Blythe Masters Reminds The RICO Club She Hasn't Been Fired Yet As Gold Chart Exhibits Thor's Hammer Formation

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Another perfectly normal 6-sigma gold manipulation day where as gold was about to break $1,400, out of nowhere suddenly arrives JP Morgan's very own Blythe Masters. Elsewhere, the Comex check their spot gold screen, sighs, and switches over the SEC-endorsed porn channel. In other words: everything can be sold, except stocks as a down day (now that it is confirmed that banks pledge equity as collateral to their central banks and thus will blow up should market crash) means the Ponzi is failing. That can not happen.

Below, gold demonstrates the Thor's Hammer formation made so trivial by JPM's commodities trading desk.

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Turd Ferguson's picture

Pathetic and sickening.

I've checked where I can for lies and rumors of margin requirement increases, etc. Nothing. All is quiet. 

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Hey, I've been reading your blog every day. Good work! I really appreciate it. 

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me too. good blog for gold and silver.

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I have a serious question for you. 

You repeatedly make very specific predictions on gold prices (example: gold will hit at $1550 by December 10th), yet you also fully acknowledge the "sickening" manipulation of that market.

I don't understand how you square these two contradictory mindsets.  How do you make specific predictions, yet acknowledge that the gold market is pure, manipulated bullshit?

If a casino is known to cheat, why tell everyone that you're going to win $1000 playing roulette on January 4th on your 6th spin?




Turd Ferguson's picture

Actually, RedNeck, I've been saying for months that gold would hit 1350 by Halloween and 1500 by 12/10/10. Its gonna take a little work at this point. Only 6 days to go.

Regarding the squaring of my opinions: The concrete predictions I make are generally long-term in nature. For example, the predictions above I made back in July. The gold and silver markets, long term, are in serious, sustained bull markets. This cannot be denied. Where Blythe and the EE manipulate things is in the day-to-day machinations, such as today. The EE consistently beats back and suppresses price every day but over the long-term, the huge fundamental demand for the PMs is global and growing. Blythe still is capable of winning battles but she will not win the war.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

No.  That's not a square - you're not squaring anything.  That's more like a rhombus with a bad leg.

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - says that gold will go up long term.  That's not a notable prediction. 

You, though, repeatedly make overly specific short term predictions that are proven wrong a few days or weeks later. To your credit, some are proven right, but a game of darts would yield similar results.

Why do you do this?  Even in this most recent post of yours, you acknowledge that gold is manipulated day-in and day-out, yet you won't hesitate for a moment to say that gold will be at some specific price by this Wednesday, or last Halloween. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Second question, if you don't mind:

Since you like to make predictions, do you think gold will become less expensive or more expensive as we move closer and closer to November 2012, and austerity/the Fed/deficits move into the cross hairs of every politician trying to save their jobs? 

Do you think it's possible by the time election season is at full throttle in 2012, the Fed will have implemented programs to reduce their involvement in the markets and to mop up liquidity? That would seem bearish on gold, right?

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

"That would seem bearish on gold, right?"

Correct.  Ditto for silver.

Bottom line:  If you're against what these people are doing, buying PM's isn't the answer. 

Follow the logic here:

In order for a short play to work, someone has to take the other side of the trade.

No demand for gold/silver = no demand for gold/silver longs = shorts collapse from liquidity freeze.

Or, just to expand the discussion out a bit further, stop investing or producing within the system.  Be maximally unproductive.  Trying to "beat" the established structure is exactly what they want you to do.  Refusing to play in the first place, that's what they're really afraid of.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I disagree strongly with your statement that 'buying PMs isn't the answer'.  You are talking about 'taking the other side of a trade',  well, by investing in precious metals I am actually taking my money OUT of their system.  I am not TRADING in precious metals, that would imply buying and selling for a nominal profit, in dollars. 

I am INVESTING in precious metals, and my 'profit' does not come until sound money returns, and those precious metals are minted and converted into legal tender.

So buying PMs IS a way to 'refusing to play', which you correctly state they are most afraid of.

PsychoNews: Exposing the Oligarchy, one Psycho at a time.

flacon's picture

Hey Red Neck, Stop hijacking the replies like I'm doing right now - just to make a point like I'm trying to make. 


If you don't like Turd's blog, then don't read it. 

IBelieveInMagic's picture

Gold may be down but what's happening to Platinum/Palladium?

Joe Grannville's picture

Just face it Red Neck.  Turd is just another Turd squeezing his shitty advice out of an asshole which is like an opinion as everyone has one !


strannick's picture



Only idiots say all opinions are of equal validity. Sorry, and also University Professors.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Yeah, okay smartass. London gold fix today @ $1390 or so. Only been above that level a few times before. But since your dick is no longer than your memory, I'll forgive you Li'l Joey...

