Bomb Explodes In Central Jerusalem, 25 Wounded, "Apparently Not A Suicide Attack"

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From Haaretz: "A bomb tied to a telephone pole exploded Wednesday at a crowded bus stop outside the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, just opposite the central station. At least 25 people were wounded in the incident, four of them seriously. All of the casualties have been evacuated to the Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem. The Magen David Adom emergency services said that there were no fatalities. The blast could be heard throughout Jerusalem and blew out the windows of two crowded buses, No. 74 and No. 14. An eyewitness in the area at the time of the explosion told Haaretz that she heard a loud blast close to the central bus station and second later sirens began to wail and security forces rushed to the scene. Meir Hagid, one of the bus drivers, said he heard a loud explosion as he drove by the site, located near the main entrance to Jerusalem and its central bus station. "I heard the explosion in the bus stop," he said. He halted his vehicle and people got off. He said nobody in his bus was hurt." Reuters adds:  "Israeli embassy spokesman in Washington issues correction, says Jerusalem blast not on bus and "apparently not a suicide attack." At last check Israel CDS were rather well bid.

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How long does it take for the joo-haters to come out and denounce Israel for being terrorists and murderers and deserving this?

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In case Richard is busy, I'm available too.

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Seriously... while Tokyo babies need bottled water, a little roadside bombing that no body got killed gets coverage?  (Didn't Israel bomb Gaza yesterday?)  All these middle east stuff is MAN-MADE!  

Japan is undergoing an natural disaster of a lifetime.  (With Nuclear radiation repercussions.)

Let's understand a little scale here... of course, I understand that no body wants to emphasis the negative...

9,000+13,000 missing verus 1 bus and 23 wounded?

Go to war, see if I care...  Wait, we did that in Libya...

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but how many of those 22,000 are chosen people??   we should tell our taxpayers that we must give $20 billion to Israel pronto and not ask for a receipt 


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Pikachu, I choose you...

There are counter points to every religion... but I am definitely not chosen.

How much are the middle war tabs again?  With the new one in Libya?

Update, 1 guy died.

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so, it coulda been a suicide bombing after all, eh? 

this has given slewie cause to pause and consider:  am i chosen?  if so, what are the investment implicationz?

update @ 11!

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Excellent point!We hear about every micro-nothing in Israel. Other parts of the world have serious, serious problems, but hey, there's yet another bomb in Israel so put this on the front page.

If it's anti-semitic in today's world to have a higher concern for people other than Israelis right now, then I guess I must accept the label.


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It's like the words "fag" and "nigger". Take it back. I don't care. Jewish behviour is quite often revolting.

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well, svend, i was sittin here with one eye closed, farting, and i just shit and went blind!

dial 1.800.2Mossad.  they would like a voice print, if it's not too inconvenient. 


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Aw jeez, not this crap again!


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Yeah, Japan and the rioting Middle East countries have been getting too much of the spotlight lately. That old attention-whore Israel was getting pushed down on the news list, so they needed a little something to get back up there.

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go live in gaza or the west bank for a while and see what happens there. you have no idea.........

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Buy the fucking war

Gold spiking...

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I bet you those people in Gaza is better off than Sendai...  I triple dog dare you to live next to Fujishima right now, or even 2 years from now!

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Apparently not as long as it took for an Israel-first traitor to come to terrorist Israel's defense.

Time for Israel to go bash some little girls' heads in.


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Obviously it didn't take long.  Sad.

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"if you got hate in your heart let it out white power!" Dave Chapelle

goood...let the hate inside fester. Dont let it go Bearster, just let it simmer....then....go to a public rally for politicians, say, in Arizona? and blast away.


Heil Bearster!



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You couldn't pay me enough to get near a bus or a bus stop over there.

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I'll see your bus bet and go all in with you couldn't pay me enough to even visit Israel or much of the Middle East in person.

Of course, much of that is personal as there are about 10,000 other place I would find much more interesting to visit first, let alone the constant killing of each other in that part of the world. Although many non-Jewish, non-Christian and non-Muslim ancient ruins in the area would be nice to see if the people around them weren't such a pain in the ass.

