As BOJ Injects Fresh ¥2 Trillion, Radiation Measured 20 km Away From Fukushima Is 1,600 Times Normal

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While Japanese futures briefly flirted with another advance, they subsequently dropped by 1% to 9,450, even despite the BOJ's latest injection of 2 trillion yen, which if it continues at this rate will surpass 100 trillion yen in injections within two weeks: an unprecedented feat, even by the Federal Reserve's standards. Of particular note weighing on the markets has been the news from Kyodo that, in confirmation of our fears that zones "Under Survey" are nothing but hotbeds of unprecedented radiation, reported radiation levels are 1,600 times higher than normal 20 kilometers from the power plant. Recall that the first evacuation radius was just 10 km. Assuming a power rate of declining fall out strength, means that the radiation within the 20 km diameter circle centered on Fukushina is currently hundreds of thousands to millions of time higher than normal.

From Kyodo:

Radiation 1,600 times higher than normal levels has been detected in an area about 20 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, International Atomic Energy Agency officials said Monday.

Data collected by an IAEA team show that radiation levels of 161 microsievert per hour have been detected in the town of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, the officials said.

The government has set an exclusion zone covering areas within a 20-km radius of the plant and has urged people within 20 to 30 km to stay indoors.

We are eagerly awaiting the announcement from the Japanese government that the "new normal" is 1,601 greater than the old one. And that Hydrogen bonds between purines and pyrimidines, contrary to conventional wisdom, are really made of adamantium, and no amount of incremental high energy electromagnetism can possibly break them apart.

And below is the most recent reactor update from the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum. Compare this to that from 5 days ago.

Update 3.22

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I wish I can guarantee that Buffett either never sold or buy into Nikkei...

All this pump during US hours.... Tough to justify the nikkei strength over the past 5 days.


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mophead, the Illuminati has foretold your future.

Behold the Illuminati mophead card:

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clue:  there is no they

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"They are who we thought they were"---

Dennis Green quoting POGO.

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don't own my ass....sorry to pop yer bubble

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I meant verify all these rumors and even outright statements with actual proof...

Jawboning doesn't count.

(stupid spammer reply to my initial message and I couldn't edit any more.)

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"Jawboning doesn't count"

What does it,

Stop your making me Horny !

francis_sawyer's picture USED to count (in "horsehoes" & "hand grenades") 

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USS George Washington rapidly leaves port which is South of Tokyo. Why? Hmmmm




With shipyard workers on board, aircraft carrier leaves Japanese port

By Chris Henry

Monday, March 21, 2011

 — The USS George Washington left the port of Yokosuka for waters off the coast of Japan on Sunday night with more than 400 shipyard workers aboard. This amid continuing concern over radiation exposure from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The aircraft carrier was sent out to sea "to assure she can maintain a state of readiness in the longterm defense of Japan," Capt. Mark Whitney, commander of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, wrote in a Facebook post to PSNS/IMF workers and families Monday. "Moving George Washington is a precaution given the capabilities of the vessel and the complex nature of this disaster."

Also as a precaution, U.S. Department of Defense personnel and their dependents at Yokosuka, Naval Air Facility Atsugi and military housing facilities have been issued potassium iodide tablets with directions not to take them unless official notification is given, Whitney said. The medicine is available to workers on land and at sea.

There is enough of the medicine, used to ward off the effects of radiation exposure, to treat all who may need it. Medical staff are available at distribution centers to answer questions and explain possible side effects.

The George Washington, as a nuclear-powered vessel, requires a maintenance workforce with highly specialized skills, which accounts for the precautionary move out to sea while other Navy ships remain in Yokosuka, said PSNS spokeswoman Mary Anne Mascianica.

Whitney on Sunday afternoon notified families of PSNS workers assigned to the George Washington that the ship was standing by to put out to sea.

According to Whitney, about 200 dependents of PSNS workers are among hundreds of military family members who have returned to the United States under the U.S. military's voluntary evacuation program. A dozen more had reservations to fly home as of Sunday.

Approximately 38 workers and their dependents remain in Yokosuka, along with a small contingent of shipyard workers from Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia. PSNS also has a number of radiological control technicians on ships and on the ground in Japan, supporting humanitarian efforts in the wake of Japan's most powerful earthquake on record and the tsunami that followed.

"To those of you still in Japan and to the many of you onboard George Washington, know you have the support, respect and admiration of your command family," Whitney wrote Monday. "We are all proud of you working through the disaster that hit Japan and the resulting transitional challenges of shifting location and, in some cases, your families."

The safety and well-being of workers and their families will remain a top priority, Whitney said.


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do you really need the bears to spell it out for you?

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Is 1600X normal a dangerous level?  Or still not a big deal? We have had a few too many sensationalist headlines here on ZH, would like some more clarification.

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Depends on what the government tells you is dangerous, and on which day they tell you.

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I was going to ask whose "normal" is the baseline of this statement. The old (reasonable) normal or new Japanese gov't "normal."

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What is there to worry about???

