BLS Reports Jobs Losses By State In September More Than Double 95K Loss Reported In NFP Report

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In the latest amusing discrepancy to come out of the BLS, today's reported unemployment data by state indicated that at the end of September, there was a total of 129,699,600 people employed across the various states. Not very surprisingly, the biggest deterioration occurred in California which lost 63.5 K jobs, followed by New York at 37.6K (Wall Street layoffs?) and Massachusetts at 20.9K. The total change from August's 129,923,400 employed was a drop of 223,800. Well, this is a little confusing as the NFP number for September indicated that total jobs lost were 95,000, a slightly more than 50% improvement compared to the job losses at the state level. As Zero Hedge has demonstrated, the data coming out of the BLS is statistically impossible to say the least, and at best, worthless. But now at least we are getting confirmation that just like in the Fed, there may be those within the BLS, who actually know how to count. Too bad, those are not the people in charge of actual propaganda dissemination.

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The NFP number uses all 57 of Obama's states, hence the discrepency. 

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"the biggest deterioration occurred in California which lost 63.5 K jobs"

and yet the dems lead in the polls;

jane wells of cnbc doing her part to rep jbrown

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I think it is called learned helplessness.   They love their slave masters.

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Stockholm syndrome and abused spouse syndrome writ large. California large. America large.

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So sad people junk the truth.

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A captured mind will fight to remain captured.

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Californians don't need jobs. 

They got government cheese.


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its bizarre - everyone driving around with new cars and iphones; restaurants crowded

does anyone work?

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And don't forget that housing prices are up significantly; the best in the Nation according to Case-Shiller. So, yes, people are working. At least certain jobs.

For the SF Bay area, the best that I can figure is that companies have gone out and gotten a lot of cheap credit, and have spent that on Cap-Ex in anticipation of the "business recovery". This is the supposed "cash-on-the-sidelines", or debt-on-the-sidelines, depending on how you look at it.

If there isn't any business recovery, well, then techs are going to be hurting.

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Everyone is in debt to their ears! That is why they have new cars, iphones and etc. Take away the debt fix, the repo man will have a party.

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Buying, buying, buying (whether they can pay or not) is what drives the credit rating up!! OF COURSE they're buying every new toy that comes along -- how do you think they got those high credit ratings that made them prime candidates for all those liar loans, over and over again?


Don't be so silly!! It's the way things are supposed to work now.

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Doesn't help that we have 30% of the national welfare headcount and the Motor Voter law has registered untold illegals (google - motor voter immigrant illegal congressional record and read on). Then add to that the amount of govie workers out here, K-12 plus college indoctrination programs, etc. More than enough to throw an election.

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Why shouldn't the Dems lead in the polls? It's not like the Repubs would do a better job.

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Oh that is just an ugly real UE (BLS numbers) is closer to 20%? I know if all those NILFs are counted it would really be around 23%.

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The system does not know how not to lie.  Lying is baked into the cake.  Just like the old Soviet Union where its version of macro centricism led to the same kinds of crap.  Bad data, bad decisions, bad outcomes, failed orthodoxy..  A-B-C, 1-2-3 was good enough for Michael to turn a buck ... Just think of it, a guy with his proclivities would have been an HFT'er if he had gone to the street

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We should go easy on the BLS. When you lie all the time it gets hard to keep track of them all.

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What a joke - just a pity its not funny.

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don't see any problems here.

Everything looks good.

Scam as usual.

Wait until November for some rock 'n' roll!

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Chicago pols already are alerting voters to stay up until the wee hours on election night, that "something" is going to happen while everyone's sleeping.

The unions are on high alert and ready for action.

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Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do and dine.

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I used to eat at that place. Good noodles.

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yeah... maybe farms fired the difference....

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I've talked to a BLS spokesperson and this is how it was calculated:

Round off 129,923,400 to 129,923. Add 95,000 to 129,923 and you get 224,923. 

That's VERY close to 223,800.

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WOW see the total lie that is Yahoo! Finance headline right now which states 'Unemployment drops in 23 states' or whatever the number is....maximum density on the media propaganda job to dark matter density!!

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It's true. 23 states saw decreases in unemployment and 11 saw increases. Nothing great but going in the right direction again. Like I said - a painfully slow slog increasing ever so slightly. That's our economy for the foreseeable future.

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BS, you wont see any slow slogging, the govt has under reported unemployment data by millions, real unemployment is 23.5%, and G20 just told Geithner to go fuck himself read Tech Ticker headline 'G20 tells Geithner 'You must be Joking'? LOL slow slog my ass, sudden implosion soon.

