BOJ Injects Unprecedented 7 Trillion Yen In Money Markets As Tokyo Stock Exchange Circuit Breakers Activated

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Contrary to expectations that the BOJ would injected "only" JPY2 trillion in its emergency operation earlier, Shirikawa came out with a stunner, putting in a whopping 7 trillion yen into Japanese money markets. From Reuters: "The Bank of Japan on Monday
injected a hefty 7 trillion yen ($85 billion) into the money
market in a same-day market operation aimed at soothing market
jitters after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern
Japan. This was the central bank's first so-called same-day
operation since last May, when the Greek debt crisis roiled the
global financial markets. BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Sunday that the
central bank would provide huge amounts of liquidity to the
banking system on Monday, reinforcing the bank's determination
to keep markets stable in the wake of the disaster." In the meantime, after the Nikkei has plunged over 5%, and the Topix down by 7%, circuit breakers have been activated on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Elsewhere, the US plunge protection is hard at work, sending futures surging from the overnight drop, after reality threatened to impose itself. Another masterful showing by Sack Frost.