Joe Grannville's picture

Still swimmin' in the Bay of Dopes I see.  And quit peeking at my dick!

Turd Ferguson's picture

Whatever, RedNeck.

It was clear long ago that you'll argue with anything I say simply because I'm a conservative libertarian who happens to have liked Glenn Beck for about 9 years now.

If you don't like my opinions...fine. I could give a shit. There seem to be a lot of folks that are reading my now three-week-old blog that are very appreciative. I do it for them, not for you. 

Joe Grannville's picture

Turd, no offense buddy but it's clear to everone on this blog that you're not wearin' that big hat to hide your big brain.  Why don't you get some PM sponsors on that blog of yours and start makin' some real dough like Max Keiser and Tyler. 

Just some friendly advice from your uncle Joe pardner.


Dollar Damocles's picture

Link to your blog please Turd Ferg?

As to whats his faces questions on your short term price predictions.  The answer is pretty simple.  Technical analysis of charts does work and has a degree of accuracy, and is useful for short term price prediction.  But none of us here are inside traders either or can predict what the "house" in the rigged casino will do or the precise timing.

So the price targets Turd presents are useful as potentialities within the trend, a theoretical tool to keep in your box, but not something to live or die by since the real world presents external factors that can not be predicted by people who aren't politically connected.  So understand it for what it is, both it's usefulness and it's limitations and don't look for perfection because it doesn't exist.

I for one have great respect for Turd's predictions and am always curious to hear what he has to say.  I think he would be the first to acknowledge that no one can see the future perfectly and his predictions are just that - predictions.

I think that maybe you might consider spending less time at zerohedge, and more time at your local palm reader, since that seems to be more along the lines of what you are looking for.

Turd Ferguson's picture

"I think he would be the first to acknowledge that no one can see the future perfectly and his predictions are just that - predictions."

The Turd concurs. Thank you, DD, for your support. My blog is:

Stop by sometime and say hello.

uraniuman's picture

Another daily reader of your blog , and steady buyer of gold and silver. Thankyou sir. Good advice can be hard to come by

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

I'm a conservative libertarian who happens to have liked Glenn Beck for about 9 years now.

Glenn Beck for 9 years?  Well, that explains your fanatical devotion to him, despite the fact that he's morphed into a complete lunatic. Unions are responsible for QE2?  lol.

It's exceedingly difficult to break old habits, isn't it? 

Try getting a 85 year old man to buy anything other than a Buick, even though they're pure garbage and the company is bankrupt.  

Try getting the congregation of a Christian preacher/fundamentalist to switch churches, even though Sunday's sermon was about homosexuals causing the hurricanes. 

Try getting a lifelong Republican to confront the new hypocrisy of his party, even though the prior Republican administration was the most prolific group of fascists and plutocrats in American history.

9 years of Glenn Beck?  Now I understand. You've been washed, spun, rinsed, tumble dried and neatly folded on the mantle of American conservatism. 


dark pools of soros's picture

what the fuck do you believe in ???  trying to discredit sources instead of evaluating information on your own??

go back to your mom

robobbob's picture

apparently you have never heard the fable of the blind men and the elephant, or, you have completely missed its moral.

instead of whinning that no oracle can clear your bar of perfection, try understanding that the truth that you insist on is often a matter of interpretation and can be presented from many different angles, with completely accurate facts, without any inherent contradication, other then the ones suggested by those trying to conceal the truth

It is the reason the PTB hate the internet so much. Before, they could operate in darkness. Now, no matter which way they turn, there is someone watching, and a way for everyone to compare notes. so many puzzle pieces, so few willing to acknowledge them if they don't fit in with what they expect picture to be.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

@ retardatardded

Your post is what Jean Paul Sartre would refer to as nothingness.

What the hell did you just post? It makes no sense whatsoever. 

Behind your left ear there should be a switch.  Flip it, and repost.  

robobbob's picture

You claim to know Sartre, but you are too dense to figure out a simple Indian fable? Or is such simple wisdom far too beneath you?

then I will make it as unambiguous as possible so that even the most highly edumacted such as yourself can understand (abbreviated version)

A group of blind men are walking through the jungle. The 1st blind man comes upon an elephant and approaches the trunk end and proclaims that an elephant is like a snake. The 2nd blind man approaches a leg and proclaims, no, you are wrong it is like a gaint tree. The 3rd approaches the great mid section and proclaims the first 2 men are all wrong, and that it is like a large wall, while yet a 4th approaches the tail and declares the elephant is like a rope. The men could argue for hours and eventual come to blows and kill one another, without ever realizing that they are all partially correct. Only by working together and comparing each others observations could they ever discover the true nature of the phenomena.

