Boehner Response To Obama Imminent

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First, it was the president's turn to waste a few hundred million in deficit dollars by doing nothing to help the country (though certainly talk about it). Now it is Boehner's time for a retort. We anticipate, with about 100% certainty, that about $150 million in deficit funding debt will be added for the duration of this latest spectacle. And since, debt is not actually being added per se while the US in breach of the ceiling, this is simply the amount that will be plundered "transitorily" from government pension funds until the debt target is finally lifted. Watch the top GOPer's response live here at 1:30 pm EDT.

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This is OT, but worth it, because it's a "super pinky promise" -

Back OT - What time does Orange Glow come out? Over/Under?
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They have found a way to kick the can for a few weeks more.
Al Gore's Carbon Tax going global:!3D3D046A-411C-4E5A-BB2D-72273DE3FB51

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Straight from G-Pap's playbook, "Denial - The Manual".

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G Pap learned from the best: US citizens. GPap might be talented but dont overlook the real masters in denial, US citizens. Unsurpassed, unchallenged for millenia to come... Even aliens in awe of the US prowess in denial.


US world order, for life.

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"Just 27 percent of Americans support raising the debt limit, while 63 percent oppose raising it.


Eighty-three percent of Republicans oppose raising the limit, along with 64 percent of independents and 48 percent of Democrats. Support for raising the debt limit is just 36 percent among Democrats, and only 14 percent among Republicans."


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Where's Nancy Reagan when you need her?

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people dont understand the monetary system.


that zero debt means zero dollars with still debt outstanding.

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Now here is an ON topic Off topic.

Everyone see the gold fringed flags behind the podium and to the sides?

Everyone know what that implies?

You should. A perpetual state of war, covert military courts...pretending to be civilian ones.



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Was always wondering about the truth in that ORI.  Tough to find any concrete stuff on it.  Alot of admiralty law, UCC, democracy vs republic, act of 1871 stuff, but most information infers at the legality of it.

Really tough to weed through it all and figure out what is and what isnt.  The more I read on the UCC at cornell law site, the more I am starting to think there is more to this corporate gov-UCC-democracy-admiralty law thing than I first thought.


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The reason it seems so difficult to believe is because it contradicts everything we have been told is "true".

The truth isn't difficult to accept. It's evicting the conditioned lies that's so painful.

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Indeed CD. Pro-gramming. Begins young, eh?

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Oh I realize that now CD.  You have probably taught me more at this place than any other, so thank you!  Most of our problems can be seen easily in the mirror.

Actually my favorite line from V is this one:

"But again, truth be told, if you are looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

I never knew why that line sounded so right to me.  You have helped me to see that reasoning.

Tough to get over that feeling that you are the mark in the game of life.  It really shook me from my moorings for a couple of years.  Most of the people I speak with just cannot even fathom what is going on, never mind actually dealing with it.  


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thank you for being so kind. I really just write about my own personal experience and understandings, gleaned mostly from looking in the mirror with the lights turned up bright and toothpicks holding the eyelids open. It's never pretty but ultimately rewarding.

Our ego shields us from the ugly truths. Our ego, more than anything else, is what makes us so vulnerable to and complicit with the abuse and manipulation.

I think you will enjoy Chapter Two of "Dispatches from Occupied Territory" subtitled "Of Open Minds and Closed People" which I hope to post tonight or tomorrow night. In it I discuss how to continue to awaken while coping with all the insanity.

Chapter One is here.

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In it I discuss how to continue to awaken while coping with all the insanity.

Excellent.  This is a marathon we are running..

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wouldn't be so bad if the starter gun wasn't pointed at us.

CD's thoughts always remind me of how the criminal victim, if violated by someone in a position of trust, spends most of their time coming to terms with that reality and very little on protecting themselves and moving forward. Then again, that's exactly what's going on   

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I remember when you first started posting here on ZH that you discussed your experiences working (legally) with people who had been abused by various entities and of your sadness and surprise by how demoralized and incapable many of them were to defend themselves. I remember being deeply touched by your comments at the time.

At least I think that was you.

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yeah, you had started to make the analogy of the abused victim and I think I made some comments to verify what I have seen in criminal law. As we are all biased from our own perspectives the only thing, the only way I can make sense out of this is to relate it all to criminals and their victims. I guess the final analogy is jurors. We are all jurors here too being mislead by smooth talking suits. We can't afford a mistrial. 

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My perspective is a little different.  My awakening is relatively recent, but what it lacks in history is made up for in intensity.  The amount of PM conversion, food/gun/ammo storage and general self-reliance/prepping skills learned, and still learning, boggles my mind.  It has taken, and still takes, an emotional toll to be prepared to protect myself and family.  So, I'm glad to see CD spend time on this less sexy, but most useful, topic.

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Look forward to it CD. I was talking with my better half one night after reading one of your articles.  She was intrigued because I was so open about how most problems are self made.  Told her reading it would be helpful.  She is not big on knowing the depth of the rabbit hole, especially after she saw what it did to me when I figured it out.

Not going to let her start posting here, and certainly not after Muir stole her pics and made an avatar!


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.......especially after she saw what it did to me when I figured it out.

