't believe in paying my fair share; I do.  I just don't believe in funding endless wars of less than zero value and devoid of any meaning that profit an evil few and kill my fellow humans and stain my soul with a collective guilt of which I did not ask to be a part.  I also don't believe in paying for the mistakes of well-to-do bankers and finance faggots who don't want to take a loss.  I don't believe in putting a noose around my neck and pulling it tight.  I'm not suicidal.

I am also not an imbecile! (Thanks, Gerald Celente)

I don't pay my credit cards anymore.  I'm delinquent on all of them, half a dozen or more.  Why?  It's not because I don't believe in paying off my debts; I do.  But I don't think it's right that I should have to pay a bank that got bailed out with my tax dollars for the privelege to treat me like an ATM machine and to arbitrarily raise rates and fees on me when times got tough for them as a result of their own greed and utter stupidity.  I had perfect credit.  I played the game.  They changed the rules.  So, they got their bail out, I got mine.  Two can play at that game, fuckers.

I practice what I preach.

I am Chumbawamba.

MinnesotaNice's picture

"I drive when I'm high.  I even take a beer along from time to time.  And a lot of times I don't wear my seatbelt.  Why?  Because I can.  And I can do it without ruining someone else's driving experience or damaging someone else's property.  I'm responsible."

Chumbawamba... do you know how many 'dead' people I have worked on as a Paramedic who were 'responsible impaired drivers' not wearing their seatbelts just like you... and how families who were killed and seriously injured by 'responsible impaired drivers' just like you... I once had a man who was hit head-on by a "you" and spent the last few minutes of his life trapped in his crumpled car begging for me to save him so he could be with his family... he died before we could get him out.

The world simply does not revolve around you... no matter how much you wish it would.

chumbawamba's picture

Yeah, whatever.  Tell that to the guys you have to scoop out of the tin cans.  I'm not they.

I am Chumbawamba.

ZerOhead's picture

Owe the banks $10,000 and don't pay - It's your problem

Owe the banks $10 million and don't pay - It's their problem

Seatbelt... hey it's your life.

Buzzed? Better not get too buzzed. 

Law of averages eventually catches up with you and tasers are a bitch! 

blackebitda's picture

just a question...while doing all these things..are you gainfully employed in some form or fashion? 

Anonymous's picture

Most people on this site won't be taking it to the streets. Readers here are the academic types who will generate (are generating) the propaganda that will incite sufficient anger to trigger insurrection. Your information is nonetheless useful for self-defense situations we might encounter.

Probably the most effective tactics will involve striking fear into the hearts of the elite. That doesn't need to be a public spectacle (modern protests are largely ineffective anyway, witness Iran election protests, or the Iraq war protests). I can assure you that European financiers are petrified of the semi-comedic episode of the "Geritol Gang".

Got to hand it to the old bastards, they've got cojones. I'm confident that there have been quiet policy changes and concessions based on this event alone.

ZerOhead's picture

Feel good story of the week... Thanks

Anonymous's picture

Chumbawamba, I fear you are on the path that must be followed. Before we take our rooftop positions (I happen to own a 30-06 rifle whose sights range from 200 - 2000 meters) I believe we must try peaceable solutions first.

We need, and I believe must have, an alternative choice to the current political parties. I am too old and not suited to take the lead. I am prepared to help whomever first appears who is honest, open, and posesses high integrity. I was mistaken in believing Obama to be this person.

My ancestors fought to eliminate British rule, then later ones died in a futile attempt to escape the rule of the central government. It would be an honor to join them.

Gripping about TPTB leads nowhere. First political action. If this fails, the the Declaration of Indenpence prevails.

I am free.

Anonymous's picture

Things might end with a whimper, as people with big money at stake take their money elsewhere.

Bubby BankenStein's picture

There is a nice new prison in Hardin, MT that has some 450 berths available.  Not nearly enough space, but a good start.

Anonymous's picture

The one bought by Blackwater, I mean Xe, I mean the APF (American Police Force)?

Anonymous's picture

You mean Blackwater, I mean, Xe, I mean, the "American Police Force"?

get screwed