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It's true! The government said so!

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I was referring to the comment that Yahoo headline was a "lie". It's not. If states reported figures that showed improvement in 23 states vs. a deterioration in 11 states, then Yahoo's headline is indeed correct.

Not every headline everywhere is a conspiracy, gang.

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You might actually **read** the article associated w/the headline.  If you did, then you'd know that it isn't due to the fact that people are actually being hired, or going back to work that accounts for the drop.


SheepDog-One's picture

Yes well I was talking about the ONE SIDED nature of the headline spin! Oh, they forgot to mention the increase in other states, and also the flat out lie of the whole thing to begin with.
And yes, it IS a conspiracy when an article sifts out only what they want to report, pure Pravda.

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Again, I think you're right, sdo.

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c'mon...going the right direction?  That's like saying to somebody planning to go from Portland to Seattle that their trip will travel through Denver, St. Louis, and Newark before arriving in Missoula?!?  If that's what you mean by right direction, I totally agree.

The economic gale force winds of stimulus, 0% interest rates, historic low tax rates, huge trade deficits, (blah blah) are being used as a tailwind but taking us farther and farther away from our destination of sustainability.  If / when we do decide we do want a future, the turn into those headwinds could be so difficult as to wreck our miserable economy.

The "right direction" would be to begin the painful, unpopular unwinding of massive government props so endemic in our economy...slowly but clearly stating the free market will return, entitlements will be lessened, moral hazard removed, perverse tax incentives ended, bailouts rescinded...and this should be every bit as true for the top 1% as the bottom 20% of our society.

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Yes, a painfully slow slog is what it is. It's not like you're trying to get to Seattle from Portland and heading through Mexico, right? It's not getting worse and we're seeing little bits of improvement. Tiny, yes, but that's how it's going to be for quite a while.

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Harry, if more people are unemployed today than yesterday we are not going in the right direction.

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I actually appreciate your POV and enjoy your postings.  However, I don't share your belief that things are getting better.  The monthly employment gains / corporate earnings are coming at a far greater expense than the benefit being generated.  Net - net we are losing ground day by day, month by month.  I understand the plan is to muddle through but unfortunately the math of budget deficits, unfunded liabilities, and transfer payments are growing too fast to be addressed by anything but Chinese like GDP #'s. 

The impact of this realization on business leaders and financiers in this country is toxic.  Folks know this is a short term blip and are acting accordingly only further retarding a "recovery".

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The ONLY thing telling us that things are getting better are those vested interests that will benefit from telling us things are getting better.

All other "evidence" is contrary.

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Nearly the lowest mortgage rates in history and people still aren't buying.  Unemployment, if used by the days standards, is nearly as high as The Great Depression and trending up.  Credit contracting and savings increasing (although for what is anyone's guess since the interest is worthless as the dollar drops and inflation for items people need is actually here).  Record highs in welfare/food stamps recipients.  There is more debt in school loans (that means kids are in major debt) more than debt for credit cards.  There were record foreclosures but a good thing they put a stop to those.  The rich are being bailed out and the little people are being robbed and thrown in jail for petty issues.  Oh and btw every mortgage that is bundled in to MBS and all the derivatives of derivatives is suspect but it may not matter because every regulatory agency, industry, politician and central bank are complicit in enslaving the world in their global crime syndicate.  

Bill Black was just on Bloomberg and said there were thousands held responsible for the S&L scandal and nobody has done any time for what is happening presently.  I guess if they throw one person in they will have to throw them all in the big house and politicians and banksters can't have that.  Martin Armstrong discusses this among other things:

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...and there's another breath of fresh air. Thanks.

Truth may hurt but we can't continue to have an economy -- or a government -- of lies. Soon may both liar-based entities topple and be replaced with something "sustainable".

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The unemployment is dropping in those states because the number of nongovernment workers to disemploy is dropping.

To unemploy someone, first you need a job.


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c'mon now, give them a break, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, don't ya know?  our government would never lie to the people (except of course Gulf of Tonking, Iraq WMD, ...).

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WTF, Texas went on a hell of a hiring spree.  How many toll booths did they erect to throw those 152k in, or do they count anyone getting an unemployment check as a government employee?

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THATS the ticket, anyone getting gooberment assistance checks is counted as a gooberment employee.

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They really are the same thing, save that the welfare recipient doesn't stop other people from conducting business like a normal government employee.

We'd be better off if they just fired all the government workers and paid them their current salary to sit at home and do nothing.  Then some of us productive members of society could get out there and actually produce, rather than hoarding capital due to a hostile regulatory environment.