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It's going off, so you better get this junking started.

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(captain obvious alert)

I smell a false flag operation to justify more millitary action.

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Mossad aka False-Flags 'R' Us. Something to do with "by way of deception you shall wage war".

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a bomb by the convention center.  probably wounded a bunch of christians and foriegn workers

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Of course you do because every attack against Israel is a false flag and every response by Israel is a war crime. How convenient for your prejudice.

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price you pay for being an occupier and land thief.

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Let me guess; you are an american of european descent?

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the pilgrims didn't beg the world for money for decades to push the indians away..   remember Israel let them back in so they can keep this conflict money maker going forever

Bearster's picture

Goebbels would be proud, repeat something often enough and the weak-minded masses will start to believe it!

pods's picture

Yeah, like "They hate us for our freedom!"?


Sweet Chicken's picture

You serious Clark?! That's funny since I happen to have a ton of jewish friends. I better go tell them I hate their guts now. Dumb ass. Maybe the fact that it was tied to a pole gives it away. Somehow I don't see a Palestinian terrorist having the time to tie a bomb to a pole without anyone noticing.

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You mean to say a suicide Polish attack in Israel, wow that's a 1st

"Somehow I don't see a Palestinian terrorist having the time to tie a bomb to a pole"

I agree the Polish(pole) could be to dumb to notice but sum1 else would

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you do realize the mossad will do this and then make it look like the palestians did it , don't you?  what are the motives?  you tell me.  let me ask you. how would this benefit arabs. they know full well what is coming because of this. so i ask you. who is it that is firing those silly little rockets into israel and why are they doing this, when it means nothing and has no strategic value whatsoever. palestinians are many things, but stupid is not one of them.  an analogy would be the fbi cointelpro, somehow, finding some dumb black guys, living on the street, etc and getting them to admit they want to do some bombing when they have no money and no way of doing anything and then whola, they are arrested and the fbi says they broke up some terrorist cell etc. etc. you know pal, some of us out here are not buying this crap anymore and are tired of it........

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Hilarious. The crack ZH false flag crew has solved the mystery immediately. And I know you are right because you use words like 'cointelpro'. You must be a mall cop. lulz.

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And anyone who doesn't believe this was done by an arab must be a jew hater. Get a life scumbag.

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Another bomb expert. You also have impeccable credentials; half your friends are jews. Are the other half black? White angst. lulz.

Sweet Chicken's picture

The fact that you immediately assumed I am an anti semite shows the level of thought put into your post. No need to respond to you any longer.

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well look what happened during the so-called british 911 with the bus bombing. MI5 did that job and then tried to blame it on Muslims.  I mean this stuff goes on all the time. Aren't you paying attention yet?  How many times does it have to happen before even a guy like you, just may have a eureka moment?  The internet is alive and well (so far) and believe me, people around the world are learning fast, that things are not always what they seem. Something is afoot over there, that is for sure, or this stuff would not be happening. They may want to seize some more arab land and houses on the west bank etc..........who knows.....

pods's picture

Yeah HPD, that tube bombing was too funny.  Not really funny, but sadistically funny.  I saw the interview with the guy who was running the security drill and all the places where he was to have simulated bombs going off were where they actually did go off.

Someone came up with odds on it and it was laughable.  There were greater odds in one picking up a single grain of sand somewhere in the world and then another person picking up that same grain of sand.

Cannot believe the brits fell for that one. That was worse than ours.


High Plains Drifter's picture

Yeh they chased one guy down and pumped 17 shots in his head. The Brits changed the law and said that they could shoot on sight. The guy that ran was some Muslim patsy guy who realized he was being setup for this bombing  and they chased him down and killed him right in front of everyone. yeh we are a civilized people. the whole thing was sickening to read about........sickening.......

israhole's picture don't love jews and that makes you an "anti-semite"!



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They'll defend the gazans right up until they aren't needed and their throats are cut.

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One of the grand ironies of this whole situation is that Israel could exterminate the muslims if it chose to.  The fact that it doesn't is interpreted as weakness by the muslims, and by western neo-nazis and would-be dhimmis.