BOJ Injects Unprecedented 7 Trillion Yen In Money Markets As Tokyo Stock Exchange Circuit Breakers Activated

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Contrary to expectations that the BOJ would injected "only" JPY2 trillion in its emergency operation earlier, Shirikawa came out with a stunner, putting in a whopping 7 trillion yen into Japanese money markets. From Reuters: "The Bank of Japan on Monday
injected a hefty 7 trillion yen ($85 billion) into the money
market in a same-day market operation aimed at soothing market
jitters after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern
Japan. This was the central bank's first so-called same-day
operation since last May, when the Greek debt crisis roiled the
global financial markets. BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Sunday that the
central bank would provide huge amounts of liquidity to the
banking system on Monday, reinforcing the bank's determination
to keep markets stable in the wake of the disaster." In the meantime, after the Nikkei has plunged over 5%, and the Topix down by 7%, circuit breakers have been activated on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Elsewhere, the US plunge protection is hard at work, sending futures surging from the overnight drop, after reality threatened to impose itself. Another masterful showing by Sack Frost.

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03/14 - 9:25
9,703.01     -551.42 ( - 5.38%)

03/14 - 9:04
81.41 - 81.44     -1.37

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^N225 Nikkei 225 9,660.78 8:20PM EDT Down 593.65 (5.79%)

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10pm EDT - Yen at 82.21,  up 0.92, Au now Down from previous 1432 to 1422 after a 3-point gap after electronic opening.  Ag now down 0.35 at $35.90 after reaching 36.45 earlier Sunday.

Look Out Below!  And don't forget to BTFD in PM's

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And yet JPY/USD is still sub 82 ... what does that tell you about the intrinsic value of USD? That is truly spooky.

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One interpretation:


If this were not already enough, the Japanese are now selling US Treasuries to repatriate money back to their country for rebuilding purposes (Japanese insurance companies hold large numbers of US Treasuries which they will need to sell and convert to yen to pay claims – that is the reason for the big rally in the yen on Friday and the weakness in the Treasuries).



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I knew it, said it, and people laughed. Unintended consequences will quake the markets worldwide.

If you are going to panic, panic first.

Massive sovereign debt is a threat to national security in situations like massive earthquakes and hurricanes that are inevitable.

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Always figured China and Japan were involved in a game of chicken with a quick trigger on the sell button.

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Is this Real Yen or Plastic Yen ?

NI225 is down  -5.26% right now.

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OK now, if anybody really believes the bobbing heads on CNBC that a devastating earthquake is a good thing, we all deserve to go to hell. I look forward to kicking Blankfeins puny little ass there.


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As the Chinese say, "May you live in interesting times."

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Complete quote is: May you have an interesting life and come to the attention of the King.

Yes, it is truly a curse.

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How does the BoJ inject liquidity?  Do they buy assets?  Or do they somehow stimulate more participation at the debt window?

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Via US treasury liquidations.

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But if they swap US Treasuries for Yen, they're taking Yen out of the market.  Presumably they're injecting those Yen back into the market.  I can't imagine they're using the debt windows - I'm assuming those debt windows have been abused so long, the "customer base" has indigestion.  In which case I'm assuming they're swapping Yen for other assets (possibly even US Treasuries being sold by private holders in Japan - one article talked about the Insurance sector liquidating their holdings - I could imagine BoJ buying those).

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Yes, they buy 'assets' (note inverted comma's). The idea is to 'monetise' the 'assets' of the 'banking' system, so as to keep it 'liquid'.


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They have to liquidate their Dollar holdings to buy commodities for the rebuild.

They can only buy commodities in Dollars. It is the reserve currency.

Buy dumping Treasuries they can buy commodities cheaper.

The Tsunami may have hit Japan.

But it may no just hit the Dollar.

If Bernanke prints more it makes it worse.

I call this rock and a hard Tsunami.


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True story:

Many years ago I hired a Polish Blonde Bombshell accountant for my business. (I know that wasn't to brite but I was young then and the eye candy was prime !)

