Bomb Explodes At JP Morgan Office In Athens - No One Hurt

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Greek police say a bomb exploded Tuesday evening outside an office of
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) in Athens, The Associated Press reports. No one was
hurt, the AP says. The bomb went off after a warning call to an Athens
newspaper. From Dow Jones.

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What goes around comes around

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kill yourself plz thanks

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The Wall Street bombing occurred at 12:01 p.m. on September 16, 1920, in the Financial District of New York City. The blast killed 38 and seriously injured 143. It was more deadly than the bombing of the Los Angeles Times building in 1910 and remained the deadliest bomb attack on U.S. soil until the Bath School bombings in Bath Township, Michigan seven years later.

At noon, a wagon passed by lunchtime crowds on Wall Street in New York City and stopped across the street from the headquarters of the J.P. Morgan bank at 23 Wall Street, on the Financial District's busiest corner. Inside, 100 pounds (45 kg) of dynamite with 500 pounds (230 kg) of heavy, cast-iron sash weights exploded in a timer-set detonation, sending the slugs tearing through the air. The horse and wagon were blasted into small fragments.

The 38 victims, most of whom died within moments of the blast, were mostly young and worked as messengers, stenographers, clerks and brokers. It caused over $2 million in property damage and wrecked most of the interior spaces of the Morgan building.

someone was pissed†

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was the horse promised 70 virgins?

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No he was promised to have it all forgotten becasue everyone loves bankers so much we don't have to teach these things in history class.

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The investigation had quickly stalled when none of the victims turned out to be the driver of the wagon. Though the horse was newly shod, investigators could not locate the stable responsible for the work. When the blacksmith was located in October, he could offer the police little information.

In 1944, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, successor to the BOI, performed a final investigation and concluded by saying its agents had explored the involvement of many radical groups, "such as the Union of Russian Workers, the I.W.W., Communist, etc....and from the result of the investigations to date it would appear that none of the aforementioned organizations had any hand in the matter and that the explosion was the work of either Italian anarchists or Italian terrorists."

The actual perpetrators of the 1920 bombing were never discovered. There was no warning and the bomb was detonated at the height of business hours.

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BTW, awesome, awesome contribution. Quite apropos. +5

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why cause your italiano or a romance language specker?

baby where r u.

i am for sure high but i thought you were European

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Yeah, just a speaker. Lived in Brazil for a while and caught the romance language bug. You can translate English into any of them easily with the Google translator, but you can tell the difference when someone writes without proper punctuation and uses abbreviations that natives don't think twice about:

dude what's up: cara como ta vc? = Cara, como está você.

Google is getting scary good. They must have a lot of natives helping them divine all the dialects, too. Certain people want to know what everyone is saying - how else do you control people when you can't read thoughts yet?


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your sexy.

i am painfully inept at all of the above. when i go foreign i try to get by on my looks.

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+ a great sense of humor. how did we express ourselves before youtube?

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Ditto. My +5 makes it a 10.

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your quick, i can't stop laughing out loud.

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unfortunately, as with most violent responses (physical or economic) to injustices (real or perceived), those lowest on the totem pole bear most of the suffering.

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I had the displeasure of watching some 'reality' TV last night. There is a show called 'Operation: Repo'. It chronicles a small, minority family that operates a repossesion business in So Cal and Jerry Springer type 'drama' breaks out. The young lady doing this particular repossesion got hot coffee thown on her.

It could be all a show, but I thought the same thing. It isn't Haaawvard educated banksters that ruined everything that have to go out a re-possess property on the front lines, its the working poor, the proles that get that duty. Meanwhile, morons like John Thain, after bankrupting his company gets another multi-million dollar position.

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same goes for drug business, war business etc...the real crooks arranging it all, conscious of all the strategic evil they plot and who often have options for a good life that do not involve being such a horrid blood sucking parasite and yet still chose to such away, those types rarely suffer when people get made or fight back...the high risk, low reward street/trench guy, that is desperately doing something they likely would avoid if they had more options, is the one that pays everytime....

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now where do you reside?

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That date is almost exactly in the middle of the forgotten depression of 1920. Things were pretty bad at the time.

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Let's hope the AP is better at math now. I'd hate to find out that they counted "zero" wrong.

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For those about to rock....

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"Don't fight it, son! Confess quickly, or you'll jeopardize your credit rating." - Brazil

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After all, Greece is just like Albania except for the fancy finances.

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If you look at the ISDA you'll clearly see tons and tons of attention devoted to defining default. That's becasue it used to be easy for them to beat up huge corporations because they don't have printing presses. So now they have to find a way to get countries to buckle to debt. The euro will be easy. It's got all the rules and regulations in place. The us and the pound can't default because they can print. So it will simply be a stupid game of everyone who has a printing press and got into the game not knowing what it was REALLY all about is fucked.

The only way they can get real live sovereing countries with printing presses to actually default and supposedly admit they lost and give up becasue they lost is to use these derivitaves and default swaps. About halfway through the euro crash everyone will launch a massive counter attack against these CDS's by telling every lawyer and court and army that wants to enforce them to go fuck themselves with something sharp and preferable infectious.

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The Greeks have always fought fire with fire and lead the way in civilization including poetry.

Could this be poetic justice then?

Americans may be able to put their heads down and follow the black sheep, but not the Greeks. They will go down like the three hundred.

Who is next?

The Calamari Cartel?

Did you know that Kissinger will never step foot in Greece? He knows them.




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So lock up your daughter

And lock up your wife

Lock up your back door

And run for your life

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How do you say "Project Mayhem" in Greek?

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Seriously, folks.  What happened in Athens was terrorism.  Criticize JPM all you like, but let's not go encouraging this sort of thing.  Not even in jest.

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I would have to agree. It is the path to a real police state.

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That path has already been laid out.

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The cops become the robbers creating the new robber cops. It's the circle of life. Everyone keeps trying to create the perfect unstopable cop and perfect unkillable solider to put an end to the circle. See ya in the theater. Universal Soldier or RoboCop. Both the same movie just told as a lie to mask their true purpose.


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HEAR-HEAR Missing_Link!!!!!

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do you work for the banks??  yes, criticize is all anyone should do as they keep their chains on and submit to their masters...

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I personally have too much to lose so I will not engage in violence but historically the only real change comes after a bout of violence - everything else is just candyfloss

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Having lost everything, my very life excepted what I have learned is that violence only begets more violence.  Unfortunately, this is an expected outcome when the leadership of society does all it can to emasculate the rule of law.

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Where are the Jacksons , De Gaulles ,Kennedys to assert some power over these creatures - they are giving young people no choice but to resort to violence.

I agree with you that this will beget chaos but but........

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Literally speaking, since there were no casualties, this was vandalism, not terrorism.

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Lets not split hairs - I believe there was a half hour warning which is short enough for something to go wrong in translation and if they were amateurs then the bomb could have gone off at any time.

JPM is effectively a branch of the US government and a attack on it will be seen to be a attack on the US state

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Europeans have been phoning-in bombs since phones were invented. They have it down to an art by now.

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There was some mistakes if you want to believe that in Northern Ireland ,some involving the bomber - and Catholics generally do not believe in the 70 virgins thingy so you can discount suicide.

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can the Catholics even round up 70 virgins?

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Ya gotta get em before they become alter boys.

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An attack on one of the King's soldiers is an attack on the King himself!

Ohh wait, I think I have that reversed. The king was bombed, not the US government, right? 

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It is a Janus hybrid creature so I can understand your confusion.

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Doesn't matter.  If someone had been there, they'd have died.  It was foul and execrable and there's no excuse for it.