Just wrap yourself in roll and roll of freshly printed paper money, that will stop the radiation!!

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This was posted by a ZH'er earlier...very very helpful:


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That chart indicates that the radiation in those areas is now approximately 16mS per day.  Four days of that exposure is the maximum yearly dose permitted for radiation workers.

Those levels had best come down pretty quick or things won't be looking good for continued population of the Fukushima area.

GoldSilverDoc's picture

Uh, no.

161 MICRO sieverts per hour is 3864 MICRO sieverts in a day, or 3.864 MILLI sieverts (mSv). 

It's no wonder the plant blew up.  Even people on ZeroHedge can't keep the decimal point straight.


-50, and remedial math for you.


tmosley's picture

Dr. Dumbshit might want to check his own math prior to casting stones at others.

Normal dose, per chart==10uS/day.  1600 times 10uS/day==16mS/day

Maximum yearly dose for US radiation workers==50 mS/year

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That would be if you took the 1600x figure from the headline and multiplied it against the unrelated chart. The previous poster was right. It says in the quote in the post that the levels are 161 microSv/hour, so it's around 3.864 mSv/day, not 16.

That being said, these levels ARE dangerous, long term. You' get 1.4 Sv in a year, well above the threshold of increased cancer risk (indicated on the xkcd chart to be 100mSv/yr). So if the levels hold - that is, if it's not just a temporary plume moving over the area but from local contamination - then no one will be able to safely live there anymore.

I'm not sure one could say that ALL the areas closer to the plant have higher levels than this, as they've concealed that info and there are too many variables that determine where the radioactive material will end up, but I certainly agree that it's bound to be a lot worse in many places closer in.

And it's still not over.

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Add to that another nice little 6.6 located 260km or so ESE of Fukushima abougt an hour and a half ago.

Likely not big enough to represent a serious new tsunami risk but I bet it rattled their teeth at the plant and added to their stress levels.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be inside one of those buildings, concerned about radiation exposure, trying to get serious work done under dangling debris and then have the ground trembling on top of it.  Pucker factor must be astronomical.


If nothing else, it's certainly a reminder that this remains a very multi-dimensional disaster.

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No other issue but f*** all day long before it starts radiating iodine...and goes pop.

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Holy shit! 100T Yen is fatal! I am GTFO ...

<runs away babbling waving hands in the air>


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Yeah it's dangerous or the level would be 1600x higher and called normal.

This is 20km out, imagine what it's at nearby.

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Is this guy dating Ann Coulter

Lawrence Solomon: Japan’s radioactive fallout could have silver lining

"The only evidence that exists as to the health of humans who have been irradiated at low levels points to a benefit, not a harm"

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They both certainly appear to have been irradiated. ew

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It would be like eating 3 bananas. 

If they were each as big as Rhode Island.

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Are those African or South American bananas?

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Are you asking about swallowing bananas?

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"Tell them about the Twinkie, Ray."

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That's a big twinky.. err banana.

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It's no more dangerous than corporate mainstream media TV. I completely swore off of it today and feel much better already. They're either yelling at you, chastising you, or talking to you like your 10 years old. The lies based upon lies was just getting to be too much for me to take anymore. I tune into Al Jazeera and RT on the Internet for the real news these days. CNBC on mute only at five minute intervals for the numbers a few time a day and that's it maybe.

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Yes. Be brave. Turn off the insidious mind control device. A year from now you will shudder in disgust when you see it on at a friend's house or a public place. Get your fix selectively from the web.

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I owned my last Conditioning Device (TeeVee) 10 years ago. giving it away changed my life, my point of view, my health, eyesight.... pretty much set me free actually.

Then came the dis-enchantment with professional sports (which is hugely addictive on TeeVee) by one, control mechanisms melted away.

I'd highly reccomend it.

Michael, the trick is to stay with the de-program. ;-)


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You may be interested in this ORI. Book mark it for later viewing.

They call the Operation in Libya "Odyssey Dawn".  Did you know they renamed the operation in Iraq back in September operation "New Dawn"?

That "Dawn" word is explained by Jordan Maxwell, very intriguing.

Jordan Maxwell - The Dawn of a New Day (2009) 


Harmonious_Dissonance's picture

So the events in Libya are somehow related to communism via symbolic interpretation of the operation, Michael?  Do you own, by any chance, a kabbalistic dictionary as well?

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You are right ORI - I stopped watching TV a little over a year ago, I was already 'awake' and got tired of being lied to and arguing with a TV screen and being in a bad mood every night - Also in the UK you need a TV license and pay for cable.  Cutting them out of my life was one of the best things I have done.. The withdrawal was hardest with sports but after a month you dont even really miss it..  I keep up to date with 'programming' for an hour a day on the govt sponsored biased radio channels (BBC) as its kind of important know what the daily bullshine is.

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RT and Al Jazeera also have agendas using their own propaganda. Don't expect to get 100% truth from anybody  unless it comes directly from an unedited source .

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1000 X= 1 full body CT scan.

But you only get 1 of those a lifetime.