This is why I decided to start the "Dispatches from Occupied Territory" series. Because no one is talking about what this does and is doing to us. We are only as sick as our deepest darkest secrets and if we don't talk about something that is clearly affecting us we grow weaker and sicker by the day. However, if we begin to discuss it out in the open it can no longer torment us. Instead we begin to heal and thus grow stronger. We will need this strength later.

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It's the plausible deniability that has been built into the "Overt" structure that of course maps what the covert cabal dictates.

i do believe that the Emergency War Powers act of 1933 was it, was never repealed.

Sure feel like we've been at war for a long time now, eh?

Same with UCC. A few get it, try to tell the world about it, some are denied, some are harassed.. suddenly UCC is a conspiracy theory.

The fringed flags should be questioned. They are MILITARY FLAGS.


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the trouble is, that there may be some truth in all of that stuff, but you try and pull that legal rabbit out of the proverbial hat, while in some "court"  , you will be either arrested and/or charged with contempt......i kid you not............there have been many and i do mean many, who have tried these "patriot law" arguments , and in a practical sense, it simply does not work. there are many opportunists running around and self styled legal gurus who run around giving lectures on this stuff and they make a pretty penny off of the gullible. one of the worst examples of this is some jew that calls himself Dr. Sam Kennedy.  so what is left for us?  well, we all must fight our own battles and we must choose what battles are the most important to us as individuals. what else can we do right now?

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silly little man that I am, I still can't belive there ain't at least ONE of those $1000/hour lawyers - somewhere - who's a fuckin' patriot and might could do somethin'. Knowing good & well 99.9999% of 'em are in the enemy camp, or at least whores, like the rest

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The plants in the enemy camp, if you will, must operate clandestinely, else someone they love may get the ax.

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lawyers are "friends" of the court. what does this mean?  well it means, they are more allied with the beast that feeds them, than they are with their clients. otherwise they end up like edgar j steele, who got setup on bogus charges of trying to kill his wife by some fbi stooge etc. what was his sin?  oh his sin as a lawyer is doing legal work for men who were not friends of the yid , to put it bluntly. of course neither is edgar....but then , this is the intrinsic idea of the legal industry. either you bend the knee and kiss the ring, or you don't get work, or you get disbarred, or you are setup and it goes in this world......

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Sometimes...  apparently civil rights were part of the conspiracy's design?  What about the success of attorneys fighting foreclosures and MERS?  Drug class actions?  et al...

The "plan" gets to be pretty contradictory when accounting for all these...

This is much more true in some places than others...  away from the financial capitals of the world...  away from the neon lights...  everything has a bit more relaxed and reasoned approach...  sometimes mind numbingly slow...  and there you can find judiciaries that haven't been tainted by macro interests as much...  and whose bars actually protect their own...  even when attempting to do the "right" thing.  I personally know numerous local judges, including federal judges, and I can say that I have no doubts whatsoever about getting a fair shake...  they may rule against me, but I will have gotten a fair shake in the deal.

Sometimes your "patriotic" lawyers make sea changes...  it's not often, but it DOES happen...  and there will be plenty to come...  and soon.  If nothing else, demographically speaking, you have a mountain of graduates with legal training that have no jobs and would jump at the chance to do about anything...  harness these and you'll at least have plenty of research done (wouldn't count on them to do much in the courtroom other than look scared and act in a similar manner).

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Mighty resourceful, friend.

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what are the odds he cries at some point?

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you keep posting tripe and I will

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Aww go rock with your crawford out dick head

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Hey coppertop,

I can't figure out where your avatar is from. Not a villian from Sin City is it?

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coppertop is generally a term for a redhead, which is why i have no idea wtf you are talking about.

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Urban dictionary has several possibilities:

While you all are there, please vote for my definition of "altruism", currently #4 on the list:

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Just can't figure you out coppertop.  No, not figure out what makes you tick, figure out whose sock puppet you are. I just cant think of who got taken to the woodshed so bad in the comments that it prompted you to come back as CT with such snivelling attitude.  Certainly not a regular troll.  But someone that had the rug of their beliefs pulled out from under them.

A regular troll would at least be funny in a reincarnation, you seem like you are typing with one hand while holding a straight razor to your neck with the other.



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I think Coppertop is some kind of Bot as someone else here suggested.
It's moniker suggests being born into the matrix to provide power to the machines.
Perhaps a deliberate contradiction to what it really is?

pods's picture

Yeah, love the saying from the Matrix. Gonna get a bumper sticker that says "Hey coppertop" or "Listen up coppertop"

I saw that Bot idea, but to me it seems that CT is just too sniveling with certain posters.  I got my krug on a sock-puppet of someone who was embarassed here.


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IMO, the "dick head" comment above invalidates the idea of ct being a bot (turing test). Though maybe, it's a bot with a helper?

Not that it matters, since there's seemingly little difference in intelligence levels between trolls and bots.

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"keep posting tripe and I will"

takes a sheep to recognize its own parts

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The crying boner will lead us to hell.

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Boner cried while dedicating a statue of Gerald Ford. A...statue...of...Gerald Ford.

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Just another golf playing corporate robot.

Totally redundant existence that this guy leads.