Turd is a topnotch analyst. Using sound methods and the best information, he provides highly accurate projections. However, since he does not possess insider information there are limitations to the total accuracy that he can provide. Since his overall performance is high, fraudulent actions by the PTB become all the more blantantly obvious. Therefore his predications help build a picture of what the truth is.

Since you do not grasp this concept, that is why you believe in the fairy tail of team red and team blue.

This is why you attack Beck. Most of what he says is verifiably correct. It is sometimes only part of the story. The left holds the missing pieces up as proof of lying, when it is just simply, only part of the larger truth, parts that the leftist versions of Beck fail to tell their audiences.

And this is why TPTB will never allow anyone to ever get unto the MSM and lay it all out. There was a time Beck was going there, and he was promptly bitch slapped back into line.

This is why the internet is making the PTB run for their lives. For centuries there have been pieces of the truth lying everywhere that only the TPTB knew how to fit together. Now any commoner with a keyboard can put them together, and the picture is very ugly, and people are getting very mad.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

you are too dense to figure out a simple Indian fable

Which Indians?.....Dots or feathers?

Upon your response, I shall look it up.

A group of blind men are walking through the jungle. The 1st blind man comes upon an elephant and approaches the trunk end and proclaims that an elephant is like a snake. The 2nd blind man approaches a leg and proclaims, no, you are wrong it is like a gaint tree. The 3rd approaches the great mid section and proclaims the first 2 men are all wrong, and that it is like a large wall, while yet a 4th approaches the tail and declares the elephant is like a rope. The men could argue for hours and eventual come..


Blah blah blah...blah blah blah


Your post reads like a Dr. Seuss story.  Do any of these blind characters live in a shoe? 

CD's picture

A while ago, you seemed to have a sense of humor, and sarcasm aimed at the hypocrisy of the left/right artificial divide. Either your built-in controlling transponder has now been activated, or I just totally misread your earlier posts. There seem to be an awful lot of these cases going around lately.

StychoKiller's picture

I read "The Seven Blind Men" when I was a kid, which tells me you are a young whippersnapper that needs to expand his education (by quite a lot!).

tmosley's picture

Another excellent question.  Kudos!

Quintus's picture

Lies and rumours are unnecessary when the market is in a state of total regulatory capture.

Turd Ferguson's picture

With no news or even rumors out there, my gut tells me that Blythe is trying to paint an "outside reversal day" on the daily chart. To pull this off, she needs a Comex close below 1383. In 15 minutes we'll know if she's successful.

Gubbmint Cheese's picture

Turd - would love to read your blog.. where is it?

curbyourrisk's picture

Effectively BLOCKED by WEBSENSE here at work.  Anything with blogpost in the name is DONE where I work.

Turd Ferguson's picture

I see that the idiot, Guv Bullard, has been speaking over the noon hour. He might have said something that set everything off. Pinhead.

schoolsout's picture

Same here, but some blogspot stuff comes through....the owners here must have a hatred for Turd!

clymer's picture


blythe, I would only need 2 minutes. ..Maybe even three.

SgtShaftoe's picture

use a proxy to get around it

websense is for pussies

TheDriver's picture


If that's not successful, I've set this up to mirror Turd's 10 most recent posts:

You won't be able to read or post comments but at least you can follow Turd's updates.

Raymond K Hassel's picture

Bookmarked!  Have always enjoyed your posts here on ZH Turd -  finding your blog is divine - great stuff. 

66Sexy's picture

i think we all saw that huge move down 10 and im sure the JPM SEC onsite regulator got his check this month.

unwashedmass's picture


you betcha he/she did...thing is...wonder if the payoff includes a deal to pay for the regulator's lawyer when they have to take the fall...

oh, sorry, forgot, our courts are corrupted now too....not that the person whoulw ever have to deal with something like that, cause the DA's are also on the take.

we've really hit Bernie's banana republic moment haven't we...? we all are sitting here watching JPM literally steal millions, and no one does a thing...

quasimodo's picture

Check? I surmise there is more than checks trading hands, and it involves a game of "hide the pickle"

ChookChoker's picture

If I was being paid by cheque from JPM, I wouldnt do any work until the funds cleared into my account.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Please try to visit our "sponsors" as you leave the site.

I've paid Google lots of $ over the years and I'd like some back.

Hephasteus's picture

Gold has gone increasingly parabolic every december since 2006. This one is going to be hard to ignore as you'll be able to see it from fucking space.

flacon's picture

WOW did you see that?! I saw the manipulation on the last minute before 1:30! Oh this is just stupid! And then the few seconds before 1:30 there was a fight! It was sooooo close, I don't know if Blythe won or not. Literally it was a fight over 10 cents as the bell rang!