When I approached her about accounting irregularities ( As the ledger had a -6,000  imbalance on the checking Reconciliation for that month) she said no problem and went into the software (right then and there) and just added $6000 to the checking account (as I watched) and when she hit the enter key she said "ok" "All fixed now".

Her employment was terminated on the spot.

I think that is what all these central banks are doing. Although they are not as good looking as she was  !

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you are an idiot for not promoting her to investor relations

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Why aren't U.S. citizen's storming wall street to show the powers that be that they still have fight in them? Last time i went down there it was an easy stroll through, no barb wired, walls or anything major to stop it being stormed like the brave souls of the middle east stormed their institutions.

Maybe Americans have become so dumb that they think Wall street is called so because of it's impenetrable walls.

The apathy is truly sickening. The U.S. is going to crumble to nothing overnight and rightly so, the citizen's didn't even put up a fight.

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Hey Funny Monkey! Why don't you storm (Tiananmen Square) Oh wait, was that renamed?

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The moment folks start missing meals?  It's on like Donkey Kong.  You're confusing the game's first quarter with the final.

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Wait until the price of these five things spike:



Cell phone serviz



Those are the five things the gooberment should subsidize immediately if they don't want a revolt...

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Yes, unfortunately that's the truth. Well, i think it's now been rubber-stamped, based on their behavior over the past few years, the US citizen is the most apathetic, docile, mentally challenged, immoralistic being on the planet at this time in history.

Go Team!

I feel sorry for all the hard working, abused, downtrodden, people of the far east that have subsidised the lifestyle of the U.S. citizen.

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Don't be raising the price of my Sam Adams.

Them's be fight'n words.

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Funkymb, and where do you hail from?  Why don't you go sit on your thumb somewhere.

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Boy!  Big muscles = baby brain; guess it's true

Your avatar seems to be straining - trying to remove a stuck thumb ?

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As the Chinese say? They are soo transparent! They just run bull dozers over their dead.

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The Bernank is hiding in his bathroom right now.

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Silver immediately loves this news!  Take heed of someone on the last silver post though, who accurately warned of the impending quadruple witching...never know what happens when that is in play.

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Sure Japan is world No.1 inkjet printer exporters, some of printers are in Ben's basement.

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O boy, where is Martha Quinn? How come she's not on CNBC??? Or Lenny & Sqiggy, they would fit right in.

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We need your help,come to us and make your voting:

tell it to friend,we need to rich every interesting one to make his vote for FED existence

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But, But , But But they cant do this. Come on Tyler, Cant you and Deninger team up and produce some kind of supersonic  debt chart that shows Tranny pop up ads ?

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The whole planet could be dead and the only things those maggots would care about is the damn banks and flipping nikkei.

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I'm on sabbatical. Maggots,and orange sorbet. And a healthy dose of Hawaii 5-o. Book em Danno!

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no it is going to change, i know it. you still could use a face job.

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come on sweetie, pucker up and give us a kiss.

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How does the old saying about "blood in the streets" go?  I think for the first time in quite some time, I am genuinely interested in Japanese stocks.

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it says buy real estate,    not stocks  ................

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This coming week is critical for Blythe.  She has to drop silver to 35 before April l.

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CNBC - can we assume the crash team is on call?

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Shitnbc cut into it's infomercials for it's version of news. Nuclear energy.

Us futures barely down?

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@7:47 pm EST there was a huge volume spike in the /ES of over 10,000 contracts (which is huge at that time) promptly reversed direction for the /ES as it surged (in 1 minute mind you) from 1291.75 to 1300.75 (IN 1 MINUTE!!!)

alright people, nothing to see here, move along.

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Really, what if Martians landed? I'm reaching for something, anything that would bring truth to the Shit&Piss 500 and its supporters.

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Imaginary things don't need to correlate with fundamental laws.  They only vacillate between relevant and irrelevant.

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Sweet! Just like Warp Drives and Worm Holes!  The quantum effect?